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Charlie from Kenya – 4x8 4 Axis CNC Router Reviews

Last Purchase Date: Dec. 09, 2018 Last Purchase Item: 4x8 4 Axis CNC Routers for Wood From: Kenya

“All is well. Your happy and satisfied customer. Keep it up.” 

“I have seen and gone through the guide and very helpful. I am happy because I can see it will eventually work with your help.”

Screenshots of Customer Reviews on EagleTec 4x8 4 Axis CNC Routers for Wood

eagletec 4x8 4 axis cnc routers reviews screenshots

Our Story 

Mr. Charlie is from Kenya, and he is the owner of a woodworking plant. Three or four years ago, he bought his first CNC Router from another vendor in China. When he needs to use the rotary of that machine in 2018, he cannot get assistance or a guide from that supplier. Then he went to YouTube to search for related tutorials and found the guide we posted there earlier. So, he contacted us for a favor to offer technical support to him. Our technician team guides him with everything he needed and he is satisfied. Let’s have a look at what he said to us after we guide them out:

review screenshot about eagletec technician team service and assistance

At the end of 2018, when he was ready to buy the second machine, he contacted us again and told us he needs a true 4 axis cnc router this time.


After several pleasant communications, he ordered a 4x8 4 axis cnc router for wood and a laser engraving machine from us.


Soon, we got both machines ready. Mr. Charlie flew to China to inspect these 2 cnc machines. Below is a photo of us in our workshop.

customer in eagletec cnc workshop

He went back to Kenya after a one-week stay in our company.


Next, we shipped the two machines. 

eagletec 4x8 4 axis cnc router machine loading

About 50 days later since departure, he received the machine and shared with us the photos of the machine unloading in his plant.

customer unload the machine in his plant by crane

After they placed the machine well, he sent us a photo.

customer with his new eagletec cnc router in his workshop

Two or three days later, Charlie made a lion relief program using his Aspire software, and then tested the machine with the program, and told us that all is well as the screenshot at the beginning of the post here.

 customer programming a lion relief

Several months later, the customer started his new project – Queen Anne style furniture; we guide them everything from programming to the rotary CNC operation. When he finished his first queen leg sample under our guidance, he sent us the review and carving video below. 

The two machines have been in use over one year and everything goes well until now! Thanks a lot for the trust of Mr. Charlie.

If you have an interest, please enjoy the demo of the exact machine he ordered here:

Thank you for stopping here to read the post, see you next time.


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