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Programmable Wood Router with Rotary Attachment

Model: EA-1212R3

Category: CNC Woodworking Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC Programmable Wood Router with Rotary Attachment

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD5470 / SET

Price Range: USD5400 to USD6800 / SET as per different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder – Put order into production on receipt of deposit

Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Trade Assurance

G.W.: 850KGS

Package Dimension: 2300*2250*2100mm (10.86CBM Approx.)

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: Programmable Wood Router with Rotary Attachment 4.9 /5 based on 61 reviews


Brief Description

EA-1212R3 is a dual-purpose cnc wood machine; it is essentially a router machine with a 48 x 48 aluminum profile worktable and a 4th rotary attachment. The rotation axis is located to the right of the flatbed. The flat table is for sheet materials working; the rotary attachment is used to process cylindrical workpieces. It should be noted that the 4th axis is indexed in the default configuration, not 4-axis simultaneous. However, it can be upgraded to the simultaneous type if you need it. The programmable wood router with rotary attachment is for sale at a favorable price now.

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white and blue programmable wood router with rotary ready for shipping

Features of Computerised Wood Router with Rotary Axis

• The fourth rotary attachment is situated to the right of the plan-working bed with a permanent location. Its headstock is a three-jaw chuck equipped with a worm gear case; the tailstock is a spike on a carriage to hold the cylindrical blocks of different lengths.

3-jaw chuck headstock of the 4th axis on the computerised wood router machine

• The machine base is welded by thick-walled square steel tubes and undergoes vibration aging treatment to eliminate welding stress. The flatbed is made of aluminum profile and rigid PVC.

programmable wood router with aluminum profile bed and rotary table in the workshop

• The programmable wood router machine comes with a 3.2kw water cooled cnc spindle.

• The independent electronic house stands on the left side of the programmable router wood with the 4th axis.

48 x 48 programmable router with independent electronic cabinet on the side

• The electrical components are all brand-name products, and most of them are installed inside the house. The electrical cabinet has excellent airtightness to provide a dust-free environment for the parts.

Application of Programmable Routers with 4th Rotary Table

Applicable Field

It is very suitable for projects like embossment, carved artworks, and other woodworking jobs.

Applied Materials

Solid Wood, MDF, Plywood, Solid Surface, White expanded PVC, HDPE, PVC, Foam, and more.

Packing Demonstration of Programmable Wood Router Machine with Rotary Attachment

• The machine is packaged as a whole without disassembly. We put the electric cabinet and other accessories on the flat table.

• We wrap it in a thick waterproof stretch film. 

• We put the computerised wood router on the wooden box's pallet and fix it to avoid the device from sliding in the wooden box.

• Finally, we sealed the wooden box. Put it in a container and ship it to overseas buyers.

48x48 programmable wood router with rotary attachment under packing in our workshop

Quick Details of Programmable Router Wood with Rotary

• Flatbed working size 48" x 48" (1200x1200mm)

• Rotary Axis machining size 7.87" D x 48" L (200 x 1200mm)

• Permanent location rotary axis

• 3.2kw water cooled spindle

• Stepper motors & drivers

• Precise square linear guideways

• Helical rack and pinion transmission on X/Y

• Rolling ballscrew on Z-axis

RichAuto A11 controller – it can be upgraded to RichAuto A18 system according to your requirement

Technical Parameter of Programmable CNC Router Table for Woodworking

Model No.EA-1212R3
TypeProgrammable Router for Wood
Max. Simultaneous Axis Qty Three
Machine BaseHeavy-load
Rotary Table 7.87"D x 48"L (200mm x 1200mm), located on the right side of the machine
Rotary ClampingBy head and tail stock
Rotary TransmissionWorm gear 
Flat Working BedAluminum profile with rigid PVC
Bed Size48" x 48" (1200 x 1200mm) - actual working size
Flatbed ClampingBy T-slot fixtures
X-Axis Stroke48 in [1200mm]
Y-Axis Stroke48 in [1200mm]
Z-Axis Stroke11.8 in [300mm]
Electric Spindle Water-cooled 3.2Kw, 24000rpm
Collet SizeER20
Acceptable Tool Diameter Range3.175 ~ 12.7mm (1/8" ~ 1/2")
Electronic CabinetIndividual type
Position Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Reposition Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Motion DriveNEMA34 stepper motor
Driver Leadshine 
Fast Travel Speed25,000mm/min 
Max. Cutting Speed12,000mm/min 
CNC ControllerRichAuto A11 handheld controller 
X-Axis TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, planetary gearcase 
Y-Axis TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, planetary gearcase 
Z-Axis TransmissionRolling ballscrew, 25mm, pitch 10mm 
X Linear Guides Square type, 20mm
Y Linear GuidesSquare type, 20mm
Z Linear GuidesSquare type, 20mm
Communication CommandG code (***.nc)
Compatible Programming SoftwareArtCAM, Aspire, PowerMILL
Other Electronics Schneider, Omron, CHNT
CablesHigh softness shielding cables for the whole 48 x 48 cnc router machine
Lubrication SystemManual type
ElectricityAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph (or AC220V/60Hz, 3Ph), or made to order
Max. Power Consumption6KW 
Net Weight 850KGS
Gross Weight950KGS
Packing WayPlywood Case
Package Dimension2300*2250*2100mm  (10.86CBM Approx.)
Dust ExtractorOptional

FAQs about Programmable Woodworking Router with Rotary Device

Q: Is the rotary axis here fixed or movable?

A: It has a permanent location on the right side of the machine base.

Q: Is the rotary device simultaneous or indexed?

A: It is indexed in our default configuration. But it can be upgraded to the simultaneous option to make the machine be a real cnc 4 axis router as you requested. To view full models of this category, please click 4 axis cnc machine for sale

Q: There is a water-cooled drive head. Does this require a water source and drain?

A: The water-cooled motor is the default configuration of this model. The machine will come with a set of particular accessories, which include a small water tank and a submersible pump. It is actually a water circulation system. We need to inject an appropriate amount of water into the water tank, connect the water pump's outlet with the inlet pipe of the spindle, and then place the outlet pipe of the spindle in the water tank. In this way, water will flow from the water tank into the spindle for cooling. Then, it will return to the water tank through the outlet pipe to form a circulation mechanism. If you don't like water-cooled motors, we have another option: air-cooled motors. 

Q: I see that there is the option of a dust/particle vacuum system. What materials/hoses/etc. are needed for the hookup?

A: If you get this option involved, we will provide full set accessories that include hoses, connection fixtures, dust hood, and bracket.

Q: How does this dust collection system get its power? Is it 110V?

A: No, it should be 220V.

Q: Are there other accessories needed/required for this machine to work efficiently?

A: Except for the dust collector, there is nothing else for this machine.

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