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What Is a Good CNC Router?

Publish Date: May. 12, 2023 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: May. 12, 2023

Everyone who is engaged in furniture making industry or advertising industry wants to find a good cnc router for their wood and acrylic cutting and engraving projects. But what is a good cnc router? What are the characteristics of a good cnc router? Rest assured, EagleTec CNC can provide comprehensive standards for high-quality CNC routers.

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First of all, intuitively, we can judge from four aspects: the machine's appearance, overall weight, spare parts, and assembly process.


Machine Appearance

When it comes to evaluating a CNC router, it's important to closely examine its appearance. This is especially true for machines made in China, as many of them may look similar or use attractive covers to conceal their inner workings. When we say that check appearance, we mean that the machine table structure, and your own feeling at the first sight of the machine (referring to how you feel when you see a luxury car and an ordinary car).

Machine Weight

It's better to check the actual weight of the machine with the factory as it reflects the thickness of the metal tubes used in the machine constructions. Typically, there are two options available: for standard and entry-level CNC wood routers, we use square tubes that are 4mm thick, while for high-level or ATC CNC router models, we use 6mm thick square tubes. Additionally, all our machine bodies come with at least six supportive steel pipes. It's worth noting that some CNC routers may appear similar to ours on the outside but differ significantly in weight as they build with 1mm thick steel tubes. A heavier machine ensures better stability during running, offering you good finishes on the products.

Machine Components

The components here refer to more than just spindles and control systems. They also include inverters, lubrication systems, real balls and screws, linear bearings, cables, buttons, and switches. Despite their humble appearance, these small spare parts are equally important. Equipment built with highly reliable parts experiences minimal periods of inactivity.

Machine Assemble Technics

For factories with high demand for CNC routers, the assembly process must meet strict requirements. To ensure this, it is recommended to open the control cabinet and verify that the wiring is neat and organized. A well-organized circuit can save considerable time when repairing the machine.

After-Sales Support

Apart from the abovementioned factors, a crucial aspect to consider is the level of after-sales service and technical support. Unlike clothing or food, a wood carving machine cannot be easily discarded if they fail to meet your expectations. Duly and constant technical assistance and after-sale support can ensure the longevity of the machine for up to two decades.

If you are searching for top-level CNC routers, EagleTec CNC is the ultimate destination for you. Our machines, along with our expert service, will be a lifelong companion for you.

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