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New EagleTec CNC Woodturning Machine Headed to Australia

Publish Date: Jun. 06, 2023 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jun. 06, 2023

About eight months ago, we got a machine inquiry from Australia. The client (Jeff) needs a CNC wood lathe which is our hot sale and popular machine among all our cnc machines. Since this is his first attempt to import a big cnc wood turning lathe from abroad, Jeff is cautious.

After about 30 emails' communication, we clearly understand what is his project and which cnc wood turning machine is perfect for his turning job. For insurance, Jeff puts forward a request to make a sample to ensure that the capacities and performance of the machine can meet his expectations. Of course, this is definitely no problem for our factory. But as we all know, for controlling COVID19, our factory is on lockdown so this is difficult to realize at that moment.

After three months, the lockdown was lifted and we happened to have a wood lathe that had just been completed that could be used to cut samples. The cnc wood turning lathe has exactly same specifications with the cnc wood lathe that Jeff required. So our sales try to contact him again and suggest that we can have a video inspections during the machine processing. Thanks for Jeff's understanding, he agreed.


There is no doubt that our machine passed the test. The next steps went very smoothly. We got the machine deposit on March.16, 2023, and the machine is finished on April.12. When this article is published, Jeff has gotten his machine already.

multi-function cnc wood lathe for sale

EagleTec CNC offers Australian clients an FTA certificate of origin to assist in reducing import duties. The machine purchased by the customer has been fully customized, even down to its color, to meet their specific preferences.


This multi-function cnc wood lathe combines wood turning, tool changing, and milling functions. It offers machine users a wide range of processing options.

It features a dual-tool design that improves efficiency when working on furniture legs or stair columns, particularly with the use of the dual-knife working mode.

cnc wood lathe with dual knives for sale

The electric tool rest can accommodate up to four different tools and automatically switch between them based on the production needs.

cnc wood turning lathe with electric tool rest

The machine has a milling spindle that is capable of performing both 3-axis and 4-axis milling tasks.

cnc wood turning machine with mill spindle

Here's a depiction of how we pack the machine before shipping it.

If you require CNC wood lathe machines of great quality, EagleTec CNC is an option for you!


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