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Affordable CNC Stone Carving Machine for Sale with Unmatched Support

Model: EA-1325S

Category: Stone CNC Machine

Brand: EagleTec CNCAffordable CNC Stone Carving Machine for Sale with Unmatched Support

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD6500 / SET

Price Range: $5400 to $12500 / SET as per different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder – Put order into production on receipt of deposit

Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Trade Assurance

G.W.: 1500KGS

Package Dimension: 3380*2280*1870mm (14.41CBM Approx.)

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: Affordable CNC Stone Carving Machine for Sale with Unmatched Support4.7/5 based on 103 reviews 


Machine Summary

CNC Stone Carving Machine Model. EA-1325S is basically for stone and aluminum working, with a working size 1300mm by 2500mm. It has a water coolant system for the tools, which protects the cutter from broken and prevents the stone shavings from sticking to the bits. The working bed is a combination of ordinary aluminum profile table and water pot; The pot is essential for the coolant system; it makes the water recyclable. Furthermore, anti-dust and anti-water design on X & Y axis is an excellent protection for precise transmission parts. Affordable stone carving cnc machines for sale with unmatched support now!

If you are looking for 1500x3000mm (5'x10') size, please check out cnc granite router EA-1530S; if you are looking for 600x900mm (2'x3') size, please check out gemstone carving machine EA-6090S. 

EA-1325S cnc stone carving machine placed on the floor

Demo: Making Marble Relief (Sculpture) with Stone Carving CNC Machine EA-1325S

From the demo, you'll see the whole thing about how the cnc router makes a marble engraving project from A to Z. Please enjoy it!

Utilization of Stone CNC Machine for Sale

Applicable Field

It is ideal for stone and aluminum working applications.

But you may ask:

Q: Can CNC Router Stone Engraving Machine Also Work as A CNC Wood Router Machine?

A: Yes, it can do that for sure. Compared with a wood router, a cnc stone engraving machine is capable of doing all the wood router jobs. Further, it can work on stone, aluminum, and copper. In conclusion, it has a broader application range than a wood router. 

an assembled cnc stone engraving machine is placed in our workshop

Materials Good for

EA-1325S is suitable for Marble, Granite, Jade, Aluminum, Sandstone, Artificial Stone, MDF, Solid Wood, Plywood, Solid Surface, White expanded PVC, HDPE, PVC, and more.

carved flower on neutral stone plate via cnc stone carving machine

CNC Stone Engraving Machine Features

• Because the stone is very hard, to protect the precision mechanical transmission parts from being damaged by stone shavings and effectively prolongs the lifespan of the machine, we installed dust cloth on the X and Y axis as a protective measure.

the stone cnc engraving machine with dust-proof design on X Y is placed in the corner of the workshop

• The CNC router for stone is equipped with a 3kw water-cooled electric spindle. Besides, there is a coolant nozzle on each side of the spindle.

water-cooled spindle with coolant nozzles assembled on the cnc stone carving machine

• It’s a dual-drive design on Y-axis. One stepper motor for each side of the beam.

cnc stone carving machine with dual drive on Y-axis

• There are heat dissipation holes on the upright column to prevent the Y-axis stepper motor from overheating and further cause machine failure.

stone cnc machine upright post with heat radiation holes

• The loading work is pretty laborious because the stone is very heavy. To make it easier, we have installed four rollers on the front of the work bed.

4 rollers for auxiliary loading are installed at the front of the cnc stone engraving machine bed

• The CNC controller uses an entry-level DSP – RichAuto A11, which is very friendly to beginners also. The control software is in English.

individual electronic cabinet with richauto a11 controller hanging on it

• The electric control cabinet is independent. All industrial control components are installed in it.

• The CNC for stone carving is equipped with a central lubrication system. The use of a positive displacement distributor is not prone to clogging and can evenly deliver lubricant to each linear bearing.

a central lubrication system with volumetric distributor assembled on stone cnc engraving machine

Quick Details of Stone Engraving CNC Router

• 1300x2500x300mm working size

• 3.0Kw water-cooled spindle

• Fuling inverter

• Stepper & YAKO YKA2811MA driver

• RichAuto A11 controller

• XY Transmission – helical rack and pinion

• Z Transmission – rolling ballscrew

• Linear Guides – 20mm PMI

Stone CNC Engraving Machine Package

• For your information, the stone cnc machine EA-1325S is packed without any disassembly. There is no additional assembly work for you once it arrived.

• We use wrapping material to wrap it up as inner packing. 

stone cnc machine is wrapped up and fixed on pallet with wooden stakes

• Fix the six legs of the stone carving cnc router machine on the pallet with small wooden stakes to ensure that the device will not slip and collide in the packaging.

• Last, pack the entire equipment into a plywood case. It is a safe and seaworthy packaging.

Technical Parameter of Best 4x8 CNC Stone Carving Machine for Sale at Affordable Price  

Machine ModelEA-1325S
TypeStone CNC Router
Simultaneous Axis QtyThree
Mechanical ConstructionWelded with steel tube, VSR treatment, finish by CNC machining center
Machine BedAluminum profile & PVC layer & Water pot
Coolant System for CutterWater coolant
X-Axis Stroke 48" ( or 1300mm )
Y-Axis Stroke96" ( or 2500mm )
Z-Axis Stroke11.8" ( or 300mm )
Max. Feed Height11.8" ( or 300mm )
Electronic Spindle Water-cooled spindle 3.0kw, 24,000RPM
Collet SizeER20
Tool Diameter Range 3.175 ~ 12.7mm (1/8" ~ 1/2")
Inverter 3.7kw, Fuling brand 
Position Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Reposition Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Fast Travel Speed35,000mm/min 
Max. Feeding Rate20,000mm/min 
X Motion DriveStepper
Y Motion DriveStepper
Z Motion DriveStepper
X-Axis TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, belt-driven gear case 
Y-Axis TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, belt-driven gear case 
Z-Axis TransmissionRolling ballscrew, 25mm
X Linear Guides Original PMI, square type, 20mm
Y Linear GuidesOriginal PMI, square type, 20mm
Z Linear GuidesOriginal PMI, square type, 20mm
Numerical System RichAuto A11 DSP in English
Communication CommandG code (***.mmg)
Compatible SoftwareArtCAM, Aspire, UcanCAM, Type 3, JD Paint, UG, MasterCAM
Other Electronics Schneider, Omron, CHNT
CablesHigh softness shielding cables for the whole machine
Workpiece Clamping WayBy clamps
Lubrication SystemCentral lubricating, manual type
Electronics Protection Fuses, overload 
Working VoltsAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph (or AC220V/60Hz, 3Ph), or having it made to order
Max. Power Consumption8KW 
Package WayThe complete machine in plywood case 
Net Weight 1,400KGS
Gross Weight1,500KGS
Package Dimension3380x2280x1870mm (14.41 CBM approximately)

FAQs about CNC Stone Engraver Machine EA-1325S

Q: Is The Water Recyclable?

A: Yes, the water is recyclable. The cutter cooling mechanism of this granite carving cnc machine is equipped with a small water pump, and water can be circulated during its operation.

Q: How Many Stones Can The CNC Stone Engraving Bits Do Before It Needs To Be Changed, And What Is The Price Of The Diamond Router Bits for Stone?

A: That depends. The answer is going to be different from case to case, depending on factors like stone hardness, machining parameters, engraving area size, cut depth, etc. The bits are consumables and we offer them for sale. We can send a catalog of the typical types for your reference.

Q: Roughly How Long Does the CNC Machine for Stone Carving Take To Do A Stone?

A: It depends on the engraving area of your project.

Q: What Is Roughly The Electric Consumption For The CNC Granite Engraving Machine?

A: Approx. 8.0Kw/h.

Q: Can the Working Voltage of The CNC Stone Machine Be Customized According To Our Actual Situation?

A: Yes, it can be made to order. The standard volts for this machine is AC380V, 3 phase. If your electricity source is different, please advise us that, we will build the stone cnc equipment as per your requirement.

Q: Which Programming Software Is Suitable for This Stone CNC Engraving Machine?

A: Any software that can output G codes is okay. Such as ArtCAM, Aspire, JD Paint, Type 3 etc., since the controller of this machine reads the file with the extension name of ***.mmg.

Q: In Relation to The Artcam, Is It Possible to Have Other Letter Types? We Have Some Different Types Of Alphabets And Fonts.

A: The ArtCAM software has its own font library. In addition, you can also add your favorite fonts to it.

Q: Will You Guide Us Once the CNC Stone Engraving Machines Arrived?

A: Yes, we will do that definitely. We provide unmatched support to our customers including a full set of practical tutorials for beginners, further, we also offer one-to-one online technical assistance. You can rest assured that we are capable of guiding you with everything you need to know to start your CNC.

Q: What Is the Lead Time for the Stone Engraving CNC Machine for Sale?

A: The lead time is 15 business days from the day the deposit is received.

Q: What is the Warranty Do You Offer for the CNC Stone Carving Machine for Letters?

A: It comes with a one-year limited warranty. Under warranty, you would enjoy free replacement for any broken parts except the Vulnerable parts. After the warranty expires, we provide you with constant free online assistance and support; for defective parts replacement, it will only be charged based on raw materials’ cost.

If you like the cnc stone carving machine EA-1325S, please contact now for a free proposal.


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