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CNC Woodworking Lathe For Turned Posts, Corbel, And Gable Finials

Model: EA-TL1516TG

Category: Woodworking CNC Lathe

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC CNC Woodworking Lathe For Turned Posts, Corbel, And Gable Finials

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: USD8680 / SET

Price Range: USD8680 to USD9500 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

HS Code: 846592 

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T

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Brief Description­­

Based on its configuration design, EA-TL1516TG is a typical woodworking lathe used in the joinery industry, such as the fabrication of turned posts, turned corbel, and gable finials. With two operating units, we can get two pieces of turned jobs in one working cycle. Thanks to its dual-knife design, one for roughing and one for finishing, which further increases the productivity of the lathe. Do you think it only has the function of turning? No, this device also comes with two grooving heads. Therefore, it can do twist grooving on two turned posts simultaneously. CNC woodworking lathe EA-TL1516TG is for sale with the best support now!

double axis cnc woodworking lathe

Work Demo: Turning and Grooving Two Posts Out Of Pine Wood On Woodworking CNC Lathe EA-TL1516TG

This video demonstrates how the robust cnc wood lathe turns and grooves two posts simultaneously. Please note the turning process is completed by only one pass (not multi-passes). There is no downtime between the two processes. After the turning process is completed, the lathe activates the grooving head and performs grooving processing. The material used in the video is pinewood. Enjoy it!

CNC Woodworking Lathe Application

Applicable Field

It is ideal for turning posts, finials, fence capitals, handrails, verandah posts, turned corbel, and a range of other turned products.

Applicable Materials

It is suitable for all types of solid wood, including Oak, Pine, Beech, Cedar, Pear, American ash, and Maple, in the shape of a square or circular (dowel).

Turned Post Projects complete by the CNC Lathe for Woodworking

two pieces of turned posts clamped on cnc woodworking lathe

CNC Woodworking Lathe Specification

• The integrally cast lathe base is robust solid, and reliable.

fully cast woodworking lathe base ready in the workshop

• It comes with two operating units, two knives for each unit, and two grooving heads. You'll get two turned posts in one working cycle.

woodworking cnc lathe with two operating units

two pieces of grooving head on the cnc woodworking lathe

• Y-axis is powered by NEMA34 stepper (Model: 450C); X/Z is driven by 450B step motors.

stepper motors mounted on cnc woodworking lathe for motion purpose

• To match the strong motor, we use the robust and most stable driver – YAKO YKA2811MA.

yako drivers installed inside the electronic house

• Independent electric control cabinet and handheld CNC motion system.

handheld cnc controller hang on the electric control cabinet

• A central lubricating system delivers oil to each motion axis when needed.

central lubricator on the woodworking cnc lathe

Quick Details

• Two operating units powered by a 5.5kw AC servo motor, precise and quiet operation

• Dual cutters for each unit (one carbide woodturning tool & one HSS chisel)

• Two pieces of grooving heads (for twist grooving purpose)

• Air actuated tailstock

• Max. Turning Size for two units simultaneous: 160mm D x 1500mm L

• Fully cast iron lathe base

• RichAuto brand A132 CNC controller – handheld type

• With center sheath

• High torque stepper motors and YAKO YKA2811MA drivers on X/Y/Z

cnc woodworking lathe for gable finials and posts

We Provide You with Unmatched After-sales

• We will guide you through everything from the beginning until you put your cnc woodworking lathe into production.

• A full set user manual in English from hardware to software is provided to you along with the lathe. They are clear and well-written in English with instructions step by step. Beginners can master the operation by following our tutorials.

• If you still have any questions, we are pleased to provide you with online assistance.

Technical Data

Model No.EA-TL1516TG
TypeWood Working CNC Lathe
Max.Simultaneous Axis Qty Three
Operation Turning UnitTwo
Woodturning Tool QtyTwo for each unit, Four totally
Lathe BaseCast iron and milled by NC-machining center
Turning Diameter0.79" to 6.29" (20mm to 160mm)
Turning Length3.94" to 59" (100mm to 1500mm)
Twist Grooving Head2 Sets - 4.7HP (3.5kw) air-cooled spindle, 18,000RPM
Headstock DriveAC Servo 5.5kw, 3000RPM with belt-driven transmission
TailstockAir actuated 
X Y Z MotionNEMA34 450C stepper on Y/ 450B on X and Z
X Y Z DriverYAKO YKA2811MA
X Y Z Linear Guideway20mm square type
ControllerRichAuto Auto-Now A132
Acceptable File***.dxf, ***mmg (standard G-code)
Air Pressure Requirement0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa
Circuit ProtectionShort-circuit protection, Overload protection
Electronic CabinetIndividual, with cooling fans
Lubricating SystemWith
Net Weight1350KGS
Gross Weight1420KGS
PackageFumigation-free wood case
Working VoltsAC380V/3Ph, or AC220V/3Ph, 50&60Hz, or Make to order
Lathe Foot Print153"L x 39"W x 68"H (3900L x 1000W x 1750H)
Packing Dimension3050*1200*1770mm (6.50CBM Approx.)

FAQs about the CNC Wood Working Lathe EA-TL1516TG

Q: How Long Does It Take For One To Be Made Once The Invoice Is Paid?

A: For your information, the production would take 20 business days.

Q: Does This Machine Come with Instruction Manuals in English and Other Documentation To Help Me If Needed?

A: Yes, a complete set of instruction manuals on a USB drive would be sent together with the lathe. They are clear and well-written in English. It covers everything about software, hardware operation, and daily maintenance.

Q: Would I Get A Video Of The Finished Product Before You Ship it?

A: Yes, we would share the working demo before the delivery. We would turn a sample and show you the finish.

Q: Is The CAD System Difficult To Create Various Models?

A: If you have basic knowledge of the CAD program, that would be an effortless job. And even if you didn't use it before, it is not rocket science. Just construct several curves in 2D according to the job shape, and export them in the format of ***.dxf. We have a complete set of tutorials about this, and we will guide you whenever you have any questions while learning it. Or you can read here to learn more.

Q: Would You Be Able To Build This Wood Lathe On 1 Phase?

A: Yes, as you requested, we can build the machine in a single phase. Please also note that this lathe comes with two operating units, single-phase will make the power of the lathe relatively weaker. Generally speaking, we do not recommend making such a machine single-phase because there may be an insufficient power issue. Therefore, the 3 phase is the first option for you if it is possible.

Q: Is It Already Prepared And Ready To Go Once It's Arrived?

A: The wood turning cnc machine is packaged and shipped as a whole; hence, no intricate assembly work is required. It just needs an effortless installation once it's arrived. To mount a small part by fixing screws under our detailed tutorials. This piece would be taken off to decrease package case height and in turn, to save port charges and freight for you. 


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