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CNC Wood Turning Machine for Roman Pillar Column

Model: EA-TL1530ST

Category: Wood CNC Lathe

Brand: EagleTec CNC Wood Turning Machine for Roman Pillar Column

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD6280.00 / SET

Price Range: USD6280 to USD7280 / SET according to different configuration

Production Capacity: 90 Sets Monthly

Availability: 5 Sets in Stock

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H.S. Code: 84659200.00

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This cnc machine for sale here is cnc wood turning machine with one operating unit and two chisels, without broaching spindle head. Based on such a mechanism, it is an excellent wood lathe for Roman pillars and column fabrication. It has a machining capacity of turning only. The size of the clampable wood-blank is 300mm (Diameter) by 1500mm (Length). Two-chisels are designed this way: one is used for roughing and the other for finishing. Besides wooden Roman pillars, EA-TL1530ST is also widely applied to the production of stair parts, furniture parts, nunchakus, and more.


Compared with cnc wood lathe machine EA-TL1530T3, this lathe just cancels the configuration of the electric spindle, so it does not have the function of turn-broaching and engraving. It's a basic machine for turning wood only. 

cnc wood turning machine for columns making – photo

Demo Video: Make Baseball Bat with EagleTec CNC Wood Turning Machine


Advantage of EagleTec Roman Pillars Making CNC Wood Lathe Machine

• Chisel rest is designed with 4 pieces of locking bolts, which can hold the chisel tightly, preventing it from shifting during the machining process and further causing damage to the turned jobs. EagleTec team will not ignore every little detail, because small details will also bring great losses to customers. 

cnc wood turning machine chisel rest photo

• To ensure the smooth flow of the compressed air, we have installed a water-oil separation device at the beginning; To ensure the smooth running of the linear bearings, the central lubrication system is designed on the cnc wood lathe.

central lubricator and water-oil separator on cnc wood turning machine - photo

• To ensure a firm clamping of the wood-turning blank, the rotary tailstock is designed with a pneumatic clamping way.

pneumatic clamping tailstock photo of cnc wood turning machine

Quick Details of Column Making Wood Turning CNC Machine

• One-rotary and Two-chisels construction

• RichAuto Hand-held wood lathe cnc controller

• Variety speed 3-phase asynchronous motor for rotary

• Stepper motors for X Y and Z axis linear motion

• YAKO YKA2811MA step drivers 

• Applicable wood-turning blank diameter range from 20mm to 300mm 

• Applicable wood-turning blank length range from 100mm to 1,500mm

Two Types of Tools will be Provided for Free Along with The Machine for Turning Wood

Along with your cnc woodturning machine, EagleTec will provide two types of woodturning tools for you. They are woodworking lathe tools (capable of 700 pieces of wood before resharpening) and triple wood turning chisels.

Machining Capacity of EagleTec CNC Wood Turning Machine

Wood-turning only. 

woodturning project complete by cnc woodturning machine

Application of CNC Wood Turner Machine 

Applicable Field

CNC wood turning machine EA-TL1530ST is ideal for producing wood Roman pillars, columns, handrails, table legs for coffee and end tables, Indian clubs, ladder rungs, and more. The quality of the surface turned by the lathe is smooth and clean; please refer to the following photo. 

roman pillars and column made by cnc wood turning machine

Applicable Material 

All kinds of square or round wood, including oak, beechwood, pinewood, American ash, Maple, and pearwood. 

Wood Turning CNC Machine Features 

• Turning motor speed is controlled by a VFD inverter, and the controllable speed range is 0 to 3,000rpm.

• The wood turner machine body is made of full cast iron, which ensures the machine's stability and accuracy. Additionally, it is finished by CNC Mill, not hand or general planer. 

• The CNC controller for woodworking lathe from RichAuto can directly read DXF drawings instead of G-code toolpath, which greatly simplifies the complexity of machine operation.

• Original HIWIN linear guideway and TBI rolling ballscrew have characters of good precision and durability.

Technical Parameter of CNC Wood Turning Machine for Stair Parts Making

Model No.EA-TL1530ST
Lathe TypeWood working Lathe  
Machining CapacityWood-turning only
Applicable Wood-turning Blank Diameter20 to 300mm (0.78" ~ 11.8")
Applicable Wood-turning Blank Length100 to 1,500mm (4"~59")
Rotary Axis QuantityOne - turns one piece of wood at a time 
Chisels QuantityTwo - one roughing tool and one finishing tool 
Electric SpindleWithout
Motor for RotaryThree-phase asynchronous motor, variety speed 0 to 3000rpm, 4.0kw, 8.4A, 65dB
Rotary Motor DriverVFD inverter
Motor for Linear MotionStepper
Stepper DriverYAKO YKA2811MA
ControllerRichAuto Auto Now A132
Communication Language***.dxf, ***.mmg
Tail StockAir actuated tailstock with #4 Morse Taper extension
Steady Restwith, 66mm diameter as default (other sizes can be built as requested)
Small Diameter of Thimble20mm (the thinnest part)
Compressed Air Requirements0.6 to 0.8Mpa
Machine Working PowerAC380V/3Ph, or AC220V/3Ph, or AC220V/Single Ph, or others (Running Current: 16A)
Machine Working Frequency both 50Hz and 60Hz
Circuitry Protectionshort pass protection 
Net Weight1460KGS
Packing WayFumigation-free wooden box based on steel pallet
Package Dimension3150x1220x1680mm (6.46CBM)

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