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New Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Shipment Sail to the UK

Publish Date: Jul. 03, 2021 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jul. 03, 2021

Portable cnc plasma cutting machine features mobile design, small footprint, reasonable price, and diversified application fields. Therefore, it is favored by many users. It is also equipped with a flame cutting torch, so we can also call it a portable cnc flame cutting machine.


Regardless of its small size, it has all the necessary configurations. Such as plasma arc voltage height controller, numerical control system, flame cutting torch, plasma cutting torch, and plasma source/generator.


Yesterday, we just sent a portable cnc plasma cutter away. Soon, it will be heading to its destination: the United Kingdom.


Next, let's take a look at its specific configuration.

This is how it looks like.

blue portable cnc plasma cutting machine in the workshop

In the default configuration, it comes with a plasma cutting torch and a flame cutting torch. It offers you diversified applications.

plasma cutting and flame cutting torch on the portable cnc plasma cutting machine

It adopts a user-friendly cnc plasma cutting system – STARFIRE. The system has a built-in rich shapes library. Typical cutting graphics support one-click import. No need to use CAD drawing. Operation language is English.

Starfire cnc plasma cutting system English version for portable cnc plasma cutter

We have equipped the plasma cnc machine with a plasma arc voltage height controller for cutting along uneven plates. The short is T.H.C. Brand – Fangling.

plasma cutting voltage height controller on the top of starfire system

As for the plasma source/cutter, it can be Hypertherm (made in USA) or Huayuan (made in China). A variety of power options available, such as

Hypertherm: 45A, 65A, 105A, 200A.

Huayuan: 63A, 120A, 200A.

Please select a proper power according to the required cutting thickness.

hypertherm plasma source for portable cnc plasma cutting machine

When packing, the machine will be split into three packages. The control system is separately packaged in a box, the plasma source is in a box, and the X and Y axis guide rails are in a box. (If without the plasma source, the package would be two pieces.) The packages are fumigation-free export standard crates. They are stackable and workable by forklifts. To prevent corrosion during transportation, we apply anti-rust oil to the guide rails and racks of the machine before shipment.

portable cnc plasma cutter package

After the packaging is completed, we dispatch the machine by truck to the port of departure. After we complete the export clearance there, the machine will be on board. Around one month later, it would arrive at the destination.

portable cnc plasma cutter loaded on a truck for dispatch

EagleTec CNC is committed to fabricating great quality CNC plasma cutting machines and provide the best support to our users. If you are looking for new machines, please click here to view our full models. 


Thank you for your time. See you next time. 

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