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2024 Best Mini Woodturning CNC for Beads Furniture Handles and Short Wooden Elements

Model: EA-T6015A; EA-T8015A

Category: Wood Lathe

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC 2022 Best Mini Woodturning CNC for Beads Furniture Handles and Short Wooden Elements

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: USD5588 / SET

Price Range: USD5298 to USD7880 / SET by Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Trade Assurance, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Recommendation: 2022 Best Mini Woodturning CNC for Beads Furniture Handles and Short Wooden Elements 4.9/5 based on 18 reviews 


Brief Description

EagleTec CNC launched a new woodturning CNC in 2024, the model EA-T6015A. EA-T6015A is a very productive lathe perfect for short wooden elements (i.e., beads, furniture handles, can & cup, artworks) that automatically dispenses the rod materials, comes with an external cutting tool, and comes with an internal cutting/drilling tool, and a parting off cutter. 2024 Best mini woodturning CNC for sale with unmatched support now!

best mini woodturning cnc for beads

Woodturning CNC for Short Wooden Elements in Action

The video below demonstrates the full capacity of the EA-T6015A, which includes rod material loading, material dispensing, external cutting, internal cutting, and cutting off. The material in the demo is Oak.

You can also watch a demo of a function individually; the following are the specific chapter details.

0:19 External cut in action

0:31 Internal cut in action

1:50 Parting off in action

2:03 Rod materials loading

2:14 Second workpiece machining demo

4:00 Finished sample demo

Q: After cutting at the end of processing, the element flies uncontrollably in space. Is there a possibility of accepting finished products after cutting so that the finished products are not damaged after falling on the workshop floor?

A: The EagleTec lathe has a receiving hopper that can smoothly roll the job to the ground. In this way, the wooden workpiece will not be broken.

best mini woodturning cnc for furniture handles making for sale

Application of EA-T6015A

Applicable Field

It is perfect for short wooden elements fabrication such as beads, furniture handle attachments, wooden toys, small cups & jars, awl wood handles, bottle stoppers, gourds, musical instrument accessories, conducting baton handles, balls, walking sticks, chess, waist drum beads, Kendama, buddha head, incense burner, ashtray, sofa foot, whip handle, scroll, spinning top, and more.

short wooden element projects completed by the mini woodturning cnc

Applicable Materials

All kinds of solid wood in the round rod.

best mini woodturning cnc for short wooden elements fabrication for sale

Unique Design of the Best Woodturning CNC For Furniture Handles Making

The design highlights of this product are mainly reflected in the pneumatic circuit. It takes the application of pneumatic components, including air cylinders, to another level. Let’s have a closer look on them one by one.  

• Cylinder M pushes the round rod material forward from the hopper until the rod passes through the collet and stops.

cylinder M for best cnc bead lathe

• Cylinder F2 controls the clamping and unclamping of the collet. The chuck should be locked when the lathe is running.

air cylinder F2 for best mini lathe beads machine

• The action of the cylinder F3 is to clamp and loosen the round bar. When the first product is processed and the material of the second product needs to be sent forward, the F3 cylinder will act.

pneumatic cylinder F3 for the best mini bead lathe

• Each time a product is machined, the cylinder F4 will send the wood rod forward a section; accordingly, its stroke determines the length of the forward feeding.

air-actuated cylinder F4 for the best bead making lathe machine

• According to the actual production needs, the cylinder F5 will activate/inactivate the internal cutting/drilling tool.

cylinder F5 for activating the internal cutting drilling tool

All Functions of the Woodturning CNC EA-T6015A

• Auto loading & material dispensing – Equipped with a hopper and an automatic feeding and dispensing device, the wood lathe automatically feeds and distributes materials according to program instructions.

mini woodturning cnc with hopper and auto feeding device

• External cutting/turning – The external tool performs the cutting process of the outer surface of the workpiece.

woodturning cnc with external cutting tool

• Internal cutting/drilling – The inner cutter/drilling tool is used to hollow out or open holes for the internal part of the product.

woodturning lathe with internal cutting/drilling tool

• Parting off – The cutting off tool is responsible for separating the product from the wood rod after processing it.

woodturning cnc with cutting off tool

2024 Best Mini Bead Lathe Machine Specification

• The lathe comprises three complete tools: external cutting, internal cutting/drilling, and parting off.

mini woodturning cnc with external cutting tool internal tool and parting off tool

• The main spindle is powered by one 2.2kw three-phase asynchronous motor.

1.5kw three-phase asynchronous motor mounted on woodturning cnc

• The operation language for the control system is English.

woodturning cnc control system in English

• The lathe has two axes of motion, the X-axis, and the Y-axis. The X-axis moves laterally along the lathe.

X-axis of woodturning cnc for beads

• The Y axis moves longitudinally along the lathe.

Y axis of woodturning cnc for short wooden elements

• X and Y axes are driven by precise rolling ballscrews.

rolling ballscrew on woodturning cnc x axis

• All the labels on the lathe are in English. It can help users connect the plug quickly and accurately.

English labels on the woodturning cnc

Quick Details of the Mini Lathe Beads Machine

• Auto feeding

• External cutting/turning tool

• Internal cutting/drilling tool

• Parting off tool

• 2.2kw three-phase asynchronous motor

• Stepper on X/Y

• Ballscrew transmission

Free Accessories Coming with the Lathe

The free accessories include a USB drive (full set of tutorials inside), SD card, SD card reader, Allen wrench, spanner, tips for external cutting tool, external cutting tool, internal cutting tool, drilling tool, parting off tool, power cord (for 220V/1P model), and collet.

free accessories in the toolbox

Package Details of Mini Woodturning CNC with Materials Dispensing

• The hopper and stand are removed when baling. Doing so is to save shipping costs for users.

• The four feet of the lathe are fixed on the pallet.

• Wrap the machine tightly with waterproof film as the inner package.

• Finally, nail up the wooden crate and ties it firmly.

woodturning cnc in the crate

Program coming with the CNC Wood Lathe for Making Awl Wood Handle

This woodturning device runs G-code files. We will provide the G-code software along with the lathe. You only need to spend 10 minutes learning how to generate G-code toolpaths by following the provided tutorial. You only need to simply set the material size, product size, and machining methods. The software then calculates the toolpath and generates the code on its own.

G code program for eagletec woodturning cnc

Optional Configuration - Sanding Tool

mini cnc wood lathe with sanding unit for sale

To meet the production needs of some specific users, the lathe can be retrofitted with a sanding/grinding tool. In this way, the lathe has these functions:

• External turning/cut

• Internal turning/cut

• Sanding

• Drilling

• Cut off

This Is How a Machine with A Sanding Tool Works

Technical Data of Best Woodturning CNC for Making Small Wooden Items

Model No.EA-T6015A | EA-T8015A
Max.Simultaneous Axis Qty Two
Operation Turning UnitOne
Tool QtyThree (external cutting tool, internal cutting/drilling tool, parting off tool)
Acceptable Wood Rod Diameter (EA-T6015A)59mm (other options available - 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55mm)
Acceptable Wood Rod Diameter (EA-T8015A)79mm (other options available - 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75mm)
Acceptable Wood Rod Length750mm MAX
Working Length Range10 - 150mm
Working Diameter20 - 59mm (EA-T6015A); 40 - 79mm (EA-T8015A)
Spindle Motor2.2KW, 0-2800r/min
X/Y MotionStepper
X/Y TransmissionRolling ballscrew
Linear Guidewaysquare type
Acceptable FileG-code
G-code ProgramIncluded (English Version)
Air Pressure Requirement0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa
Net Weight450KGS
Gross Weight498KGS
PackageFumigation-free wood crate
Working Volts200~240VAC/1Ph, 50/60Hz, or Make to order
Lathe Foot Print118"L x 70"W x 57"H (3000L x 1800W x 1450H)
Packing Dimension2050*1100*1270mm (2.86CBM Approx.)

FAQs about the Best Woodturning CNC for Small Cups and Jars

Q: Can It Handle Wood of Square Cross-Section or Just Circular Cross-Section?

A: Only the circular cross-section wood is ok for the hopper. But the lathe can work with both square and circular woods. 

The stock can be square or cylinder. And the lathe can turn both square and cylinder. For square wood blanks, you'll need to manually put the long strip materials on the lathe, as the hopper cannot load the square wood onto the lathe automatically.  

The reason is the cylinder material can drop from the hopper onto the feeding port of the machine itself, while the square wood cannot.

Q: How Do We Understand That We Can Put Wood of Different Thicknesses?

A: To use wood rods with different diameters, it is important to have collets that match those dimensions. However, if possible, it is recommended to use rods of the same diameter to make pieces of different diameters, as replacing the collet frequently can be a time-consuming process.

Q: How Do We Change the Collet with Different Diameters? Is It Manually or Automatically?

A: It is done manually.

Q: The Collets Have Different Diameters. Are They All Included in This Set?

A: One wood lathe machine comes with one size of collet by default; other sizes need to be purchased separately.

Q: I Use AutoCAD 10 Drawing Program. Does The Lathe Accept Such Drawings?

A: You just need to do one more step. That is to import your drawings into the provided software, generate G code and export them. Then throw the G-code file into the machine, which will work.

Q: Can Drawings Be Made With The AutoCAD Program, Or Is Another Program Required?

A: You can make the drawing in the AutoCAD program first, and then you need to convert the drawing into PNG format. The file extension name is ***.png.

Q: In what form do you give instructions for drawing and determining the G code?

A: If you get the PNG drawing ready, there is one more step. That is to import the drawing into the G-code generation program we provided along with the lathe. You need to type the dimensions of the rod, the workpiece, and the offset of the different tools. The program will output the codes for you. We have a detailed VIDEO tutorial on this with step-by-step instructions.

Q: After paying the advance, can I get instructions for making the appropriate drawings so that I have time to prepare before the delivery of the machine?

A: Of course you can.

Q: What Is the Length of The Material (Min-Max) For Processing?

A: The size of the round wood shall not be over 750mm long. And it has no restrictions on the minimum length.

Q: How Long Can the Finished Products Be Min-Max (Process Length)?

A: The process length would be 10mm to 150mm. (min-max)

Q: I'm Interested in Productivity – Speed of Work

A: It is 500mm/min. (this speed is fast for small workpieces)

Q: A Set Of Tools Is Included In The Standard Package?

A: Yes, the standard includes three tools. They are parting off the outer and inner turning tool/drill bit.

Q: The Material Clamping Head Can Be Smaller Than 50 Mm; It Is Ordered Separately, And How Much Does It Cost?

A: Yes, 40mm or 45mm material clamping heads are available. The extra cost would be USD158 per piece.

Q: What Kind of Help Is There When Putting the Lathe into Operation (Written Instructions, Pictures, Video)?

A: We have the most detailed instructions for you. A complete set of tutorials will be provided along with the lathe on a USB drive. They are clear and well-written in English. Most customers can learn how to use the machine by following the steps shown in the tutorials. In addition, our team is ready to guide you through the issues whenever you have questions while learning it. You can sleep tight if we are working together.

Q: To What Extent Do You Provide Instructions for Machine Maintenance?

A: We are here all the time. Whenever you need technical assistance, we are here for you.

Q: Can machine spare parts and tools be ordered separately?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: What Is the Machine Support Period?

A: If you are saying the warranty period, it is 12 months; but if you mean the technical support/assistance, we will provide free support for life.

If you like the woodturning CNC for sale here, please ask for a free proposal now.


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