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Best CNC Lathe Machine for Turning Wood Plates Cups Bowls

Model: EA-T5030

Category: Wood Lathe

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Best CNC Lathe Machine for Turning Wood Plates Cups Bowls

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: USD5298 / SET

Price Range: USD5298 to USD7500 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Credit Card, Trade Assurance, Apple Pay, Google Pay

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EA-T5030 is a new cnc lathe model particular for turning wooden plates, cups, bowls, and more. Its compact appearance and small footprint make it a perfect fit for small businesses or shops. To better meet plate-making needs, EagleTec CNC has equipped it with a custom fixture and an electric rotary tool rest. It can handle these tasks well, whether a faceplate, cup, goblet, or bowl. Best CNC lathe machine for turning wood plates, cups, and bowls for sale at a reasonable cost now.

If you are looking to get a machine for turning wooden bowls and spindles, please check out the model EA-TL1530B PRO

best cnc lathe machine for turning wood plates

Machine to Turn Wood in Action: Round Wood Plates Turning from Plank

Application of EA-T5030

Applicable Field

Perfect for producing wooden cups, wooden whiskey cups, jars, lid for glass jar, vessels, timer sconces, round wood plates & trays, and bowls, such as natural wood plates, wood dinner plates, wooden serving plates, platters, faceplates, wooden trays, wood round serving trays, lap trays, wooden dishes, and wooden dish plates.

Here is a working demonstration of making timber sconce with EA-T5030.

finished wooden bowl project on cnc lathe for vessels

Applicable Materials

All kinds of solid wood elements, including Olive, Acacia, Teak, Oak, Alessi Tonale Beech, Picta Walnut, and more.

best cnc lathe machine for turning round wooden plates for sale

Unique Design of the Best CNC Lathe Machine for Turning Round Wooden Plates

This model has the following two design highlights to meet the requirements of producing round wooden plates the best.

• EagleTec CNC has designed a set of fixture clamps for turning and milling wood plates and cups; the maximum clamping diameter can reach 350mm.

eagletec cnc lathe fixture clamps with a wood plate on it

• Custom motorized rotary tool rest can easily handle external, internal, and cutting at a specific inclination angle machining tasks.

rotary tool rest of best machine for turning wood plates with two cutters

• Alternatively, the option for the ordinary tool rest is also available.

ordinary tool rest on mini cnc lathe for cups and plates

Best CNC Machine for Turning Wood Cups Bowls Specification

• The external and the internal cutting knives are installed on the electric tool rest; the switching of the two tools is controlled by the program command so that the two processing steps of the external cutting and the internal cutting can be completed in one cycle without the lathe stops.

cnc wood lathe for plates making for sale

• The motion system of this lathe consists of two motion axes: X and Y axes. The X-axis moves perpendicular to the direction of the lathe spindle; the Y-axis moves along the path of the spindle.

motion axes of X and Y for best wooden plates turning machine

• Rolling ball screws drive both the X and Y motion axes; the benefit of this transmission mechanism is that the movement is both precise and stable.

rolling ballscrew with driving motor on Y axis of best cnc wood lathe for plates turning

• The CNC operation panel is embedded in the electric control cabinet. The lathe has a separate electrical control cabinet; all labels are written in English. Also, the functional language of the system is English.

individual electric control cabinet with cnc operation panel embedded

bowl turning lathe control system with functional language in English

• The CNC controller comes with a manual pulse generator.

the manual pulse generator is hung on one side of the electric control cabinet

Quick Details of the Best Machine for Turning Wood Faceplates

• Customized fixture clamps for round plates

• Electric rotation tool rest

• Max. Machining Size: 350mm D x 500mm L

• Steppers

• EagleTec CNC lathe system

• Two motion axes: X and Y

• Ballscrew transmission

How the EagleTec CNC Cup Turning Machine Is Packed

Technical Parameter of CNC Lathe for Cups

Model No.EA-T5030
Max.Simultaneous Axis Qty Two
Operation Turning UnitOne
Max. Diameter350mm (13.7")
Max. Length500mm (19.6") - Stroke
Fixture ClampCustomized for wooden round plates holding
Spindle Motor3.0KW, 0-2800r/min
X/Y MotionStepper
X/Y TransmissionRolling ballscrew
Linear Guideway20mm square type
Acceptable FileG-code, DXF
Air Pressure Requirement0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa
Net Weight380KGS
Gross Weight420KGS
PackageFumigation-free wood crate
Working Volts200~240VAC/1Ph, 50/60Hz or Make to order
Lathe Foot Print78"L x 31"W x 57"H (2000L x 800W x 1450H)
Packing Dimension1710*1100*1170mm (2.20CBM Approx.)


Q: Does It Already Come With The Tools To Cut The Workpiece Externally And Internally?

A: Yes, it comes with tools for external and internal cuts, one piece for each type.

Q: Does The Machine Automatically Switch Tools When One Task Is Finished, Or Do I Manually Switch The Tools?

A: Manually switching. But it can be upgraded to the option of automatically switching.

Q: Does This Model Come With An Automatic Feeder, By Any Chance?

A: The automatic feeder system can only function with pneumatic clamping on both ends. For a better understanding, please check out our auto-feeding wood lathe. However, the cups turning utilize a different clamping method where a chuck holds one end of the material or workpiece. As a result, the auto feeder unit is not suitable for this particular wood lathe.

Q: Can I Use Any Software Like Solidworks Or Autocad To Turn My Product Into G-Code To Communicate With The EagleTec CNC Wood Lathe Machine? Does That Communication Happen Through A USB Drive Or The Cloud?

A: Yes, you can. And the communication is through a USB drive. To perform external cuts, you can directly upload a DXF drawing to the machine without needing G codes. But for internal cuts, you will have to perform through G-codes.

Q: If I Placed The Order Now, Do You Have Any Of The Same Model In Stock That Are Ready To Ship?

A: We manufacture machines based on specific orders. Unfortunately, we do not have the same model available in stock at the moment. However, we can get one completed in 7-10 days.

If you like the best cnc lathe machine for turning wood plates here, please ask for a free proposal now.


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