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Myanmar Customer - Wood CNC Lathe Reviews

Last Purchase Date: Mar. 05, 2018 Last Purchase Item: wood cnc lathe From: Myanmar

“thanks bro, for help me, see you…” 

“EagleTec wood lathe works pretty good”

Customer Story

The customer Mr. B***ne is from Myanmar, and he had a visit to our factory after he confirmed the wood cnc lathe order with us. He came here for machine training. In our factory, we showed him the whole function of the machine he bought, also he got a detailed training about how to use the lathe here. This customer only took one day to master how to operate the wood lathe, because he is good at AutoCAD software. So the programming part doesn't take up too much time. He had 2-day stay here and then back to Myanmar.

For your information, programming software for EagleTec cnc wood lathe is AutoCAD.

After he got his new cnc wood lathe machine in Myanmar, he completed 90% of works independently, and the remaining 10% was done with our assistance. After everything is done, he send this message to us.

wood cnc lathe reviews screenshot from Myanmar customer

The cnc wood lathe he bought is with specifications below:

Model. EA-TL1530T3

One rotary + two chisels + electric spindle

3.5kw air cooled electric spindle

4.0kw AC servo motor for rotary

Stepper motor + YAKO YKA2811MA drivers

RichAuto controller special for wood cnc lathe machine

Learn more details of this machine, please click here

New Wood cnc lathe in his workshop in Myanmar

eagletec wood cnc lathe machine in Myanmar - photo

Finished Jobs Made by Him with The New Wood CNC Lathe

finished jobs made by customers with eagletec wood cnc lathe - photo

Also, he took videos during new wood lathe working and shared with us. Please watch it below.


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