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CNC Router Plasma Combo 4x8 and 5x10 Table Size

Model No.: EA-PR1325

Category: CNC Plasma Table

Plasma Power: 65A HUAYUAN (Made in China)

Brand: EagleTec CNC CNC Router Plasma Combo 4x8

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$9,800 / SET

Price Range: USD9000 to USD14000 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order confirmation (Preorder)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: CNC Router Plasma Combo 4x8 and 5x10 Table Size4.7 based on 5.0



The cnc machine for sale here is cnc router plasma combo (also known as cnc plasma table with router attachment), both plasma and router are integrated into one frame platform, 2 in 1 design. The benefit of this construction is that the router and plasma share the same machine base, gantry, and electronic cabinet. The result is that the two machines just take one machine’s footprint. It saves lots of cost for you like shipping and workshop etc. If you are engaged in metal and nonmetallic cutting, this combo machine is a good option for you. And there are two options available concerning the working table size: 4x8 (1300x2500mm) and 5x10 (1500x3000mm). CNC router plasma combo 4x8 & 5x10 table for sale at a good price now.

Not looking for a combo? Check on 4x8 plasma cutter table and 5x10 cnc plasma table, or 4'x4' cnc plasma table, please. 

eagletec cnc router plasma combo machine with 4x8 table

Video Show – Cutting Wood & Steel with CNC Router Plasma Combo

Unique Features of EagleTec CNC Router/Plasma Combo Machine 

● Plasma and router are two independent systems except that they share the same machine base, gantry, and electric control cabinet.

4x8 cnc plasma router combo table

● Both have their own machining heads; The router head is a 3.0kw water cooling electronic spindle, while the plasma head is a cutting torch.

cnc router plasma combo machine head

● Both also have their own cnc control systems; For the router, it is RichAuto AutoNow A11 hand-held controller; for plasma, it is a professional plasma cnc system - Microstep. 

router controller and plasma controller on same electronic cabinet

● The worktable of the two is also different. The workbench of the router is placed above the plasma countertop and has a movable design.

cnc router plasma combo machine working table

● The router table is aluminum profile type; When need to use the plasma table, we can remove the router table and put it aside.

router table of cnc router plasma combo is laid aside

● For plasma cutting, it is a water table with sawtooth; as the combo machine is equipped with a water plasma torch.

sawtooth water table of cnc router plasma combo machine

● Fully welded steel machine frame; processed by vibrating stress relief (VSR) to reduce welding residual stress, and it is supported by 6 legs with adjustable leveling feet.


● In terms of plasma power supply, the cnc router plasma combo machine is equipped with a 63amp Chinese plasma cutter. Model. LGK-63IGBK.

63amp plasma cutter for cnc router plasma combo machine

● The beam is made of steel. A steel beam is superior to an aluminum one in its ability to suppress and absorb the forces created during cutting. It is internally ribbed in order to stiffen the assembly; this design is minimizing the vibration while increasing accuracy and repeatability.

Programming Software Interpretation

● Since RichAuto A11 serves as the controller of the Router and it runs file with the extension name of ***.mmg, lots of CAM software is acceptable, such as ArtCAM, MasterCAM, Aspire, JD Paint, Type 3, etc.

● Coming to the plasma cutting system, it is Microstep. This controller runs a file of ***.dxf, so we usually use AutoCAD as the programming software.

The Main Application of the 5x10 CNC Router Plasma Cutter Combo Machine

Applicable Scene

Ideal for cutting service shops with limited space; get one cnc router plasma combo machine to cut both metal and non-metal sheets. Small footprint but cost-effective for the business.

Plasma Router CNC Applicable Industry

Universal Woodworking & metal cutting.

Materials Good For CNC Plasma Table with Router Attachment

Wood, Plastic, MDF, Acrylic, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (SS), brass, and more. 

Optional Configuration for The CNC Plasma Router Combo

● Working Size: 1500x3000 (5x10 feet) available also

● Spindle Power: 4.5kw, 5.5kw and 6kw available

● Plasma Cutter: 100A, 120A, 160A, 200A

Quick Details of The CNC Router Plasma Combo Table 

● 4x8 table size (1300x2500mm)

● Heavy-duty fully welded frame with steel beam

● 3.0kw water cooling spindle & RichAuto A11 controller

● Plasma cutting water torch & 63amp plasma cutter

● Microstep plasma cut controller

● Auto torch height controller (T.H.C)

● Aluminum profile router table

● Sawtooth plasma cutting water table

● Square linear guideways 20mm

● Stepper drive

Technical Parameters of CNC Plasma Router Combo

Item ModelEA-PR1325EA-PR1530
Machining Size1300x2500mm (4x8)1500x3000mm (5x10)
FrameHeavy-duty fully welded frameHeavy-duty fully welded frame
Machine TypeCNC router plasma comboCNC router plasma combo
Linear GuidewayHIWIN square 20mm HIWIN square 25mm 
X & Y TransmissionRack and pinion Rack and pinion 
Driving MotorNEMA 34 StepperNEMA 34 Stepper
Electronic CabinetIndependentIndependent type 
Working PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3PhAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph
Max. Travelling Speed35,000mm/min35,000mm/min
Electric Spindle3.0kw, water cooling, 0-24,000rpm4.5kw water-cooled, 0-18,000rpm
Inverter3.7kw, Fuling Fuling 5.5kw
Router ControllerRichAuto AutoNow A11RichAuto AutoNow A11
Router TableAluminum profile with PVC layerAluminum profile with PVC layer
Z TransmissionTBI ballscrew 25mmTBI ballscrew 25mm
Plasma Cut TableSawtooth water tableSawtooth water table
Plasma Cutting Thickness1 ~ 8mm1 ~ 8mm
Plasma Source63amp, Huayuan brand - china 120amp, Huayuan brand - china 
Plasma ControllerMicrostep or StarfireMicrostep or Starfire
Communication interfaceUSBUSB

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