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Low Cost 3D Scanner Based Structured Light

Model: EA-SCE06

Category: CNC Accessory Equipment

Brand: EagleTec CNC Low Cost 3D Scanner Based Structured Light

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD3950.00 / SET

Price Range: USD3,600 to USD5,700 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: In Stock

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal

H.S. Code: 90318090.90

Recommendation: Low Cost 3D Scanner Based Structured Light 4.5 based on 5.0



Low cost 3D scanner EA-SCE06 is a device analyses a real-world object to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance through structured light non-contact photogrammetry. The collected data can then be used to construct digital three-dimensional models. In the manufacturing field, it is widely used for creating 3D STL models and reverse engineering. Instead of designing in CAD system, as long as you have real-world object, you can scan it and get 3D models with the scanner here. 3D scanner based structured light is for sale with low cost now. Design is not a difficult job any more after you own it!


This is our economic model, upgrade model is also available now, please click structured light 3D scanner EA-COM16 to learn more.

low cost economical 3d scanner based on structured light

What technologies are used in low cost 3D scanners?

● Advanced grating technology.

structured light raster of low cost 3d scanners

● Non-contact structured light technology.

● Photogrammetry.

● Computer vision technology.

low cost portable industrial 3d scanner

Application of Low Cost Portable Industrial 3D Scanner

Applicable Field

3D modeling service, reverse engineering, sculpture engraving, artworks fabrication, industrial parts modeling design, 3D surface measurement, and more.

Applicable Machinery

CNC Router, CNC Mill, foam cnc router, 5-axis cnc router, 4-axis cnc router, CNC Machining Center, 3D Printer.

Packing Details of Low Cost 3D Scanner Based Structured Light For 3D Surface Measurement

Full set 3D scanner with all accessories is packed in a strong aluminum case that is ideal for air shipping. Gross weight is 26KGS; Case dimension is 780x380x580mm.

low cost 3d scanner full set in case

affordable 3d scanner for 3d industrial modeling design

Useful Tips for Using EagleTec Low Cost 3D Scanner for 3D Modeling

Before scanning starts, first please disable some computer settings and close some programs that may affect your 3D scanning process. Please get the details as below:

● Disable screen saving and power-saving functions.

● Shut down the anti-virus system and all running programs.

● Don't run any other programs during the scanning process.

● Very important – please don’t open the current scanning data file.

reverse engineering low cost 3d scanner for modeling design

Technical Parameters of Reverse Engineering Low-Cost 3D Scanner

Model No.EA-SCE06
TypeWhite structured light 3D scanner
Camera SensorDual - 1.3 megapixels
LensJapan brand 
ProjectorStructured light raster
Scanning SoftwareFlex Scan3D  
OS CompatibilityWindows 7 & 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
Resolution 1M (1280x1024)
Scanning Precision0.05mm 
Suitable Object Size 50mm to 5,000mm 
Scanning Distance240mm to 2,000mm 
Scanning Point Distance0.07 to 0.1mm; 0.1 to 0.3mm
Scan Depth50mm (Macro); 400mm (Medium shot); 1000mm
Scan Speed1.3 seconds per frame
Scanning Area120x160mm (Macro); 240x300mm(Medium shot); 750x1000mm
File Extension NameSTL, OBJ, PLY, ASC, 3D3
Free AccessoryCalibration board, Data cable, Background cloth, Dongle
Package Aluminum Case especially for camera equipment
Gross Weight26KGS
Volume Weight34KGS

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