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How to Use Wood Turning Tools Chisels Properly

Publish Date: Aug. 10, 2019 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNCModify Date: Aug. 10, 2019

Undoubtedly, using alloy steel wood turning chisels in a proper way can prolong its lifespan for you. In this post, we will look at the top 5 useful advice for alloy steel woodturning chisels. And you will know how to use the wood turning tools properly.

Let's First Take A Look At The Three Components Of The Alloy Steel Wood Turning Chisel

As shown in the picture below, it is composed of the following three parts: chisel body, blade part, and hold-down strip.

three parts photo of wood turning chisels

How to Use Wood Turning Tools Chisels

alloy steel triple wood turning chisel – photo

• Before installing, please check if there are sundries and bumps on the chisel body, and make sure the chisel body is smooth and clean.

• When installing the 3 in 1 woodturning tool chisel on the cnc lathe for wood, the hold-down strip must be used. Whether the blade is installed upwards or downwards, the hold-down strip must be fitted with the blade. Otherwise, the chisel blade is easy to get fracturing.


• Before installing the blade part, please check carefully to ensure there is no anything on the blade. When installing, the blade and the body part should be fit together completely, and should not have any gap.


• Blade installation should hang out the knife body about 1 or 2 mm, but can not be too long. Otherwise, the blade part is easy to break.


• When installing the triple woodturning tool chisels on cnc woodworking lathe machine, the chisel should not hang out the lathe saddle too long. The shorter it is, the more stable it is.

Another tool frequently used in cnc wood lathe: wood lathe carbide tools

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