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EagleTec Multi Spindle CNC Router Machine Sent to Mexico

Publish Date: Aug. 17, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Aug. 17, 2022

Multi-head cnc router, as it is named, it is a kind of cnc router machine with multi spindles. It can engrave or cut the same pattern on several wood pieces simultaneously. For woodworkers engaged in furniture making, furniture legs making, and instruments making industry, a multi-spindle cnc router is a perfect fit.

multi spindle cnc router

If you buy a cnc router mainly for wood cutting work, we suggest 3.0kw spindles at least. If you mostly do wood engraving jobs, then 2.2kw spindles are sufficient.


This multi-head cnc router engraving machine is a 3-axis machine suitable for wood board cutting and engraving. Our customer from Mexico purchased it for Slatwall cutting. He contacts us first to talk about the machine configuration. Without a doubt, because it was our first cooperation, he chose a third party in his country to help him do the machine import and inspections.

If you make furniture legs, staircases, and stair columns, then our 4 axis multi spindle 3d cnc router will be your best choice. Please take a look at the device photo below.

multi spindle 3d cnc router for sale

After the machine is finished and passes inspection, we will prepare for packing and shipping.

• Get the guides, rack, and pinions oiled and covered with film.

• Prepare a toolbox that contains wearing parts, router bits, and a tutorial guide.

• Wrap the whole wood router cnc machine with plastic film.

• Fix 4 feet of the machine on the plywood panel chassis by wooden piles to prevent the device from swaying in the plywood carton

• Finished the plywood box and sealed the top.

• The truck takes the machine to the seaport.

As a professional cnc router manufacturer located in China, EagleTec CNC keeps our faith to be a reliable cnc machine supplier and provides lifetime after-sales service for all machine users. Looking for 2022 best cnc routers, do not hesitate to contact EagleTec-CNC.

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