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Wood Sign Making Machine - CNC Routers for Sign Making

Model: EA-1325VE

Category: CNC Woodworking Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC Wood Sign Making Machine - CNC Routers for Sign Making

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$4500 / SET

Price Range: USD3500 to USD5000 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: start production after order (PreOrder)

Lead Time: 7 to 10 days

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

Recommendation: Wood Sign Making Machine - CNC Routers for Sign Making4.8 based on 5.0



Wood sign making machine for sale here is a CNC routing machine for wood working and sign making applications. The advantage of this machine is its affordable cost. In terms of configuration, the machine head is equipped with a 3KW water-cooling or air cooled electric spindle. The three axes of motion are configured with a combination of NEMA34 stepper motor plus Leadshine DMA860H step driver. The configuration is sufficient for wooden sign making and general wood carving applications. If you are looking to buy a cnc wood router for sign making business, this is your choice! 

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cnc sign making machine

Quick Details of CNC Sign Making Machine for Wood

• This is our economic cnc router machine for sale. (If you have the interest to get a high-performance machine, please check this machine: best value 4x8 cnc router for sale)

• 1300x2500mm working size (Looking for a bigger size? Please check this machine out: 5' x 10' cnc router )

• The side-mounted electrical control cabinet makes the footprint small; if you like, the individual cabinet option is also open to you.

• 3.0KW water cooling or air cooled electric spindle can be equiped on the wood sign making machine based on your needs

• 3.7KW inverter, brand name – BEST

• Stepping motor, Model. 86BYGH450B

stepping motors mounted on wood sign making machine gantry

• Step driver, Leadshine DMA860H

• Aluminum profile working bed (based on your specific requirements, the sign making cnc router can be built to vacuum bed as well)

• RichAuto handheld control unit 

Optional Configuration of Wood Sign Making Machine 

• For friends who engaged in sign making business, the working table can be modified to a vacuum bed as per the need. Using a vacuum adsorption table to clamp workpieces can improve efficiency. For those users who often do cutting projects, it can improve cutting accuracy and production efficiency. 

• If your shop doesn't have a space constraint, you can get an individual electronic cabinet instead of the side-mounted one equipped with the wood sign cutting machine. 

cnc sign making machine with individual electronic cabinet

• Spindle: You can go with a air cooled spindle also. 

• CNC Operation System: NC Studio based on Windows system is available for the wood sign machine

Sign Making CNC Router Hold Down Methods

The cnc sign making machine with an aluminum profile bed uses T-slot fixtures to hold down the sheet to the bed. As an option, the vacuum bed is also open to you. If you go with a machine with a vacuum bed, then the hold-down method would be vac-sorb.

What is The Recommended CNC Router Bit for Sign Making

Based on your specific sign-making production needs, the bits could be v groove bits, end mills, ball nose, and flat bottom spiral bits.

Application of Wood Sign Maker Machine


It is a perfect fit for sign making business, to create cute letters, logos, custom engraved wood signs, cedar signs, and plastic signs.

cnc carved wood signs project


The materials good for wood sign carving machines could be diverse: 4x8 sheets of plastic, MDF, foam board, Acrylic, and wood.

Sign Making Software for CNC Router

The typical CAD/CAM programs for cnc router sign making are Type 3, ArtCAM, UcanCAM (also knowns as WENTAI), Aspire, and more.

Technical Parameter of Best CNC Routers for Sign Making

Model No.EA-1325VE
Working Size1300x2500mm
Spindle3.0kw water cooled (air-cooling spindle available also)
Inverter3.7kw, brand name -   BEST
MotorStepper, NEMA34
DriverLeadshine DMA860H
CNC ControllerRichAuto
Linear Guides20mm linear rail and   bearings
XY TransmissionHelical rack and   pinion
Z TransmissionBallscrew 25mm
Vacuum Pumpoptional
Working TableAluminum profile (vacuum bed option available)
Working Power200~240VAC, Single-phase
Net Weight900KGS

If you are looking to buy a wood sign maker machine, feel free to contact us today to get a free proposal and pricing.


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