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Smallish Carbide CNC Wood Lathe Knife Tools for Sale

Model: FWCD-X-R0.9

Category: Wood Lathe

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Smallish Carbide CNC Wood Lathe Knife Tools for Sale

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: USD53.00 / SET


Supply Ability: 2000 Sets Monthly

Availability: In Stock and Ready for Delivery

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

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Brief Description

The novel carbide turning tool is mainly used for all kinds of woodturning. Its blade is made of carbide, V-shaped, small but exceptionally sharp. The cutting effect is excellent. The edge has a new process and is easy to sharpen; we only need to grind the outer part of the blade. It is an ideal knife for CNC wood lathes. Smallish carbide cnc wood lathe knife tools are for sale at a reasonable price now.

woodwork lathe tools for sale


Work Demo of The Woodwork Lathe Tools

In this video, you can see the knife tool being used as the finishing cutter on the right side of our 2 Gen mini cnc wood lathe.

Applicable Material

The knife tool here is good for turning operations of hardwood, neutral wood, tech wood, bamboo, acrylic, rubber rod, and more.

Features of Woodworking Turning Tools

• V-shaped cutter head, small in size, easy to sharpen.

v-shaped carbide turning tool for woodturning

• It has a reasonable cutting angle for smoother chip evacuation.

• The blade height is 9mm; its length is 40mm.

carbide woodworking turning tool head with 9mm height

cnc wood lathe knife with 40mm long cutting blade

• The widest part of the knife blade is 20mm.

woodworking turning tools with 20mm wide carbide blade

• It only needs to grind the outer edge, which solves the complex problem of grinding the inner side of other combined carbide tips for the wood lathe tools.

• You can adjust the center height of the tooltip with the provided pads according to actual needs. Therefore, it is also a good fit for the woodturning cnc or copy lathes with tool rests that cannot be adjusted in height.

woodworking turning tools with height adjustable pads

• The blade is made of high-quality tungsten steel and has been processed by several technics to guarantee the tartness and service life of the blade.

• The finish of the turned piece is nice and clean.

• Combined design, the cutter head can be replaced separately. You only need to replace the cutter head in the later stage, saving you the cost of use.

Disassembled and assembled CNC wood lathe knives

• The cutter head has two installation methods, which can be installed upward or downward, according to the actual processing needs.

new woodturning tools with down-mounted and up-mounted blades

Technical Parameter

• V Angle: 26°

• R: 0.9

• Blade Height: 9mm

• Blade Length: 40mm

• Max. Width of Blade: 20mm

• Blade Hardness: 93HRA

• Blade Material: carbide (tungsten steel)

• Shank Material: tool steel

• Shank Hardness: 45-50HRA

• Tool Shank Dimension: 25x25x150mm 

measure tool shank dimensions with vernier calipers

Packing List

The knife tool package includes the following items:

Blade – 1 Piece

Tool Shank – 1 Piece

Allen Wrench – 1 Piece

Pads for Central Height Adjustment - 5 Pieces

Mounting Bolts – 2 Pieces

full set of disassembled wood lathe knife tool

full set of wood lathe knife tool in the case

Delivery Time

The tools are in stock and can be shipped out within 24 hours from the purchase date.

several cases of woodwork lathe tools

several cases of woodworking turning tools ready for delivery

How to Order It?

Contact us to get the exact pricing. Please advise us of the exact model, the desired quantity, and your location with the zip code.

• The quotation including delivery charges based on your location will be sent to you together with the available payment methods.

• Please choose the acceptable payment means from the provided options, and inform us.

• As we agreed, we will issue the proforma invoice to you with our business account details.

• Make the payment as per the proforma invoice and inform us. 

• Parcel is sent out from us by DHL or FedEx. Then We will post the tracking number to you.


If you like the smallish size carbide cnc wood lathe knife tools for sale here, please feel free to contact us


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