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4 Axis Multi Head CNC Router With 4th Axis Rotary Table

Model: EA-1825RMS10

Category: Multi Head CNC Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC4 Axis Multi Head CNC Router With 4th Axis Rotary Table

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD23680 / SET

Price Range: USD19500 to USD28000 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder – Go into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Trade Assurance

G.W.: 2300KGS

Package Dimension: 3160*2280*2250mm (16.21CBM Approx.)

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: 4 Axis Multi Head CNC Router With 4th Axis Rotary Table4.8 /5 based on 52 reviews



EA-1825RMS10 is a 4 axis multi head cnc router for the mass production industry engineered to process 3D carving and 2.5D relief sculpture engraving operations of solid wood elements.

Concerning the 4th axis rotary table for 3D carving, it is equipped with multi-operating units and a mobile carriage for the rotation and the clamping of the workpieces through a head and tail stock system, in order to execute the machining of 10 pieces in one working cycle.

Coming to the flat table for 2.5D relief engraving, it is adopting a removable construction; In this way, the 4 axis cnc wood carving machine can be switched between 4th axis rotary machining and 3 axis flat machining. 

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the blue 4 axis multi head cnc router sit on the floor

4 Axis Rotary 3D Machining Demo of EA-1825RMS10

Let's first have a look at the background of the video. In the video, the 4 axis multi head cnc router EA-1825RMS10 is milling 3D furniture parts with solid wood. There are two procedures in total: roughing and finishing. Two types of bits ( 12.7mm straight flute bits and 6mm V-shaped bits) and two pieces of toolpath files are used. Now you probably have a question:

Q: How long will the rotary axis cnc router take to complete the design in the video?

A: For the exact design in the video, it takes 6 hours to finish. We got 10 pieces in 6 hours since 10 spindles and 10 pieces of the 4th axis work together. By calculation, we can know that each piece costs 0.6 hours on average. 

Technical Advantages of Multi Head 4 Axis CNC Router With Rotary Table

Its biggest advantage comes from its dual-application working platform, a dual exchange table system for rotary and flat milling. The two platforms can be switched at will according to actual production requirements. One end of the rotational platform is a mobile carriage; when the flat platform is required, the mobile carriage can be pushed to the rear part of the machine and leave space for the flat table. So, we can get the flat table installed there and execute flat machining.

4 axis multi head cnc router machine with mobile carriage rotary table

Since the flatbed size (2000x2500mm) is relatively large, if it is designed as one piece, it seems impossible for us to install it manually. Our strength is not enough to lift it.

Therefore, we divided it into two pieces, one on the front and one on the back. The size of each piece is 2000x1250mm. As shown in the picture below, this is what it looks like after the rear piece is installed.

rear piece flat table installed on the 4 axis multi head cnc router

In order to make the installation easier, we installed several small pulleys under the flat table. Same as the rotational table, it is supported by the heavy-load round linear guides as well.

heavy load round linear guideways on multi head cnc router with rotary

EagleTec Multi Head CNC Router with 4th Axis Specs

• The headstock of the rotary is a dual-drive design, which is driven by two sets of Yaskawa 850 watts servo motors to obtain sufficient power.

dual drives on headstock of 4 axis multi head cnc router machine

• The headstock part is composed of many precision transmission components. To ensure it runs smoothly, it is closed by a casing to prevent machining debris from falling into and causing machine failure.

multi head cnc machine’s headstock is fully enclosed by a casing

• The electrical part is designed with the most reliable performance standards. As shown below, the 4 axis wood cnc machine uses a total of 6 sets of Yaskawa servo motion systems; both the headstock and the Y-axis are dual-driven; It also uses 10 inverters, so that each one controls an electric spindle; this combination is undoubtedly the most reliable one since one control one is more stable than one control couple.

electrical control cabinet and electrical components inside it

• The multi-head 4th axis cnc router machine is equipped with a WEIHONG 4-axis simultaneous motion controller based on the windows system. This is because multi-head router machines are mainly used for engraving, and the tool path files of such machining are often very large; a computer is prior to a handheld DSP unit on the performance of both reading and running files. 

• The electrical connection between different parts of the machine is plug and play.

plug and play design for 4 axis multi head cnc router

• It supports re-carving after power failure.

4 Axis Multi Head CNC Router Utilization

Applicable Industry of Rotary CNC Router with Multi Heads

It is ideal for the European-style furniture production industry engineered to process mass 3D carving, complex 3-dimensional leg curve patterns,  curved parallelogram shapes, cabriole, and 2.5D relief sculpture engraving operations of solid wood elements.

European style furniture 3D projects made by 4 axis multi head cnc machine

Materials Good for CNC Router Wood Carving 4 Axis

Wood, Acrylic, MDF, ACM, PVC, Foam.

blue multi head cnc router with 4 axis rotary table ready in workshop

Quick Details of Multi Head 4th Axis CNC Router Machine 

• Heavy-duty machine base ( Finished by CNC machining center to minimize cumulative error )

• Flatbed size 2000x2500mm – Actual working area

• Water-cooled spindle motor 2.2KW – 10PCS ( constant torque output )

• WEIHONG controller based on Windows – Fantastic reading and running speed

• Yaskawa Servo Motors 850watts&1300 watts – 6 Sets

• Original Taiwan PMI square-type linear guides and bearing – size 25mm

• XY Transmission: helical rack and pinion

• Individual electronics cabinet

Technical Parameter of Four Axis Multi Head CNC Router with Rotary Axis

Model No.EA-1825RMS10
Type4 Axis Multiple Head CNC Router
Motion Head QtyOne
Spindle Qty10
Max.Simultaneous Axis Qty 4
Machine BaseHeavy-duty, finish by CNC machining center
Flatbed Aluminum Profile with PVC
Flatbed Working Area2000x2500mm 
Flatbed ClampingBy clamps 
Rotary Spike style with mobile carriage on one side
Rotary Unit Qty10
Rotary Working SizeФ180x2500mm
Rotational Table ClampingBy head and tail stocks 
Minimal Distance Between Two Spindles148mm (from center to center)
Maximal Space Between Two Spindles
180mm (from center to center)
Electric Spindle Water cooling, 2.2Kw, 24000rpm - 10PCS (constant torque output)
Collet SizeER20
Acceptable Tool Diameter 3.175 ~ 12.7mm (1/8“ ~ 1/2”)
Position Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Reposition Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Motion DriveYaskawa servo 850watts&1300 watts - 6 SETS
Driver Yaskawa
Fast Travel Speed30,000mm/min 
Max. Carving Speed12,000mm/min 
CNC ControllerWEIHONG 4 Axis Control (hardware) or RichAuto A18
CNC SoftwareNC Studio V8 (Genuine) or RichAuto A18
X-Axis TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, belt-driven gear case 
Y-Axis TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, belt-driven gear case 
Z-Axis TransmissionRolling ballscrew, 25mm
X Linear Guides Original PMI, square type, 25mm
Y Linear GuidesOriginal PMI, square type, 25mm
Z Linear GuidesOriginal PMI, square type, 25mm
Inverter 2.2kw - 10PCS
Communication CommandG code 
Compatible Programming SoftwareArtCAM, Aspire, PowerMILL
Other Electronics Schneider, Omron, CHNT
CablesHigh-softness shielding cables for the whole machine
Lubrication SystemVolumetric Central lubricating, auto type
Working PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph (or AC220V/60Hz, 3Ph)
Max. Power Consumption35KW 
Net Weight 2,200KGS
Gross Weight2,300KGS
Package WayPlywood Case
Package Dimension3160*2280*2250mm (16.21CBM Approx.)

FAQs about Multi Head 4 Axis CNC Wood Carving Machine

Q: Which Spindle Will Be More Durable for This 4 Axis Multi-Head CNC Router Machine?

A: Seeing from the users' feedback, EagleTec CNC strongly recommends the water-cooled constant-torque electric spindles; this type of spindle is the most durable one and has a lifespan of 2 to 3 times longer than regular water-cooled spindles.

Q: What Advantages Does Your Multi Head 4 Axis Router Machine Have?

A: This machine has 10 spindles, and they are often worked simultaneously, so the load on the Z-axis is relatively heavy. If the machine uses the same Z-axis transmission structure as the ordinary machine, this part will soon stop working. In addition to the use of servo motors and dual-balanced cylinders, EagleTec CNC has also made a reasonable transformation of the connection between the motor and the ballscrew, which offers splendid durability in the Z-axis.

Q: What is the Minimal Distance Between Two Spindles?

A: It is 148mm from center to center.

Q: How Much Space Does One Spindle Take Up On the Gantry Rail/Track?

A: It is 148mm.

Q: What is the Maximum Distance Between Two Spindles?

A: The standard package would be 180mm from center to center.

Q: How Do You Get Such A Big Multi Spindle 3d CNC Router to Be Shipped?

A: Based on the dimension of this machine, we will have to take the gantry down before loading. Because the door width of all typical containers is 2.35m, our machine width is much larger than this size. SKD packing way would be the solution for this.

Q: What Is the Lead Time for This Multi Head CNC Router with a 4th Axis?

A: It goes into production on receipt of the down payment; We can get it ready within 15 business days.

Q: What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer for This Multiple Head Router CNC Machine?

A: It's a 12-months warranty since the departure. Under warranty, you’ll enjoy free replacement for any broken parts except Vulnerable parts. After that, we provide you with constant free online support as well; spare parts replacement will be charged based on raw materials cost.


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