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What Can We Do with A Multi-Spindle CNC Router?

Publish Date: Jan. 27, 2023 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jan. 27, 2023

As we all know, cnc router has various models, such as primary cnc router, ATC cnc router, multi-spindle cnc router, and stone cnc router. Today, we will mainly introduce cnc router with multi spindles.

As the name suggests, a multi spindle cnc router is a kind of cnc engraving machine that has several same spindles on the gantry. It is set up to increase the working efficiency of the machine. The working principle of this multi-head engraving machine is straightforward: adding multiple spindles to perform the same process under the same toolpath.

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It is necessary for the furniture-making industry, especially those mainly making classic or queen Annie style furniture. This is because these furniture styles have many exquisite patterns, which require time to engrave. Take a table leg, for example; it usually takes several hours to finish. At this time, the advantages of the multi head cnc router are revealed. At the same time, it can complete multiple furniture legs at one time. This significantly improves the production efficiency of furniture manufacturers, saves production costs, and increases profits.

Besides this, the multi-spindle 3d cnc router also has a removable platform, which is suitable for several small wooden plate cutting and engraving, such as cupboard doors, chopping board cutting, and engraving.


About the multi-spindle CNC we can choose, usually, we have various choices from 2 to 12. Among these choices, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10 spindles machine are our best-sale models.

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2 or 3 heads cnc router is usually used in Slatwall cutting industry, while 8 and 10 spindles 3d cnc router are typically applied in the furniture-making industry. The typical working size is 1800mmx3000mm. The machine base construction must be split-design if you need a larger working size. EagleTec usually adopts 2.2kw or 3.2kw spindles which are enough for engraving.

Is it hard to operate such a machine?

EagleTec multi-head cnc router is easy to learn and control.

First, create/output a toolpath. Find the pattern you want to engrave from the gallery(also, you can make a pattern yourself),  and then set parameters such as cutters, engraving size, and dep. Export data and save.

Second, import the toolpath you made above into the EagleTec cnc router control system, and set the parameters such as origin, working speed, etc.

Thirdly, set up cnc router, including installing suitable router bits and setting tools to make the machine ready.

Last, start engraving. The whole process is automatic, and it will stop after finishing processing.


Recently, EagleTec has built two multi-head cnc routers; one is 2530 with ten 2.2 kW spindles and 300mm diameter. This whole machine bed is a split design since it is too wide to put into the container. The other is 2030 with eight 3.0kw spindles. Both of the machines are used for furniture making.

Is it worth getting ATC option on the multi-spindle cnc router?

To get a more high-tech and convenient cnc router for furniture-making business, many friends come to us and hope we can make a multi-spindle cnc router with ATC for them.

In our opinion, this idea is not cost-effective.


First, it is not necessary to change the tool type as frequently as panel furniture in processing. For classic furniture making, one router bits usually engrave several hours to finish a pattern and then change another bit. And changing tools by hand only takes a few minutes.


Second, 8 or 10 ATC spindles will highly increase the whole machine's cost; the total cost is up to four times compared with the ordinary multi-spindle model.

Thirdly, the whole machine will not be reliable enough since it is difficult for the system to control.

If you are interested in starting a furniture factory or have a new plan to buy a machine for your furniture business, EagleTec multi-head cnc router is your best choice. Our sales and technical team will try our best to make the most suitable machine for you. Welcome to contact us.

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