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RichAuto AutoNow A18E A18S 4 Axis CNC Router Controller

Model: RichAuto AutoNow A18E (A18S)

Category: CNC Router Spare Parts

Brand: RichAuto

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD540.00 / SET


Supply Ability: 1000 Sets Monthly

Availability: In Stock

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

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The CNC router spare parts for sale here is RichAuto AutoNow A18E A18S, which is a popular 4 axis CNC controller. A18E and A18S is same model actually; the only difference between them is the language on keyboard, A18E is in English only while A18S in both English and Chinese. Picture below is the keyboard of A18S.  

richauto a18s keyboard photo

Video Demo of Full Set RichAuto A18 DSP Controller


Advantage of RichAuto A18E CNC Controller

Compared with NC Studio controller, it has two advantages:

• It controls machine motion independently, no need connection a PC.

• RichAuto A18 price is less than NC Studio.


RichAuto A18E / A18S is always used on 4 axis cnc router , 4 axis rotary cnc machine, and 4 axis multi head cnc router.  

Quick Details of RichAuto DSP A18E / A18S

• Applicable industry: woodworking

• Maximum simultaneous axis: 4

• Display: Three-inch monochrome

• I/O port: 8 input, 8 output

How to Copy the Parameters from The Old RichAuto A18 To the New Controller?

When you replace your old RichAuto A18 hand-held controller with a new one, you will need to copy the parameter settings from the old to the new. Otherwise, the new one isn’t able to work properly.

Here is the instruction for this operation:

• Input a USB flash in your old RichAuto controller and switch on it.  

• Follow the guide path here: MENU - SYSTEM SETUP - Backup Data - select backup to U disk - wait for file save, after save is complete, switch off the old RichAuto DSP.

• Take the USB away from the old controller and input it into the new one; switch on the new controller.  

• Then follow this guideline in the new one: MENU - SYSTEM SETUP - Restore Data - select restore from U disk. Parameter copy is over. 

Full Set Packing List of RichAuto CNC Controller A18E / A18S

Please refer to the below pictures, it contains 4 parts totally: 

• RichAuto hand-held controller A18 – 1 Piece

• Wiring board (8 input 8 output) – 1 Piece

• 50-pin communication cable – 1 Piece (for connection between hand-held controller and wiring board)

• USB data cable – 1 Piece (for connection between hand-held controller and PC)

full set richauto a18 photo

RichAuto Auto Now A18E / A18S Features:

• It is a 4-axis simultaneous CNC controller, real 4 axis motion control.

• The rotary axis can be freely defined with A, B, or C.

• The 4th axis can be a normal axis or a rotary axis.

• 8 input and 8 output I/O interface board.

richauto a18 interface board photo

• Support 9 workpiece coordinates, 8 breakpoints save.

• Support both mobile and fixed tool calibration; can set up calibration position and speed, etc.

• Manual high and low-speed switching, fine adjustment, distance, and other functions.

• Support XYZ axis driver, inverter, emergency stop, hard limit alarm functions.

• Breakpoint memory and power-down memory.

• Support array, milling plane, zoom, line selection, automatic division special function requirements.

• Stop status and position setup.

Technical Parameter of RichAuto A18 DSP Controller

ModelRichAuto A18
Display3-inch monochrome
Communication interfaceUSB
Simultaneous axis4
Drivingstepper and servo
Power failure protectionyes
Breakpoint memoryyes
Working powerDC 24V
Manual ModeContinuous, step, distance
Interpolation methodLine, arc, spline
Soft/hard limitsupport
Maximum pulse frequency1MHz
Password setupyes
System languageEnglish and Chinese

FAQ Concerning RichAuto DSP A18 Controller (RichAuto Auto-Now A18)

What is the MOQ of RichAuto A18 Controller?

The MOQ for this controller is 1 SET. (MOQ – an acronym for Minimum Order Quantity)

If We Are Ready to Purchase the RichAuto A18, How To Proceed?

• EagleTec will issue a proforma invoice for you and you make payment according to it.

• After payment done, kindly advise us of your specific address with contact details for receiving the parcel.

• The RichAuto DSP A18 controller is sent out by Express DHL or FedEx.

What Is the Lead Time of RichAuto DSP A18 CNC Controller?

DSP A18 is in stock and ready for shipment, it will be sent within 24 hours on receipt of the payment.

What Is the Available Payment Method for DSP A18 RichAuto Controller?

Available payment method for this item (RichAuto DSP A18) includes Western Union, Telegraphic Transfer, Money Gram and PayPal.

If you like the RichAuto A18 controller, please get a FREE quote today!  


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