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What Can You Make with A CNC Router?

Publish Date: May. 20, 2023 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: May. 20, 2023

CNC router, also known as CNC engraving machine. It is a widely applied CNC machine in modern industry. What can we do with a CNC router? EagleTec CNC is going to explain more in this post.

To best understand its applications, we'll first need to classify the different types of CNC routers.


CNC Routers are usually categorized into the following types, such as small CNC routers, 4x8 or 5x10 entry-level CNC routers, ATC CNC routers, CNC foam routers, wood carving cnc machine with multi spindle, stone CNC routers, and 4 or 5 axis CNC routers.

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Small CNC Router

If you're looking to a CNC router with small footprint, a small CNC router might be the perfect fit for you. Typically, these machines have a working area of either 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 900mm. They are good for small-scale signage projects, including wooden crafts and acrylic letter cutting.


4x8 or 5x10 Entry-Level CNC Router

An industrial entry-level CNC router, usually has the working size at 4x8 or 5x10, is capable of a wide range of applications. It can create large outdoor billboards, craft wooden doors and cabinets, cut slatwall panels, and even produce musical instruments.

ATC CNC Router

The ATC CNC router surpasses the entry-level model in terms of productivity. Although they has similar functions, the cnc router with automatic tool changer is helpful for woodworking projects that require the use of multiple router bits, such as the creation of classic furniture designs.

CNC Foam Router

CNC router for foam mold making is specially designed model compared with general model. These CNC foam routers have a higher Z axis because foam and wood molds are typically larger in size. This type of CNC machine is commonly used in the manufacturing industry for lost foam and wood molds.

Stone CNC Router

The Stone CNC router is designed for cutting and engraving stone and marble. It is especially useful for engraving tombstones, stone crafts, and aluminum.

4 Or 5 Axis CNC Router

If you need to engrave Queen Anne-style furniture legs or create intricate foam or mold designs, consider a 4-axis CNC router with multiple spindles or a 5-axis CNC router, respectively. These CNC machines are perfectly suited for these types of projects.

CNC Router is the most economic and high-tech CNC machine that widely applied in our daily life. A high quality CNC router can help you gain big success on your woodworking or stone working business.

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