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CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine for Steel Plates

Model: EGT-2010D

Category: CNC Drill Machines

Working Envelope: 2000x1000mm

Applications: Drilling, Tapping, Chamfering, Face Milling

N.W.: 6 Tons

Brand: EagleTec CNC CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine for Steel Plates

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: USD28986 / SET

Price Range: USD28000 to USD45000 / SET by Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 150 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Trade Assurance

1 Year Limited Warranty for the Whole Machine Set

Recommendation: CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine for Steel Plates 4.9/5 based on 23 reviews


Quick Introduction

EGT-2010D is a good machine tool for performing CNC drilling and tapping operations on steel plates, structural parts, and other metal parts manufacturing. From the perspective of working load, it is a light-load CNC drilling and tapping machine. But that is not to say it is not good enough. If your applications are only drilling and tapping, it is definitely capable of handling these production tasks and offers you high precision and a good finish. Because the machine is engineered to meet this kind of production requirements. High quality CNC plate drilling machine for sale with excellent customer service now.

cnc drilling and tapping machine whole set

Working Demo of Drill Tap CNC Machine

The video has four chapters as follows:

0:00 Title

0:12 CNC drilling in action

1:08 CNC tapping in action

1:20 Hole drilling on a plate

Features of CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine Center

• The drilling and tapping operations require high machine rigidity; therefore, the beam, column assembly, and spindle box are all made of HT250 cast iron. No welded structure is adopted.

cast iron gantry and head assembly of cnc drill tap machine

• Cast iron bed with a few finely milled T-slots in it guarantees good stability and easy clamping.

cast iron working bed of cnc machine

• All the motion axes (XYZ) are equipped with original HIWIN linear guideways whose sizes are 45mm wide. The matching linear bearings are all of a flange type, which is prior to common type on loading capacities.

HIWIN linear guideways with linear bearing on it

• The linear guide rails are mounted with many pieces of small pressure blocks; they help a lot to keep the rails in place. Furthermore, they evenly distribute the forces on the contact surfaces of the guide rails, thereby preventing the guide rails from deflecting, deforming or being damaged.

linear guide rail installed on the drill tap cnc machine with a few pressure blocks

• The transmission mechanism for XYZ is rolling ballscrews from TBI. Their diameter is 40mm and pitch is 10mm.

TBI ballscrew on the beam of cnc drill and tap machine

• The power drilling head is a typical ram structure of the machine tools. The assembly consists of a spindle box, a mechanical spindle, an AC servo spindle motor, and a head cover.

power drilling head of the drill and tap cnc machine center

• The equipped BT40 tool taper can be mounted with diverse tools to meet different drilling or tapping needs.

mechanical spindle with BT40 tool taper on it for drilling

• The most frequently used tools include U drill with center water outlet, tapping tool, face milling tool, and spiral drill.

typical tool set for drilling taping and milling

• The pneumatic knife-punching cylinder is a famous brand product from Taiwan – AirTac. It's function is to change the tool quickly.

knife punching cylinder mounted on the power drilling head

• The rear of the machine is a coolant liquid filtering and recycling device. The coolant flows here from the work bed, and after being filtered, it circulates back to the machine head side.

coolant liquid filtering and recycling device on the rear of the machine

Application of China CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Applicable Field

It has a wide range applications and good for machining operations of hole-drilling, tapping, chamfering, and face milling into plates, flanges, tube sheets in fields like the petrochemical industry, boilers, pressure vessels, and wind power; also good for drilling into connection plates & anchor plates in industries of steel structures, iron towers, bridges, and machining.

cnc drilled project-metal plate with cnc drilled holes

Applicable Materials

Any alloy plates such as mild steel & stainless steel and metals such as copper & aluminum. 

china cnc plate drilling machine for sale

Optional Configurations Available for Automatic CNC Steel Plate Drilling Machine

Please select the following optional configurations according to your actual production requirements:

Chip Removal Machine

The chip removing system gathers the chips and transfers them to the collection truck. It makes the chip collection easy and saves the manual labor for us.

Automatic Tool Changer

The automatic tool change option can bring the following two benefits for users.

• The option performs the tool change operation automatically under the control of the toolpath file; so it minimizes the downtime and leads to productivity growth.

• Since there is no machine halt between the multiple tools machining process, every tool is based on the same origin point; this offers us high precision and coincident output. 

Angle Head

The angle head offers the drilling machines more machining possibilities. Without this unit, the machine can only process one surface of an object, that is, the top side. But if the machine has an angle head, it allows drilling or tapping on any of the five sides of a part, that is, the other five faces except the bottom face. 

cnc drilling machine for plate

What Benefits or Improvements Can You Achieve with The Drill and Tap Machine CNC

It increases the efficiency and accuracy in metal parts machining of hole drilling, thread tapping, and chamfering. CNC technology brings precise positioning and motion, which offers us high precision jobs. Features of center water outlet, it is able to perform high speed drilling process with U-drill tools, leading to high productivity. In a word, it takes your metal parts fabrication to the next level.

cnc plate hole drilling machine ready in the workshop

Quick Details of the CNC Drill and Tap Machine

• MAX. Workpiece Size: 2,000mm x 1,000mm

• MAX. Thickness: 220mm

• Tool Taper: BT40

• Hole Drilling Capacity: Ø3-Ø37

• Thread Tapping Capacity: M3-M18

• Spindle Rate: 30~3000RPM

• Spindle Power: 5.5KW

• Feed Rate: 0~9,000mm/min

• Control Panel: KND

• Footprint: 3120*2560*2200 mm

Customer Service Provided Along with The EagleTec CNC Drilling Machine For Plate

• The industry's most comprehensive and clear set of manuals and operating tutorials written in precise English will be provided to users. This information is stored in a USB drive and placed in the toolbox. The manual set includes Text version and Videos with step-by-step instructions. Following them, most users can handle the operation of the cnc steel structure plate drilling machine.

• As an option, we can send our technician to do onsite training for you if you would like to afford the expense of this. This option is also favored by some users because it is efficient and allows you to put the machine into production as quickly as possible.

two cnc steel plate drilling machines in the production stage

Packing List of Drill and Tap CNC Machine Center

• CNC plate hole drilling machine x1

• Toolbox x1

• USB drive with complete tutorials & guide (video and text versions) x1

• EagleTec CNC catalog x1

• Free accessory & tool set x1

Technical Parameters of CNC Plate Drill Machine

Machine ModelEGT-2010D 
TypeCNC Drill
ApplicationsDrilling, Tapping, Face Milling
Working Envelope2000x1000mm
Gantry Height600mm
Distance between the spindle and the worktable200~600mm
Z Stroke400mm 
Drilling CapacityØ3~Ø37mm 
Threading CapacityM3-M18
Base Cast Iron HT250
Beam/ColumnCast Iron HT250
Machine HeadCast Iron HT250
WorktableCast Iron HT250, with T20 t-slots
SpindleMechanical BT40 (From Taiwan)
Spindle MotorAbsolute value AC Servo 5.5Kw, 3000RPM (KND)
Numerical ControllerKND (in English)
XYZ MotionAbsolute value AC Servo (KND)
XYZ Linear GuidesRoller linear guides - 45mm 
XYZ TransmissionBall screw
High Pressure Pump2.3Mpa
Knife Punching CylinderAir-Tec
Center OutletYes
Communication CommandG code 
Compatible Programming SoftwareMasterCAM, PowerMILL, UG
Lubrication SystemAutomatic type
Chip Removal Machine Optional 
Tool MagazineOptional 
Net Weight 6,000KGS
Package WaySKD on Pallet (Semi Knocked-down) 

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