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New EagleTec Woodworking CNC Lathe EA-TL1530SF Delivery to Qatar

Publish Date: Jul. 19, 2022 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jul. 19, 2022

On Jul.08, 2022, EagleTec CNC got a woodworking cnc lathe trucked to the loading port – Qingdao, China. This lathe is equipped with an auto-feeding option, which is a perfect fit for the mass production of the banister, dining table & chair legs. It is ordered by a client from Qatar; The lathe will be shipped to Hamad Port in Qatar by sea. The customer will pick up the goods there.

Loading a cnc woodworking lathe onto a van with a forklift

The automatic wood lathe EA-TL1530SF is a typical model that has been favored by users. Equipped with an automatic feeding device, it can work continuously without stopping until there is no more wood on the hopper. When the machine runs, the operator only needs to take care of filling the racks with wood in time. This is a high-productivity lathe.

Let's see what it looks like

brand new automatic wood lathe EA-TL1530SF

automatic wood lathe back side

The lathe is equipped with a separate well-sealed electrical control cabinet; most of the electrical components are housed in this cabinet.

independent electronic cabinet for woodworking cnc lathe

To save the shipping cost for the customer, we removed the auto-feeding device from the lathe and stuck markers on it when packing so that the customer could install it himself after receiving the machine. In addition, we also prepare detailed installation instructions for customers.

cnc woodworking lathe with auto feeder removed

We have a toolbox for every lathe. All the free accessories are put inside, which cover tools, cutters, and spare for wearing parts. They include: 

cnc woodworking lathe accessories in the toolbox

Wood lathe carbide tools

• Twist grooving cutter

• Spanner Set

• Screwdriver

• Air-blowing gun

• Timing belt

• ON/OFF button

• Sensor

• USB drive with a complete set of tutorials inside it

eagletec cnc wood lathe package

Let's take a look at how the whole packaging process is done in the video below.

Quick Details of this Wood Lathe

• Turning size: 300mm D x 1200mm L

• Auto feeder with hooper

• Main Spindle Motor: AC servo 4.0kw

• Turning tool rest: one

• Grooving head: one

• X/Y motion: stepper

• Lathe controller: RichAuto handheld control unit

• Data communication port: USB

If you are looking to purchase a lathe for banister or table legs fabrication, the EagleTec EA-TL1530SF would be a perfect fit for your needs. Please contact us for a free proposal PDF now!

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