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Computerized Wood Lathe for Stair Railing Making

Model: EA-WT1530ST

Category: CNC Lathe for Wood

Brand: EagleTec Computerized Wood Lathe for Stair Railing Making

Condition: New Condition

Warranty: 12 Months

Reference Price: USD8618.00 / SET

Price Range: USD8618 to USD9218 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 80 Sets Monthly

Availability: 3 Sets in Stock

Payment Method: T/T

H.S. Code: 84659200.00

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Computerized wood lathe for sale here is EagleTec EA-WT1530ST, which is equipped with an original Italy HSD electronic spindle, two woodturning tools, and one rotary axis. It is a good machine for wooden stair railing product making. With an electric spindle, this programmable wood lathe has the function of broaching and engraving besides wood-turning.

The electric spindle is an optional item for wood cnc lathe, with or without it is dependent on your production requirement. If your balusters need to be broached with some line patterns after turning finished, then you need a spindle to do that; otherwise, no need it. 

For your reference, our model EA-TL1530ST is a cnc wood turning machine without spindle. And if you are looking for a fully automatic machine, please check our wood turning machine model: EA-TL1530SF.

computerized wood lathe machine photo

Video Demo: What Jobs Can the Computerized Wood Lathe Do?

Demo 1. Wood Turn Show

Demo 2. Broaching Show (after turning)

Advantage of EagleTec Computer Controlled Wood Lathe

• Electric spindle is HSD brand from Italy (original product), the best on the earth. Good precision, powerful, and durable. Power is 4.08HP (3.0KW), 18,000RPM. 

original Italy hsd spindle on computerized wood lathe – photo

Lathe body is fully cast with iron. The rigidity is much higher than the welded structure. All assembly foundational planes are milled precisely through the CNC machining center to guarantee the computer wood lathe accuracy performance. 

• Equipped with two wood-turning cutter head, one for roughing and the other for finishing; the stair banister is completed by single turning.

• A 4.0KW (5.44HP) AC servo motor is used to drive the rotary, perfect for turning, broaching, and engraving. Why is it perfect? Please read here to get the answer.

• Besides wood-turning, the computerized wood lathe also can do broaching and relief carving jobs.

Is the Programmable Wood Lathe Need Additional Installation Once Arrived?

This computerized wood lathe requires a very simple assembly once it's arrived. Simply to mount a small part by fixing screws under our detailed tutorials. This small piece will need to be taken off to decrease the height of the package case, and in turn, to save relevant port charges for you. If any interest in our tutorials, please check it out here: EagleTec CNC Wood Lathe Tutorials Free Download

Is the Computer Controlled Wood Lathe Need Any Debugging or Parameter Setup Before Run?

No such issues is required since the debugging is well completed by us before delivery, and the system parameter is well set in the HHC (handheld controller) as well. Additionally, one soft copy of the parameter backup will be provided to you for further maintenance.

How to Do Programming for It?

Good question. For a programable wood lathe, there are two prime functions: wood-turn and broaching. Since the controller reads the DXF file, EagleTec is using AutoCAD to program the woodturning project and broach one. The process is to construct the required curve there and export it in the extension name of ***.dxf. If you are interested in learning it ahead, you can check it out here:

Programming Guide for Wood Turn

Programming Guide for Broaching

In addition to AutoCAD, are there any other options for programming?

Yes, lots of. Any software that can export as ***.dxf format will be working well with EagleTec computer wood lathe.  

Is There Any Customer Case We Can Refer To?

Yes, there is a real customer case for the exact lathe here. Please check it out here: EagleTec computerized wood lathe customer case

Where to find the replacement parts for the Computaries Wooden Turning Lathe?

EagleTec wood lathe is covered with a 12-month warranty; during this period, you will enjoy free replacement service. After that, we will be always here for you. So no matter you need support or replacement parts, just contact us for that. 

Quick Details of Programmable Computerized Wood Lathe EA-WT1530ST

• Working piece diameter range 20 to 300mm (0.79" to 11.81")

• Working piece length range 100 to 1500mm (3.94" to 59")

• One rotary + Two knives 

• Air actuated tailstock with 20mm diameter spike

• RichAuto Computerized controller special for wood lathe, USB interface, handheld controller 

• 5.44HP (4.0KW) AC servo motor for rotary

• Original HSD electronic spindle4.08hp (3.0kw), 18000rpm, Made in Italy 

• Stepper motor

• YAKO YKA2811MA drivers for stepper  

Standard Accessory List of This Computerized Wood Lathe

full accessory of computerized wood lathe in tool box

Tool Box -- 1 Piece

Carbide wood lathe turning tools – 1 Set (can complete 700 pieces of beechwood before sharpening)

Triple Alloy Steel Wood turning Chisel – 1 Set

Broaching Cutter – 1 Piece

USB Flash with full set wood lathe tutorials in English – 1 Piece

Timing Belt – 2 Pieces

ON/OFF Button – 1 Piece

Emergency Switch – 1 Piece

Proximity Switch – 1 Piece

Spanner – 1 Piece

Application of EagleTec Computerized Wood Lathe


EagleTec computerized wood lathe machine is widely applied in the production of wooden stair parts such as stair railing, stair balusters, stair post, stair banister, newel, and more. 

wood newel stair railings made by computer controlled wood lathe

Materials Good For

All types of wood in square or round. 

Machining Capacity of Computerized Programmable Wood Lathe For Stair Parts Making

Wood-turning, broaching, turn-broaching, turn-engraving (relief). 

Perfect Packing Details of Computerized Wood Lathe for Stair Railing

• To prevent rust, all rails and racks on the lathe are brushed with anti-rust oil and then covered with plastic wrap.

• In order to prevent the machine from colliding during transportation, the parts that can be moved are fixed with ties.

• In order to prevent the machine from colliding with the wooden box, the machine feet are fixed with wooden stakes.

• The whole computerized wood lathe machine is tightly wrapped with the wrapping film first.

computerized wood lathe wrapped with film and loaded on pallet – photo

• Then packaged into a fumigation-free wooden box.

computer control wood lathe packed in wood case and delivery by truck - photo

Features of EagleTec Computerised Wood Lathe

• The machine is equipped with an electric spindle imported from Italy for broaching (engraving) jobs. 

• In order to ensure sufficient rigidity, the lathe bed is integrally cast with iron.

• Lathe control unit is RichAuto hand-held controller special for woodworking cnc lathe, which can read *.dxf file directly. No need to make toolpath for wood-turning jobs. 

Technical Parameter of Computerized Wood Lathe Machine 

Model No.EA-WT1530ST
Lathe TypeWoodworking CNC Lathe
Working Diameter Range20 to 300mm (0.79" to 11.81")
Working Length Range100 to 1500mm (3.94" to 59")
Rotary QuantityOne - turning 1 workpiece at a time 
Tool Quantity for Each RotaryTwo  Pieces (one roughing + one finishing)
Driving Motor for RotaryAC servo, 4.0Kw (5.36HP) / AC380V / 8.2A / 25.5N.m / 6000RPM, <70dB(A)
Feeding Rate of Rotary0 to 3000RPM
Electronic SpindleOriginal Italy HSD spindle, 3.0kw (4.08hp) air-cooled, 18000rpm
Motion Motor for XYZStepper  
Stepper DriverYAKO YKA2811MA
InverterFuling 3.7kw
Tail Stock Air actuated tailstock.
Center Sheathwith, 66mm diameter as default (other sizes can be made as requested)
Thimble20mm diameter 
Air Pressure Requirement0.6 to 0.8 Mpa
Machining CapacityWood-turning, broaching, relief engraving on the regular round
Working PowerAC380V/3Ph, or AC220V/3Ph or Single Phase | Running Current: 16A
Circuitry Protectionshort pass protection
Lathe Foot Print 158"L x 40"W x 67" (4,000x1,000x1,700mm)
Net Weight1400KGS  
Gross Weight1460KGS
Packing Dimension3150x1220x1680mm (around 6.46CBM)
Package MethodPlywood Case (fumigation-free)

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