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The Best Machine for Cutting Artificial Fur

Publish Date: Oct. 13, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Oct. 13, 2022

The high face value and good thermal insulation effect of fur coats make many people flock to them. But the price of natural fur makes many people daunted. In the cold winter, many people gradually gave up the puffy down jacket and chose a more beautiful fur coat to keep warm and beautiful. At this time, artificial fur squeezed into people's field of vision. Synthetic skin is cheap and has a thermal insulation effect and appearance quality that is no worse than genuine leather materials. These excellent characteristics make artificial fur quickly occupy the market.


From the classification point of view, synthetic can be roughly divided into (1) imitation animal skin, consisting of under velvet and bristles; (2) flat shearing, plain or jacquard shearing fur with flush down; (3) plush, uneven down, and no undercoat. (4) Imitation lamb velvet.


The production process of artificial fur is very complex, generally requiring more than 20 processes, and the production cycle is more than ten days.


After the production is completed, cutting is ushered in an essential step for fur products. Now there are two mainstream cutting methods, one is manual cutting, and the other is automatic cutting by CNC equipment.


Manual cutting has the disadvantages of slow speed, poor efficiency, and severe waste.

Therefore, the manual cutting method gradually withdraws from the stage in the artificial fur-cutting industry. Only in the natural fur industry are there traces of manual cutting.


There are two main types of cnc fur cutting equipment on the market: one is a Co2 laser cutting machine, and the other is a digital cutter.


Co2 laser cutting machine belongs to thermal cutting, which has the advantages of high precision and fast cutting speed. But there is a lot of fumes and bad smell during cutting. Moreover, high-temperature cutting will destroy the material of the cutting edge of the fur, resulting in the phenomenon of burnt edge and black edge. Especially for plush fabrics, it will burn the long hair, affect the cutting effect, and affect the product's quality.


The oscillating knife cnc uses a blade to cut, which belongs to cold cutting. Not only the cutting speed and cutting accuracy are not inferior to Co2 laser cutting machines, but also the adverse effects caused by high temperatures are removed. So oscillating knife machine is more suitable for cutting fur materials. At the same time, the CNC vibrating knife-cutting machine is equipped with an intelligent typesetting system, which makes the typesetting more suitable and reduces the waste of materials. The whole machine adopts a multi-axis control system and imported servo motor, which makes the cutting effect more perfect and the precision higher.


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