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New EagleTec CNC Plasma Machine Dispatch to Canada

Publish Date: Aug. 04, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Aug. 04, 2022

5x10 CNC plasma table is a typical machine model in metal cutting industries.


And as a primary cnc table plasma, it offers the possibility of variability: add a drilling head if you need to drill small holes on your metal sheet (cnc plasma cutting and drilling machine); add a flame torch if you need to cut very thick metal sheet; add a scribe pen if you want to mark on your metal sheet; add a rotary axis is you also need to cut metal pipe; add a cnc router table if you need to work on both metal and wood, MDF…


We recently got a cnc plasma machine order from a Canadian friend, and he requested to add a rotary axis and a drilling head to the machine. 

new cnc plasma cutting and drilling machine ready for dispatch

Let's dive into the details. 


The most oversized diameter of the metal pipe it can cut is 400mm. 

pipe cutter rotary addon for eagletec plasma table

The drilling head is suitable for small holes from 3mm to 16mm.

cnc plasma machine with drilling head

EagleTec cnc plasma tables belong to industrial models. The whole machine table adopts welded construction to promise machine stability and precision. (not bolted connections) Then add saw blades bed on the base. It is also available if you prefer a plasma cnc machine with a water table.

eagletec welded plasma table base

450B stepper motors powered the X/Y/Z of the EA1530PLT table, and the rotary axis is driven by a 750W 24N stepper motor which can provide enough power for a 400mm thick metal pipe. 

750w stepper motor for cnc plasma rotary addon

At the end of the rotary axis, we use a jack to support the end of the tube.

the jack system for supporting the tube on the plasma rotary addon

This machine is a little different from other plasma tables in that this one is not equipped with a plasma source. Because our Canada customer like Hypertherm plasma cutter, while there is no 220V Hypertherm in China according to Hypertherm's policy. We can only get 380V Hypertherm here. We will have to add a transformer setup if he buys from us. This is a useless expense, so we advise our customers to buy a 220V Hypertherm source directly from Canada. This is the most convenient and cost-effective solution. We'll reserve wires and spaces for the plasma power supply. And our technicians will make detailed instructions about connecting the plasma source and table.

cable code for your own plasma source hook up

So, suppose you are from America or Canada and want to buy a cnc plasma machine with a Hypertherm source. In that case, the best practice is to purchase a plasma table directly from us and get Hypertherm locally.

After finishing machine testing and packing, our plasma table is on its way to Canada. It will arrive in Edmonton two months later.

As a popular and affordable cnc plasma in the metal cutting industry, the EagleTec cnc plasma table industrial model is your best choice.

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