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Cabinet CNC Machine with Automatic Tool Changer for Sale

Model: EA-2040LAT

Category: ATC CNC Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC Cabinet CNC Machine with Automatic Tool Changer for Sale

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$18,500 / SET

Price Range: USD15000 to USD19900 / SET as per the different configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order (PreOrder)

Lead Time: 20 to 25 days 

Warranty: 12 months 

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: Cabinet CNC Machine with Automatic Tool Changer for Sale 4.8 based on 5.0



EagleTec cabinet CNC machine with automatic tool changer (ATC) EA-2040LAT is designed for cabinet, panel furniture, and modern furniture making. Every woodworker knows that we have to use multiple tools (router bits) to finish one pattern of panel furniture. Simply because that, features of panel furniture production are that they need multiple tools to finish, and each tool will work just several minutes. In the process of panel furniture production, the Auto tool changer CNC Router does not need to stop until the whole panel completely finished. Therefore, for the production of panel furniture and cabinets, the CNC wood router with tool changer is the most efficient and accurate machine. The cabinet making cnc machine for sale at reasonable price now. 


Suppose to use a wood cnc router without ATC for the same job, the situation should be like this. First, we need to stop the router every time when the tools need to be changed; second, we also need to clear the workpiece origin points after the tool changed manually. This operation is not only waste on time but also cause low precision on the jobs. Just because there are several origin points for the workpiece in the whole operation. 

If you are okay to go with the 2000x4000mm working size, let's move on... If you think it's big for you, please check on linear ATC cnc router 1300x2500mm or 6090 cnc router table with automatic tool changer

2040 ATC CNC Router front view

Advantage of CNC Machine for Cabinet Making

• Linear type auto tool changer design, good stability performance on tool changing process. There are 8 tool positions; as options, the tool magazine can be built with 10 or 12 positions. Do you like disk type better? If yes, please check on the disk automatic tool changer cnc router.

linear auto tool changer magazine - photo

• Genuine Italy HSD ATC Spindle is adopted, Model. ES929A, 9.0kw, air cooling, 24000RPM. Fit for ISO or HSK tool holders. As an option, you can have a Chinese ATC spindle for cost-saving.

original Italy hsd atc spindle on atc cnc router 2040 – photo

• The combination of the SYNTEC CNC system and Yaskawa pure servo is the real closed-loop control with characters of fast feeding, quiet moving, smooth running, good acceleration and deacceleration, high positioning accuracy. For more details of the servo, please read here.

syntec cnc system is on atc cnc router 2040 control cabinet - photo

• The user-friendly fixture design helps a lot in the process of installing the cutters into the tool holder. It's a very nice device for a cabinet door cnc machine with tool changer. You only need to lock the ISO or HSK tool holder into the fixture and then use a fork wrench to loosen the holder like the picture below shows. Save your time and energy.

fixture for installing cutters in tool holder - photo

• The lubrication system uses an automatic lubrication pump that can be set to achieve the purpose of timely lubrication.

automatic lubrication pump on atc cnc router 2040 gantry - photo

• The safe and smooth operation of the cnc machine for cabinet making is fully taken into the consideration of the design of the circuit part, we have set up multiple guarantees for the circuit, such as parking resistance, overload protection, and fuses.

electronics inside the control cabinet of atc cnc router 2040

• A fixed tool sensor is equipped with the cnc for cabinet making to simplify the Z-axis tool calibration process. It is an essential option for automatic tool changer cnc wood router machines. 

fixed tool sensor on atc cnc router 2040 - photo

• Special T-slot vac-sorb table design increases the clamping capacity by 30% at least.

cabinet cnc machine with t-slot vacuum table - photo

Application of Auto Tool Changer CNC Router

Applicable Field of CNC Router with Automatic Tool Changer

It is a good fit for panel furniture (also known as plate furniture or modern furniture) fabrication or cnc cabinet making shop, including producing cabinets, kitchen furniture, office furniture, beds, bedroom furniture, closets, wood doors, wardrobes, wall art panels, and more.

Machining Capacity of Automatic Tool Changer CNC Cabinet Router

Pattern routing, mortises, edge works, dados, rabbets, shallow groove, and more.

Materials Good for Cabinet Making CNC Machine for Sale

CNC Router for cabinet making with HSD ATC spindle is good for materials like Solid wood, MDF, Plywood, Melamine, Particle Board, Block Board, Acrylic, ACM, Copper, Phenolic, Aluminum, HDPE, PVC, Solid Surface, Foam, White expanded PVC and more.

eagletec atc cnc router 2040 with linear auto tool changer - photo

Quick Details of EagleTec Cabinet CNC Machine for Sale

• Working size 2000x4000x300mm with heavy duty machine base

• Linear tool magazine with 8 positions

• Italy HSD ATC spindle 9.0kw, air cooling

• Yaskawa servo 1.3kw, with holding brake on Z-axis

• SYNTEC controller

• Planetary gear with helical rack and pinion transmission 

• Original PMI linear guideways 

• With fixed tool calibration sensor

• Vac-sorb table

• Omron and Schneider electronics

• Auto load and unload platform – optional configuration

Technical Parameter of Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router Machine

Model No.EA-2040LAT
Stroke (XYZ)2000x4000x300mm (78.7"x157.4"), or make to order
Feeding Height300mm
Driving MotorAC Servo (Yaskawa, Delta as an option)
Electric SpindleItaly HSD 9.0KW auto tool change spindle, 0-24000RPM or China HQD9Kw ATC Spindle
Tool StorageLinear Type, 8 positions
Tool HolderISO30, 8 pieces provided for free
Collet SizeER32, the available diameter of router bits ranges from 3.175 to 18mm
CommandG code
Clamp TypeVacuum and clamp, both work
Vacuum Pump5.5KW, water-ring, 230CBM/hour flow rate
XY TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, Planetary gear
Z TransmissionTaiwan TBI rolling ballscrew
Linear GuideOrigin Taiwan HIWIN or PMI
Max. Traveling Speed60,000mm/min
Max. Cutting Speed45,000mm/min
Working PowerAC 380V/50-60Hz, 3 Ph 4 Wire or Customized
Max. Power Consumption22KW
Net Weight1600KGS
Machine Foot-print187"Lx138"Wx81"H (4750x3500x2050mm)
Packing Dimension4800x2270x2100mm (23CBM approximately)

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