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What Laser Cutter Is the Best for Coil Steel Cutting?

Publish Date: Jul. 12, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jul. 12, 2022

The development of the economy and population has put new demands on cities: more convenient shopping malls and housing with a better environment are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for HVAC ductworks in shopping malls and residential buildings. Ductwork is mainly made of metal sheets.


With the economy's rapid development, metal sheets are widely used in various industries. The sheets are usually rolled into coils to facilitate transportation and save storage space. 

three steel coils

Before Metal sheet processing, the coil must be uncoiled and leveled to form a sheet. Then we load the metal sheet to the fiber laser cutter table to cut. This process is cumbersome and wastes processing time.

Is there a more suitable laser cutting machine model that is convenient for coil steel cutting?

fiber laser cutter for coil steel cutting

coil feeder and uncoiler on fiber laser cutter

The answer is Yes. In industrial processing, to achieve synchronous roll leveling and cutting with less time, labor, and electricity, EagleTec researched and developed a new fiber laser cutting machine, especially for sheet metal rolls. This machine is ideal for cutting large volumes of coil steel. It can complete a series of full-process operations such as automatic uncoiling, leveling, feeding, cutting, palletizing, and scrap recycling sheet materials. During the whole process, the machine automatically flattens the coil material, feeds the material accurately, and cuts it efficiently, which significantly saves labor costs and improves production efficiency. Please watch the work demo here to understand how it works.

Fully automatic feeding coil laser cutting machine, allowing users to have both profits and benefits. It has four apparent advanced features in sheet metal roll cutting.


• Compared with the traditional stamping process, there is no cost for molds' purchasing and storage.

• Improve material utilization and save up to 25% of raw materials.

• Cutting and feeding are carried out synchronously so that the cutting time and efficiency are doubled. The overall production efficiency has increased by 60%.

• Allowing users to utilize materials better because the machine obtains materials on demand.


In conclusion, this fiber laser cutting machine dramatically saves time for users, optimizes the production process flow, and improves the automation level of enterprise management. It is a magic weapon to increase corporate profits and enhance corporate competitiveness.

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