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Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Using China Stone Engraving CNC Router Machines

Publish Date: Dec. 29, 2023 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Dec. 29, 2023

As we all know, cnc router is a kind of cnc cutting and engraving machine for non-metal material. These materials include wood, acrylic, foam, stone, and more. As the materials' properties and hardness are different, correspondingly, cnc router configurations are also different. Let's have a close look.

Stone cnc routers must have more stable machine construction than cnc wood routers or wood carver machine, since stone, and marble are much harder than wood. Regarding stability, the most intuitive manifestation is the weight of the machine, quality components, and professional assembly.

small wet cnc router for stone

• We need to have a high-frequency spindle motor to take the router bits to engrave deeply and clearly on solid stone like granite.

• The machine should be equipped with a water sprayer circulation unit, which could cool router bits down and prevent adhesion during the stone engraving process.

• Some stone engraving shop fails their stonework because they do not have a cnc stone router, which is made of high-quality components and professional mounting. In order to avoid this problem, before you decide to buy a cnc stone carving machine, keep in mind about three rules above.

What are the other points that are vital to stone engraving projects?

"If a craftsman wants to do good work, he must first sharpen his tools." In order to get a perfect stonework piece, except a high quality cnc router, a proper stone router bit is also important.


In the stone carving field, granite, marble, bluestone, and sandstone are more commonly used stones. Granite is often used for tombstone letter engraving, while marble, bluestone, and sandstone are typically used for carving reliefs. How do we correctly choose proper router bits to process different materials? Referring to the selection and matching methods of stone carving knives, the following points can be summarized:


• Ordinary alloy router bit. It is made of high-performance alloy material, with a double-edged design, good sharpness, high cost performance, and easy to resharpen by hand. Generally used for carving bluestone and marble. Because the angle of This knife type is not standard. Therefore, it is not suitable for relief sculptures.


• Standard angle alloy router bit. It is made of high-performance alloy material and has a double-edged design. Compared with an ordinary alloy cutter, it has a standard angle and has better engraving and fine relief effects. It is also generally used for carving bluestone and marble.

• Smelted diamond grinding knife. It is manufactured using the military high-tech "fused diamond technology" and has the characteristics of good sharpness, high engraving efficiency, no deformation of the cutter head, and high engraving accuracy. Therefore, it is often used as the first choice tool for relief carving on marble, bluestone, sandstone and other materials, and it is also excellent at engraving large characters.


• Solid alloy three-edged router bit. It uses ultra-fine grain super wear-resistant alloy. The wear resistance is much higher than other three-edged router bits on the market. The angle is standard and the engraving effect is good. But users who don't have a universal knife sharpener are best not to use it.


• PCD polycrystalline diamond router bit. Using imported polycrystalline diamond blades and vacuum welding technology, the blades are not easy to be damaged or fall off. The sharpness and strength of the blade get optimized by Micro-grinding technology. This router bit has advantages in good hardness, long life and good engraving effect. It is generally used to engrave small characters on granite.


• Sintered diamond grinding router bits. The cutter head is made of multi-layer diamond sintered. This kind of router bit has a longer service time, but the sharpness is not high, and the cutter head will deform.


• Diamond square router bit. Just like the sintered diamond grinding router bit we talked about above, it also performs well in service time but not well in sharpness. As the engraving depth is shallow. We generally use it for engraving granite small characters or line engraving.


• Bluestone and sandstone are relatively soft stones and are mostly used for engraving large characters and reliefs. We recommend using a brazed emery grinding head to do such work. We should choose different router bits according to various font reliefs, but be aware that if the relief pattern is relatively deep, it must be carved in layers and cannot be carved with one knife.

In conclusion, a high-quality stone cnc router machine and proper router bits for stone are necessary to achieve excellent stone carving and engraving results. All of two, EagleTec CNC could provide for you. If you have any other doubts about buying a China stone cnc router or how to use the machine, do not hesitate to contact us.

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