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Affordable Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines with Dual Drive

Model: ET- FL 2513S

Category: Fiber Laser Cutters

Laser Source: Fiber Laser

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Affordable Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines with Dual Drive

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD19,380 / SET

Price Range: $17580 to USD85000 / SET with Different Specification

HS Code: 8456110090

Package & Weight: 4260x2270x1850mm (18CBM) | 2,700KGS

Availability: Production on Receipt of Deposit (PreOrder)

Supply Capacity: 120 Sets Monthly

Lead Time: 20 Days

Warranty: 3 Year

Payment Method: T/T (Wire Transfer), Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: Affordable Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines with Dual Drive4.8 based on 5.0



ET- FL 2513S is one model of dual drive fiber laser cutting metal machines. Dual-drive refers to that there are two driving motors on Y-axis and one for each side. Planetary reducers serve as the deceleration transmission device between the servo motor and helical rack. It enables the machine to cut at a high speed like 30,000mm/min without sacrificing cut edge quality. And it'll be impossible to acquire such a high rate for a fiber laser cutting machine that comes with a single-drive. EagleTec high speed fiber laser metal cutting machine is for sale at an affordable price now! 

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Dual-purpose model: metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine - ET-FL3015ER Pro

high speed fiber laser metal cutting machines

Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Video

In this video, you will see fiber laser cutting stainless steel, mild steel, and brass.


Why Do We Say This Is A High-Speed Metal Cutting Fiber Laser Machine?

A good laser cutter must be a high-speed one; otherwise, it makes no sense. Let’s illustrate this point from both the drive system and transmission system.

Driving system of the fiber laser cutting table

Needless to say, it’s the dual drive, as illustrated above. Fast and precise with Yaskawa servo motors, quiet operation. Yaskawa has outstanding acceleration and deceleration performance.

Transmission of fiber metal laser cutter

Helical rack with planetary gear reducer. Definitely, it is faster than a belt-driven gearcase. Yaskawa servo with planetary reducer enables the fiber laser metal cutter machine to fly at a speed of 60,000mm/min. (move without load)

750w fiber laser metal cutting machine ready in eagletec workshop

What is the Maximum Cutting Thickness for the 750 Watts Fiber Laser Cutter Machine?

750W fiber laser source is ideal for cutting 4mm stainless steel, 9mm carbon steel, 1mm aluminum, and brass. The values here refer to the maximum cutting thickness.

affordable fiber laser metal cutting machine with air compressor

Fine Specification of EagleTec Affordable Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines

• Top quality EagleTec fiber laser cutting head is the default option; additionally, you can have raytools, Worthing, IPG, etc.

eagletec fiber laser cutting head overview

• Two types of nozzles fit for the fiber laser head well: single nozzle and double nozzle. A single nozzle is good at concentrated blowing. It usually works with nitrogen to cut thin sheets, such as stainless steel, brass, or aluminum; The latter is good at uniform blowing and usually works with oxygen to cut thick plates, such as carbon steel.

eagletec fiber laser cutting head close-up shot

• Raycus 750W fiber laser source Model. RFL-C750; Outstanding laser beam quality; maintenance-free and long lifespan. The laser is transmitted through fiber without transmission loss.

750 wattage raycus fiber laser source at the side of cutter machine

• Saw blade-style fiber laser cutting table with slag recovery function; Roller design makes sheet metal loading easier; Dust-proof design can effectively keep precise transmission components (guideways & rack) away from dust or slag, in return, to prolong their lifespan.

saw blade fiber laser cutting table installed on the machine

• Automatic central lubricator can regularly lubricate each linear bearing well.

automatic lubricator mounted on the beam of fiber laser metal cutting machine

• Famous CypCut fiber laser cutting control system is coming with the machine, and control software is CypOne laser cutting, which is based on Windows OS. All the systems and software would be in English for sure.

fiber laser cutting control software in computer desktop

• All cables, electrical components, and precision transmission components of the machine are enclosed in a casing, cover, or hood, and there is no exposed area. This keeps them clean and extends the service period.

protection casing installed on the fiber laser metal cutting machines

• Gas assist system helps a lot on cutting speed, thickness, and quality. The system usually contains two parts: the gas source and the gas circuit. Following photos are an air compressor (serving as the source of compressed air). In addition to it, there are nitrogen and oxygen systems as well. This system is an optional configuration for users. Of course, as another option, you can set up the exact system by yourself as you like.

air compressor coming with fiber laser metal cutting machines as gas assist cutting system

• The on/off of the gas circuit is controlled by a solenoid valve. Kindly refer to the photo below. 

solenoid valve on fiber laser metal cutting machines

Q: How many kinds of gas-assist systems are there for cnc fiber laser metal cutting machines? What is the difference?

A: According to the type of gas used, there are three kinds: air, nitrogen, and nitrogen. Let’s take a look at their pros and cons.

Compressed Air assist system

Pros: with an air compressor, you can have unlimited air sources. Its operation cost is relatively low if we compared it with the other two because you don’t have to pay for gas (air).

Cons: it helps a little with the cutting process.

Nitrogen assist system

Pros: it is good at getting a high-quality nice, clean-cut edge.

Cons: as production progresses, a continuous purchase of nitrogen is required. So, it is costly.

Oxygen assist system

Pros: it enables the laser metal cutter machine to cut faster and deeper on the workpiece.

Cons: same as nitrogen, we have to purchase oxygen sources continuously. So, it is costly.

• The fume removal system consists of a downdraft table and a high-power exhaust fan, which can effectively get the smoke generated during cutting out.

fume removing system of fiber laser metal cutting machine

• Best Chiller brand - S&A. A dedicated water cooler for both fiber laser source and lens. It has two cooling modes: constant temperature control and intelligent temperature control. The former is easy to understand; the latter works in this way: water temperature is intelligently adjusted based on changes in the surrounding temperature.

S&A industrial water chiller for fiber laser metal cutting machines

Utilization of 4x8 Dual Drive Fiber Laser Metal Cutter Machine


It is good at cutting almost all sheet metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, etc.


Common in the following industries: sheet metal processing, machinery manufacturing, stainless steel cabinet production, automobile manufacturing, metal door production, metal art, metal cut signage, aerospace, etc.

Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Projects

fiber laser metal cutting projects

Primary Specification of 1325 Metal Cutting CNC Laser Machine

• 4x8 Cutting size (1300x2500mm) with the heavy-duty machine base

• Yaskawa servo with planetary reducer transmission (no belt-driven reducer)

• CypCut fiber laser cutting system

• 750 Watts Raycus fiber laser generator, 100,000 hours lifespan, and free maintenance. Precise and durable.

• Original PMI linear guideways with size 25mm – lifespan is 8 to 10 years.

• Best water chiller – S&A.

Q&A in Terms with Dual Drive Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine for Sale

Q: What kind of on-site setup is required for this metal door fiber laser cutting machine?

A: You will need to hook up the metal cutting fiber laser machine with your electricity once received. All plugs will be provided along with the machine. No other plug is required from you. Additionally, specific tutorials concerning the setup will be provided in English. Of course, as an option, we can dispatch our engineer to your side as requested.

Q: What language would be for the software provided with this 750w fiber laser cutting machine?

A: All the software and operation systems will be in English for sure. There isn't a language issue for you at all.

Q: What can we do if we need relevant technical schematics?

A: All relevant schematics regarding your metal fiber laser cutting machine are available for you anytime. They will be sent to you as soon as got your request.

Q: What kind of daily maintenance is required for this fiber laser metal cutter?

A: It is not complex. And only two points need your attention:

1. Lubricating the linear bearings regularly.

2. Pay attention to the water temperature and be sure it is proper.

Parameters of Affordable Dual Drive CNC Metal Laser Cutter

Equipment ModelET-FL2513S
Machine TypeFiber Laser Cutting Machine
Laser TypeFiber Laser, brand Raycus (The best in China)
Laser PowerRaycus RFL-500 / 750 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3300 / 4000 (Watts)
Output Power Tunability10 ~ 100 (%)
Laser Beam Quality1.3 (M2)
Core Fiber25 um
Output Power Unstability< 3%
Laser Wavelength1080nm
Max. Cutting Area1300x2500mm (48" x   96")
Cutting TableSaw-blade with slag collection
Cutting Frequency50 ~ 50K (Hz)
Cooling ModeWater cooling
ChillerS&A CWFL-1000
Fiber Laser Cut HeadEagleTec - Precise and Durable
Control SystemCypcut
Motor & DriverYaskawa AC servo (Dual drive on Y)
Linear GuidewayOriginal PMI linear guides from Taiwan (Lifespan 8 to 10 years)
Lubricating SystemAutomatic central lubrication
Red Guide Laser Power0.5 ~ 1 (mW)
TransmissionRack and pinion 
Programming SoftwareCypcut control
Editable Graphic AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
Min. Line Width0.1mm
Max. Cutting Rate30,000mm/min
Repeatable Positioning Accuracy0.01mm 
Cutting Capacity0 to 25mm 
Continuous Working Hours24 h
NA< 0.06
Suitable Assist GasCompressed air, or nitrogen, or oxygen
Exhaust Fan2.2KW
Power Consumption4KW
Operation Temperature10 ~ 40 (℃) 
Humidity< 70% 
Storage Temperature-10 ~ 60 (℃)
Working VoltAC220V/AC380V
Package Dimension4260x2270x1850mm (About 18 CBM)
Gross Weight1500KGS

FAQ of This 750W CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Q: What Is The Footprint Of The Machine?

A: It is 2800 x 3500mm (1300x2500mm working size) and 3000x4000mm (1500x3000mm working size).

Q: What Are the Consumables Associated with The Operation Of The Machine?

A: This primarily includes the nozzle and protective lens.

Q: What Software Does the Machine Use?

A: The operation software is Cypcut.

Q: Is The Software Compatible With Other Drafting Software?

A: Yes, it is compatible with other drafting software like AutoCAD.

Q: What Is The Expected Lifespan Of The Machine?

A: The lifespan would be 8 to 10 years.

Q: Do You Have Technicians Or Engineers That Help Set Up The Machine?

A: Yes, we have technical support team. And that can be conducted via live video conference, email, or video.

Q: What is the warranty of this machine?

A: The whole machine is under a 3-year warranty except fiber laser source covered by a 24-month warranty. Free replacement for any broken parts is provided during the warranty; when the warranty expires, the replacement will be based on material cost.

Q: If we want to order this fiber laser cutter for metal, how to buy it?

A: Please get in touch with us by the contact details provided on our company site here. It can be online chat, Email, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, etc. The official proposal will then be sent to you from us, and we will go through a discussion on all relevant details for sure. If we come to terms, the proforma invoice will be issued to you from us, and you’ll need to arrange a deposit to us; the production will be started once the deposit is received. 

Q: What are the transportation details for this metal fiber laser cutting machine?

A: It is in this way usually. Once the machine is ready, we will arrange sea shipping. Under CIF trade terms, we will be in charge of the transportation from our factory to your port of destination; and you’ll arrange the transportation from your seaport to your workshop. In terms of customs clearance, our forwarder can serve as your broker if you like; and you can appoint your own broker as well.  

If you like the fiber laser metal cutting machine for sale here, please ask for a proposal now!


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