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Best CNC Plasma Table Kit for 5x20 Metal Plate

Model: EA-PL1560

Category: CNC Plasma Table

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Best CNC Plasma Table Kit for 5x20 Metal Plate

Condition: New Condition

Plasma Cutter: 120A(amp) HUAYUAN 

Reference Price: U.S.$8,550 / SET

Price Range: USD6800 to USD11000 / SET depending on Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: Start Production after order confirmation (Preorder)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: Best CNC Plasma Table Kit for 5x20 Metal Plate4.7/5 based on 37 reviews 



Machine here is EagleTec EA-1560PL, with a 5x20 (1500x6000mm) giant plasma cutting table; Equipped with a 120amp plasma generator; Including an automatic torch height control system. Based on these configurations, it is the best CNC plasma table kit for 5x20 metal plates working. To check our new model, please click the industrial plasma table: EA-PL1560H.


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5x20 plate metal working cnc plasma table kit

Working Show – Cutting SS with The Best CNC Plasma Table Kit

Unique Features of 5x20 Sheet Metal Plasma Cutter

● Fully dust protection on X/Y/Z axes; Effectively protects the transmission components and prolong the plasma table’s lifespan; also ensure the working accuracy.

best cnc plasma table kit with fully dust protection

● Environment protection design: a fan is mounted at the rear of the plasma table for smoke and dust removing during cutting. And offers a clean working environment to operators.

5x20 cnc plasma table kit with blade burn table

● It is equipped with a 120A plasma cutter, which can make 20mm quality cut as the maximum on metal plates. 

● For such a large plasma table, it is equipped with square linear guideways, which is more durable than circular rails.


● EA-PL1560 default version includes the automatic torch height controller. The device allows the CNC plasma cutter table kit to run well when cutting uneven plates and to guarantee the quality cut meantime. 

● The working platform is a blade-style downdraft burn table.

5x20 cnc plasma table kit with blade burn table

More Options Available Concerning Plasma Cutters 

Except for the 120amp plasma cutter, you can have more other options on that. Please get a proper one for your jobs. They are: 

Brand HUAYUAN from China – Power: 63A, 100A, 120A, 160A, 200A.

Brand Hypertherm from USA – Power: 45A, 65A, 85A, 105A, 125A, 200A.  

Quick Details of CNC Plasma Cutter Table Kit for Big Metalworking

● 1500x6000mm (5x20) for sheet metal working

● Fully welded frame via stress release procedure

● Plasma burn table

● 120A HUAYUAN plasma cutter

● Arc voltage torch height controller (T.H.C) included

● STARFIRE plasma cut CNC control system

● Precise square linear guideways

● Stepper drives for X and Y

Application of Entry-Level Best CNC Plasma Table Kit

Applied Field 

Metalworks: sheet metal cutting, slotting, and more.

Applied Materials   

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and more.

Technical Parameter of plasma cnc table kit for 5x20 Sheet Metal

Product ModelEA-PL1530
Product CategoryHeavy Load CNC plasma table kit
Actual Working Size5x20 feet (1500x6000mm)
Working TablePlasma cut burn table, blade style (water table as an option)
Torch Quantity1 Plasma cut torch (water torch as an option)
Plasma GeneratorPower 120A, HUAYUAN brand
Gas MediumAir
Quality Cut Limit20mm
Control ModeCNC
No-load Speed8,000mm/min
Plasma Cut ControllerSTARFIRE controller with an LED monitor, in English
Communication CodeStandard G-code
Communication InterfaceUSB
Arc Voltage T.H.CIncluded
Linear GuidewaySquare type, 20mm 
Drawers for Slag CollectionWithout, as an optional item
Driving MotorStepper
TransmissionRack and pinion
Nesting SoftwareFASTCAM in English (provided free with plasma machine)
Plasma Table Kit Working PowerAC220V, single phase 
Plasma Generator Working PowerAC380V, 3Ph
Package Dimension6700x2260x1800mm (28CMB around)
Free Consumables20 nozzles and 20 electrodes for plasma cutting torch 
Gross Weight2000KGS

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