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How to Import or Purchase A CNC Router from China

Publish Date: Jul. 30, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jul. 30, 2022

Many friends are skeptical about purchasing a cnc wood router directly from China factory. They usually have these concerns: Is this factory reliable? Will the factory only take the money but not deliver the machine to me? Will I get the same machine as the salesman talked about in the emails? We totally understand these situations since we also see some comments about a bad experience in importing from China. But please believe that so many factories are trying their best to support high-quality made-in-China products all over the world.


Now please follow EagleTec to see how you get a high-quality cnc router from China.

cnc router 5x10 for sale

CNC Router 5x10 is a popular machine model in Canada and America. This 5x10 cnc router is ordered by our American friend. We got his machine inquiry in January, and after three months of the email conversation, we came to terms.

The main configuration I list as below:

• 1500x3000mm working size (in imperial 5' x 10')

• 3.5kw air-cooled spindle

• RichAuto Auto-Now A11 handheld CNC controller

• Stepper motors

• YAKO YKA2811MA step drivers 

• Vacuum bed & Pump

• 200~240VAC/1P, 60Hz (U. S. electricity standards)

• English operation language


We got a deposit (usually 40% of the total machine price) in the middle of April. Then we begin to build the machine base and prepare all the spare parts, such as spindles, drivers, inverter, linear guides, rack & pinions, cables, electric buttons, and controller. 

5x10 CNC router machine base

After all the spares were ready, our workers began to assemble. It takes us about one month (including building and continuous machine testing). Then our salesman will take detailed pictures and working videos of the machine for him to check. If customers are satisfied with the machine, then they will transfer the final payment. We will arrange packing and shipping (the forwarder does this job) after we get the money.

After traveling on the sea for 20 days or a month, the EagleTec 5' x 10' cnc router will arrive at the seaport near the customer. The local forwarder will contact you in advance about picking up.

When you get the machine, you can see that there is a toolbox attached to the machine. In this box, we put many wearing parts and one USB drive containing a tutorial guide on how to operate the machine.

toolbox coming with the EagleTec cnc router 5x10

This is not the end between customers and us. Once you buy cnc routers from EagleTec CNC, we provide lifetime service and technical support for you. Once you have a problem with your CNC, don't hesitate to contact us. I hope every cnc hobbyist and machine user can get an ideal machine for your work.

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