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EagleTec CNC Launches Its New Design Mini CNC Wood Turning Lathe

Publish Date: Jul. 29, 2021 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jul. 29, 2021

EagleTec CNC built a new design mini cnc wood lathe machine and launched it to the market on Jul.28, 2021. Compared with the old model, this is a novel design and a high package model. So specifically, compared with the old model, what upgrades have been made in the configuration of the new model?


It is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

• The lathe base has been upgraded from a welded structure to a cast iron construction.

• The tailstock is upgraded from manual type to air-actuated one.

• Sheath (steady rest) added.

• The spindle motor has been upgraded from 2.2kw to 3.0kw.

• The self-weight of the wood lathe has risen from 300KG to 700KG.


You must be wondering how much the performance of the machine has improved after the configuration upgrade.


Let us explain that with an example. The old model requires two passes to turn the same 50mm oak, while the new model only requires one. It can be seen that the new model is more robust than the old model so that it can cut more profoundly than the old model. Obviously, it is more productive.


Would you please watch the turning demonstration of the two cnc wood turning lathes to understand the performance difference between them better?

New Model

Old Model

Cast-Iron Lathe Base

The cast base has better rigidity and stability than the welded one. It is precise because of this structure that the weight of the lathe has been increased to 700KGS. I believe every user understands what a weight of 700 kg means for such a small cnc wood lathe. At present, there are not many mini cnc lathes using cast bases in the market.

new cast iron mini cnc wood lathe

Air-Actuated Tailstock

The pneumatic tailstock is much better than manual tailstock in clamping workpieces. The former can ensure that the workpiece is clamped tightly on the cnc wood turning machine from the beginning to the end; the latter cannot guarantee this. That’s why we always need to check whether the workpiece is fixed well when using a manual tailstock. A majority of similar machines on the market come with manual tailstocks.

mini cnc wood lathe with pneumatic tailstock

Steady Rest

Our new style is equipped with a center sheath. The function of the sheath (steady rest) is to prevent the swing of the workpiece when turning a thinner post at high speed. For medium and large-size cnc woodworking lathe, it is a standard option. But for small ones, most do not include this option.

mini cnc wood turning lathe with sheath

EagleTec-CNC is committed to building great quality wood turning cnc machine and providing the best support to our users.


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