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What CNC Router Should I Buy for Stone Engraving?

Publish Date: Nov. 01, 2022 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Nov. 01, 2022

As we all know, cnc router is a basic cnc cutting machine for furniture manufacturers and the advertising industry. You must understand that there is single head cnc router, ATC cnc router, multi head cnc router, 5 axis or 4 axis cnc router. These are classified according to the machines' construction. If we sort by the material the machine can cut, cnc router can be divided into cnc wood router and cnc stone router. For the furniture-making and advertising industry, cnc wood router is enough. But if you have a stone fabrication shop, a cnc router for stone engraving is necessary.


Stone is hard to engrave or mill. Although the marble cnc router’s structure is similar to cnc wood router, it still has its apparent features: a more rigid machine base with a water pan that can cool down the tools during work. And there is a water pot which can store the water and help to recycle.

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Granite CNC machines use a 7.5kw high-power water-cooling spindle with water spray near it. Using a mist cooling system is vital during the granite carving process. Both to minimize tool wear and to reduce harmful dust in the air. A good dust extraction unit should also be used to remove dust.


When you need to cut granite, which is considerably more challenging, we must remember that hard materials need slower feed rates. So stone carving is a much slower process compared with wood and acrylic cutting.


For granite engraving, we also need a tough bit. Diamond bits are the best choice for cutting granite and stone, but a super hard tungsten carbide bit can be a cheap replacement.


In conclusion, a cnc router with a high-power water-cooling spindle, heavy-load base, cooling system, and tricky router bits is the most appropriate cnc machine for stone engraving.

As a professional cnc machine manufacturer, EagleTec CNC makes high-quality stone cnc routers. Its high-performance capabilities and heavy-duty build transform how you cut/engrave stone, granite, and marble. So, if you are in a related occupation such as kitchen countertops, stone masons, funeral products, garden furniture, historical restoration, architecture, and personalized products, the EagleTec cnc stone carving machine is your first choice.


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