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How to Operate EagleTec 4 Head Rotary CNC Router Step by Step

Publish Date: Mar. 09, 2022 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Mar. 09, 2022

Multi-head rotary axis cnc routers are always the perfect fit for the mass production of Queen Anne furniture legs, statues, carved balusters & columns, and 3D artworks. This machine is also one type of 4 axis simultaneous cnc equipment. Undoubtedly, most users have favored the 4 head and 8 head models among such devices. In this post, let's discuss how to operate the EagleTec 4 head rotary cnc router step by step.

a new EagleTec 4 head rotary axis cnc router in the workshop

Let's first get an overview of the machine's configuration. The apparatus discussed in this post is the EagleTec 4 head 4 axis woodworking cnc router with a WEIHONG PM95A-4S cnc control system. The operating software is NC Studio V10.


Here is the operation demo with step-by-step instructions.

The following are the specific operation steps.

Step 1. Go Home 

In NC studio software, click the [Operation] icon at the top of the window, then move the cursor to the option [Back to Mechanical Origin], and click it.


• Z, X&Y Home

Z-axis is coming back to home point first. Next are X and Y.

• A-axis Home

Last is A-axis.


When all the mechanical coordinate values of X/Y/Z/A become zero, the operation is completed.

Step 2. Clear

Move the Y, X, and Z axes closer to the rotary axes.

Please switch to the [HW] mode, and we take the handwheel and walk to the front of the rotary.


• Clear X and Z first

Use the handwheel to move the X and Z axes so that the cutter tip is precisely in line with the position of the center, and then stop.

Click [X Clear] 

Click [Z Clear]


• Clamp the material

Move the tailstock and make the center pushes the workpiece, then lock the tailstock. Please take care to keep the top surface of the workpiece as level as possible.

Tighten the handwheel to push the workpiece tightly.

Lock the handwheel.


• Clear Y and A

Switch the control system to the [handwheel] mode, manually move the Y-axis to the position where you want the engraving to start and then stop.

Click [Y Clear] icon 

Click [Yes] 

At this time, the workpiece coordinate of the Y-axis becomes zero. 

The same to A-axis, Click [A Clear] and click [Yes], Z workpiece coordinate is zero now. 

Step 3. Load Toolpath File

Click [AUTO] here. 

Click [LOAD] here. 

Find the correct file, and click [OPEN]


Now the file is loaded. 


Step 4. Start Machining

Click [HW Guide] here 

Click [Start] here

We turn the MPG, and the machine starts working. 

Cancel the [HW Guide] option, and the machine will run automatically.

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