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Oscillating Tangential Knife CNC Router Combo with CCD for Sale

Model: EA-KR1325

Category: CNC Oscillating Knife

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Oscillating Tangential Knife CNC Router Combo with CCD for Sale

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: USD8280 / SET

Price Range: USD8280 to USD20000 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Trade Assurance

Recommendation: Oscillating Tangential Knife CNC Router Combo with CCD for Sale 4.9/5 based on 3 reviews 


Brief Description

Oscillating tangential knife CNC router combo with CCD for sale at a reasonable cost now! EagleTec CNC has recently launched a new combo machine on the market; it is the EA-KR1325 that integrates three elements oscillating tangential knife, mill spindle, and CCD camera in one device. From a machine-type perspective, it combines a tangential knife cutter and an entry-level cnc router. The combination makes it a perfect fit for flexible material, PVC, or wood cutting applications. CNC control ensures that material is cut off quickly and precisely.

oscillating knife cnc router combo for sale

Vibrating Knife CCD CNC Router Combo in Action

Application of Oscillating Tangential Knife CNC Router Combo

Applicable Field

KR1325 is a good fit for the fabrication field, such as home textiles, automotive interiors (i.e., car foot pads), signage, packaging, composite materials, sealing materials, clothing, expanded polyethylene foam, and more.

KT board cut samples finished by tangential knife cnc

Applicable Materials

Fabric, leather, synthetic leather, cardboard, KT board, PVC, PU, fiberglass, EVA, rubber, TPU, insole, wood, and more.

vibrating knife ccd cnc router for sale

Distinctive Design of the Tangential Knife CNC Router

The design highlight of this model is that it integrates a milling cutter, a tangential oscillating cutting knife, and a CCD camera. Two-in-one design, you buy one machine, and you can actually use it as two machines. It is also a good solution for users with some space constraints.

cnc router with tangential knife

CNC Knife Cutter Router Specification

• One motion head with a tangential oscillating knife and mill spindle. The two can be activated arbitrarily by compressed air according to production needs.

motion head for tangential knife cnc router

• This is the oscillating knife cutter for the combo machine.

oscillating knife cutter for the combo machine

• The vibrating knife cuts the materials with carbide knife blades.

carbide blades for vibrating knife

• The vibrating knife CCD cnc router combo machine is equipped with a water-cooled milling spindle.

water cooled mill spindle on the vibrating knife ccd cnc router combo machine

• The numerical control system adopts the particular XDW controller for cnc knife cutter router combo machine; it comes with a manual pulse generator (handwheel).

XDW cnc system for oscillating tangential knife cnc router combo with MPG

• There are two language options for the operating program: English and Chinese. Before delivery, we will switch the working language to English uniformly, so there will be no issues with the operation language once you receive the machine.

operating program for cnc router with oscillating knife attachment

• The oscillating knife cnc router is equipped with an individual control box with a majority of electronic components inside.

individual control box for cnc knife cutter router machine

• All the control buttons and switches on the control cabinet are labeled in English.

button switches with English labels

Quick Details of the CNC Router with Tangential Knife

• One tangential knife cutter

• One mill cutter

• With a CCD camera

• 1300x2500mm working area

• 3.0Kw spindle motor

• Stepper on X/Y/Z

• XDW cnc control system with hand wheel

• Operation language in English

Technical Data of Tangential Oscillating Knife CNC Router for Sale

Item ModelEA-KR1325EA-KR1530
Working Area1300x2500mm (4x8)1500x3000mm (5x10)
FrameHeavy duty fully welded frameHeavy duty fully welded frame
Oscillating Knife TypeTangential KnifeTangential Knife
Mill Spindle3.2kw, water cooling, 0-24,000rpm3.2kw water cooled, 0-18,000rpm
Inverter3.7kw, Fuling Fuling 3.7kw
Linear Guideway20mm, square 20mm, square
X & Y TransmissionRack and pinion Rack and pinion 
Driving MotorNEMA 34 StepperNEMA 34 Stepper
Electronic CabinetIndividualIndividual
Working PowerAC220V/60Hz, Single-phaseAC220V/60Hz, Single-phase
Max. Travelling Speed35,000mm/min35,000mm/min
CNC ControllerXDWXDW
Working BedVac-sorb or Aluminum profileVac-sorb or Aluminum profile
Z TransmissionTBI ballscrew 25mmTBI ballscrew 25mm
Net Weight1100Kgs1400Kgs
Package Dimension3160x2165x1710mm3650x2260x1750mm

FAQs about the CNC Router with Oscillating Knife Attachment

Q: Can I Cut the Fiberglass Cloth and Bagging Materials with This Machine?

A: Yes, of course. Since this machine is equipped with an oscillating tangential knife, you can use it to cut fiberglass cloth and packaging materials.

Q: Do You Have Other Options On The Working Size?

A: Yes, we do. We have standard options like 1500x3000mm and 2000x4000mm. Also, we can make to order.

Q: What Is the Working Rate of This CNC?

A: It is 5000mm/min on average.

Q: Does A Set Of Oscillating Knife Blades Include In The Standard Package?

A: Yes, it does. One case of carbide blades would be shipped along with the machine to you for sample-making purposes.

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