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Top 5 Practical Tips on Using the CNC Wood Router Vacuum Bed Properly

Publish Date: May. 10, 2022 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: May. 10, 2022

Vac-sorb is one of the typical workpiece clamping methods for CNC routers. Its advantage is that the clamping process is fast, and the disadvantage is that the effect of clamping small-sized workpieces is not ideal. Do you know how to operate it properly? Today EagleTec CNC is here to share with you the top five tips on using a CNC wood router vacuum bed.

new vacuum bed on cnc router machine

Vacuum bed is vacuum adsorption; as the name implies, it is the adsorption force generated by a negative pressure vacuum. In addition to the negative pressure generated by the vacuum pump, the tightness of all vacuum hoses and the tightness of the adsorption area will affect the clamping effect. Therefore, the hose interface and the working surface must be well sealed in the entire vacuum holding system.

Here is the deal.

Top 5 Practical Tips

1. Please seal the actual working area with rubber strips.

2. If the CNC machine works with large-sized wooden boards and engraves or cut small pieces, we would need to divide the vacuum table into six or eight small zones and seal them with rubber strips. When machining small-size workpieces, we should shut off the vacuum valves in other small areas and only open the site used. Otherwise, the ventilation can affect vacuum holding performance.

3. If you only do engraving and not do cutting, it is best to make the wood panel directly adsorbed on the vacuum bed, and there is no need to add a protective plate in the middle.

4. If cutting, we strongly recommend placing a protective plate between the table and the workpiece to protect the vacuum bed from damage. The thickness of the protective plate should be in the range of 6-15mm. Medium Density Board (MDF) would be the best option because the poor air permeability of a high-density board can lead to poor absorption.

5. We must seal each interface between the air inlet and the pipe fittings to ensure airtightness. This is usually ignored by the user.

Factors that may cause the vacuum adsorption not good

• If it is a water ring vacuum pump, the reason may be that the liquid does not enter or completely enter the vacuum pump cavity. Please fill the water correctly and try again.

• Air leakage caused by the deformation of the vacuum bed of the machine or MDF board being cut.

• Use a filter or regularly check the sawdust deposition inside the vacuum pump to avoid insufficient flow due to the sawdust filling the working space of the vacuum pump

• Increase the effective adsorption area and negative pressure

a. Increase the groove area of the vacuum table

b. Increase the number or diameter of ventilation holes on the vacuum table

c. Increase the diameter of the vacuum hose

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