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Multi-Torch Gantry CNC Flame / Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machine for Steel Plate

Model: Model. EA-GF4000

Category: CNC Plasma / oxy-fuel cutting machine

Brand Name: EagleTec CNCMulti-Torch Gantry CNC Flame / Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machine for Steel Plate

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD8760 / SET

Price Range: USD7500 to USD11000 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Trade Assurance

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Brief Description­­

EA-GF4000 is a gantry type CNC flame cutting machine, which is also known as CNC oxy fuel cutting machine; it comes with three cutting torches and supports oxy-fuel gas cutting for steel plates. It is a right cutting solution for large-sized sheet metal. Three oxy-fuel cutting torches can cut simultaneously or only one or two works. Multi-Torch Steel Plate CNC Flame / Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machine for sale at a favorable price now!

If you are looking for plasma instead of a flame cutting machine, please look at this gantry cnc plasma ET-G3000

complete set multi-torch steel plate CNC flame/oxy-fuel cutting machine on the ground


Work Demo – Cutting 30mm Steel Plate with Gantry CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

Please watch the cutting demo here to get a better understanding of this machine. Hope it helps.

What Advantage Does the Gantry CNC Flame Cutting Machine Have?

The gantry machine's advantage is that it can cut relatively large-sized plates while being more accessible to load and ship. This is what the table type cannot. Look at the GF4000 here; its cutting width is 4000mm, and the cutting length can be 6000mm or 8000mm as per your requirement. Just imagine, for a table type machine with the same size, can we get it accommodated into a container? The answer is no. Therefore, as an overseas buyer, if you need a machine with a cutting width of more than 1500mm, the gantry CNC flame cutting machine is the best choice.

complete multi-torch gantry CNC flame cutting machine ready in workshop

Multi-Torch Gantry CNC Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine Utilization

Applicable Field

The EA-GF4000 here is ideal for light industrial metalwork plant.

Applicable Materials

Suitable for routine and odd-shaped cutting of large-sized steel plates, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, brass, and more.

Specification Details of Gantry Type CNC Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine with Multi-Torch

yellow multi-torch gantry CNC oxy fuel cutting machine ready in plant

• It has three CNC oxy torches; Three oxy-fuel cutting torches can cut simultaneous, or only one or two is active.

three oxy fuel gas cutting torches on the gantry of CNC flame cutting machine

• There are oxy-fuel cutting gas connection ports on the back of the beam.

oxy-fuel gas connection port on the back of the machine’s gantry

• The switches on the operation panel can adjust the gas volume. For overseas users, the language on the operation panel is English.

switches for adjusting the cutting gas volume

• It comes with a set capacitive torch height controller, which makes it intelligent enough to deal with uneven plates' cutting tasks. The controller will control the cutting torch to follow the plate's height and automatically rise and fall accordingly when cutting. The THC controller is a brand-name product: Shenzhen HongyuDa.

capacitive torch height controller on the gantry CNC oxy fuel cutting machinecapacitive torch height controller on the gantry CNC oxy fuel cutting machine

• The CNC flame cutting system is Shanghai FLMC-F2300A with simple programming options. The system has a built-in cutting drawings library of the most commonly used standard parts in industrial applications. Program input from the USB flash disk.

CNC flame cutting system FLMC-F2300A operation panel with LCD monitor

• Panasonic AC servo system (750watts, 3000rpm) drives the motion for the multi-torch steel plate CNC flame/oxy-fuel cutting machine. Powerful, precise, and quiet. Reducers pass the transmission from motors to rack.

Panasonic servo motor on the cnc flame plasma cutting machine Y-axis

Brief Specification of Gantry CNC Flame Cutting Machine for Sale

• X-axis cutting size: 4,000mm (13’)

• Y-axis cutting size: that depends

• Multi cnc oxy torches (Three Pieces)

• Shanghai FLMC-F2300A plasma CNC system with capacitive THC controller

• Brand-name product Panasonic AC servo motor and drivers

• Reducers connected between servo motors and racks

Global Support and After-sale Service for EagleTec Multi-Torch Steel Plate CNC Flame/Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machines

• When you receive the machine, we will guide you through everything until you put the cnc flame plasma cutting machine into production.

A full set tutorial in English from hardware to software is provided to you along with the cutting machine. It is a specific, practical guide for beginners. Most users can master the operation of the device by following our guide.


• Besides, if you have any questions, we can provide online guidance at any time.

Package and Shipment of CNC Oxy Cutter

• First, we use wrapping material to wrap it up as inner packing.

• Second, the machine is packed in a strong plywood case.

• Last, it is loaded into a container for sea shipment.

cnc oxyfuel and plasma gas cutting machine under packing

Technical Parameters of Multitorch Gantry CNC Oxy Fuel Cutting Equipment

Model No.EA-GF4000
Machine TypeCNC flame plasma cutting machine 
Control ModeCNC
Y-Axis Cutting Size4000mm (13')
X-Axis Cutting SizeAs per your request
Torch Type and QtyCNC oxy torch - 3 Pieces
Plasma Torch and Drilling HeadBoth can be added on this machine as needed
Z-Axis TransmissionDedicated ballscrew rising and falling mechanism
Flame Cutting CNC SystemShanghai FLMC-F2300A with programming options 
Program InputUSB port
Program CodeG-code
Driving MotorFull AC servo, brand-name product - Panasonic
Program Input Interface USB port
Torch Height ControllerCapacitive T.H.C
Flame Cutting GasOxy-fuel (acetylene, propylene, or natural gas)
Linear GuidewaysSquare type, high-precision
X Y TransmissionRack and pinion
CAM Programming SoftwareFASTCAM in English
Machine Working ElectricityAC380V, 3Ph
Suitable   FoundationH-style steel (optional configuration)

FAQs about the Multi-Torch Steel Plate CNC Flame/Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machine

Q: How Many Kinds of Oxy-Fuel Torch Do You Have?

A: We only use one type of oxy torch. But it has two additional functional options, automatic ignition and electric height adjustment. Please decide whether to add these two options according to your actual needs.

Q: The Oxy Fuel Set-Up May Be Ran by Acetylene, Propylene, Or Natural Gas Correct?

A: That is correct. The flame cutting machines' fuel is acetylene, propylene, and natural gas.

Q: What Thickness Can the Oxyfuel Cutting Machine Cut? (How Thick Can An Oxy Acetylene Torch Cut?)

A: It can cut 100mm thickness as maximum.

Q: What Is The Minimum Plate Thickness Of Cutting for CNC Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines?

A: Theoretically, oxy-fuel can cut steel plates with a minimum thickness of 1mm, but you will also get huge thermal deformation. If the control of thermal deformation is considered, cnc oxy fuel cutting machines are not recommended for cutting steel plates with a thickness of less than 20mm.

Q: Can We Have the Plasma Torch or a Drilling Head On this Equipment?

A: Of course, you can. According to your request, we can add a drilling head and plasma torch to the machine.

Q: What Is the Delivery Time for This Cutting Equipment?

A: It is 15 business days on receipt of the down payment.

Q: What Kind of Warranty Do You Provide for The Gantry CNC Flame Cutting Machine?

A: Warranty is 12 months since the date of vessel departure; Under warranty, we provide a free replacement for any broken parts except Vulnerable parts, such as nozzle or electrode.

Service or technical support is constant. Whenever you need help, contact us, and you will get an answer from us within 24 hours.

If you like the CNC flame cutting machine for sale here, please ask for a free proposal now.


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