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How many types of cnc plasma cutting machines and how to choose?

Publish Date: Jul. 05, 2021 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jul. 05, 2021

There are many types of cnc plasma cutting machines, and each is engineered to different needs and purposes. How many kinds of CNC plasma cutting machines, and how to choose them? Well, this is a good question. When we decide, we must comprehensively consider our production requirements.


Let's elaborate on the details now. 

There are mainly these types of plasma machines from the perspective of structural design: table type cnc plasma cutting machine, gantry type cnc plasma cutting machine, cnc plasma tube cutter, and portable cnc plasma cutting machine.

01 Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

gantry cnc plasma cutter

It specifically refers to a type of machine that its gantry moves on the ground rail without a working table. The advantage is that it has no restrictions on the cutting size; whether it is 3x6, or 3x12 meters of plates, it can be competent. Therefore, it is a perfect cutting solution for large-format metal sheets. In addition, its application is also diverse. We can install two or more sets of cnc plasma gantry on a set of ground rail devices. Each machine is responsible for the processing of a specific area. We can also add a flame cutting torch and other options to it.

02 Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

cnc plasma cutter portable

This is another typical plasma cutting machine without a fixed table. It features a small footprint and small cost. Due to the portable design, it can be taken to any place needed to perform production tasks. After the machine is packed, it only has a volume of about one cubic meter, which saves you many shipping expenses. The operation is simple and easy for beginners to learn.

03 Table Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

This type of machine refers specifically to the plasma cnc machine with a fixed worktable. Due to the limitation of container size, the cutting size of this type of equipment usually does not exceed 1500x3000mm. There are several standard sizes like 5x10 cnc plasma table, 4 x 8 cnc plasma table, and 4x4 plasma table.


It is the most in-demand of the three types of machines. If the processing size you need is within this range, you can choose this type of equipment. Similarly, it can have a variety of options, such as flame-cutting torches, pipe cutting attachment, drilling heads, etc.

03-1 CNC Plasma Table for Plate Cutting Only

affordable cnc plasma cutting table for plates only

This type of machine is only suitable for cutting metal plates, and the plate size should not exceed 1500x3000mm.

03-2 Dual Purpose CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Plate and Pipe

cnc plasma cutting machine for plate and pipe

Equipped with a pipe cutting attachment, this type of machine can cut both metal plates and metal pipes. Regarding the ability to process rectangular tubes, it can be divided into two types.

First, the one can only cut round tubes.

Second, the one can cut round and square tubes.

cnc table plasma cutting machine for plates and tubes

03-3 CNC Plasma Cutting Table with Drilling Head

cnc plasma cutting table with motor powered drilling head

Equipped with a motor-powered drilling head, it is capable of drilling small holes on metal plates, which are less than 16mm in diameter. If you happen to have the exact drilling needs, this cnc plasma cutting and drilling machine is a suitable choice.

04 CNC Plasma Tube Cutter

cnc plasma tube cutter machine

It is a piece of particular equipment for cutting metal pipes; cnc plasma pipe cutters can process rectangular pipes, square pipes, and round pipes, but cannot process plates.

After reading the above content, we believe that you should now know which machine can meet your production needs the best. If you need the help of our professionals, please contact us.


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