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EagleTec Got Mini Woodturning CNC EA-T6025A Shipped Out

Publish Date: Feb. 04, 2023 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Feb. 04, 2023

EA-T6025A is a productive mini woodturning cnc that we launched on the market in the second half of 2022. This is a woodworking lathe specially designed to produce short wooden components such as handicrafts, beads, furniture handles, etc. It has diverse functions, including automatic feeding, external cutting, internal cutting, cutting off, sanding, drilling, and so on. These functions are performed in a working cycle without stopping; when the material is used up, the lathe automatically loads a new material. The wood lathe will continue to work in this cycle automatically.

mini woodturning cnc for making furniture handle accessories

Some time ago, a US customer approached us to purchase this wood lathe turning machine. He intends to use it to produce his product - Kendama. We recently shipped out this machine for him; let's take a look at how the machine was packed and shipped out.


The accompanying accessories are all placed in a toolbox. These attachments usually include the following:

USB drive with complete operating tutorials & instructions inside, Allen wrench set, spanner, cutting tool tips spare, cutting tool, drilling tool, and power cord.

accompanying accessories for EagleTec mini woodturning cnc

We will remove the hopper when packaging to reduce the packaging dimension and save shipping costs for users. Then stand it on the side of the cnc wood lathe and wrap it tightly with the machine with plastic films.

EagleTec mini woodturning cnc packing process

To prevent the lathe from sliding in the packing box, we fixed the 4 feet of the machine on the pallet with bolts to keep it in place.

EagleTec wood lathe fixed on the pallet with bolts

Next, we nailed the wooden box; then tied it tightly with zip ties. Don't worry; the crate that EagleTec CNC is using is fumigation-free. This is to avoid the hassle caused by the customs in the importer's country not releasing the goods due to non-compliant packaging.

Last, the lathe was trucked to the loading port – Qingdao. It stayed there for a few days while we were working on the process for export clearance. Once customs release the cargo, it will be delivered to the ship's deck and shipped to the destination port.


If you want a great-quality machine for turning wood with unmatched after-sales support, please feel free to contact EagleTec CNC.


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