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Top CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from China

Model: ET- FL3015S

Category: Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Type: Fiber Laser

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Top CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from China

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD22,800 / SET

Price Range: $19600 to $80000 / SET with Different Configuration Grade

HS Code: 8456110090

Package & Weight: 4260x2270x1850mm (18CBM) | 3,000KGS

Availability: Start production after order (PreOrder)

Lead Time: 20 days

Warranty: 3 Year

Payment Method: T/T (Wire Transfer), Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: Top CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from China4.9 based on 5.0



The EagleTec ET-FL3015S fiber laser cutter comes with a 500W Raycus fiber laser source as default and more upgrade options would be accessible to users as well. Actual cutting size is 1500x3000mm (5'x10' in Imperial ). A powerful closed-loop motion driving system (Yaskawa AC servo) enables it to cut almost like flying (30,000mm/min). Using top-quality components, plus our precise assembly work, the machine is guaranteed to give you years of trouble-free operation. The top cnc fiber laser cutting machine from China is for sale with affordable cost and best support now!

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china fiber laser cutting machine overview

Video Demo of This CNC Fiber Laser Cutter Machine

The video here demonstrates how this machine cut holes and metal art with stainless steel sheets. The fiber laser generator here is 500 watts. (Model.RFL-C500)

What Advantage Does This China Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Have?

cnc fiber laser cutting machine in china eagletec factory

From the demonstration video above, we can see that the machine has the following advantages:

• Outstanding cut speed that is up to 30,000mm/min.

• Focusing light spot is smaller, cutting lines are finer, heat-affected zone is minimal, local deformation of the workpiece is minimal, and there is no mechanical deformation.

• High-quality cutting capacity with smooth edges and no burrs.

• The fiber laser head (torch) does not contact the material's surface; so, it won’t scratch the workpiece.

• The optical transmission of the cnc fiber laser cutter is by fibre, and no complicated light guide. Systems such as reflectors are needed. The optical path is simple, the structure is stable, and the external optical path is maintenance-free.

cnc fiber laser cutting machine rear view

Application of China Stainless Steel CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

cnc fiber laser cutting machine cut with stainless steel sheet

Applicable Materials

It is good at cutting with many sheet metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc sheet, pickled plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium, and more.

Utilization Scope of CNC China Fiber Laser Cutter

It is often applied to fields like panel beating, aerospace, subway accessory, automobile, machine building, shipbuilding, metallurgy, crafts, metal door, metal signs, kitchenware, wall art, tree wall decor, etc.

Top Quality Components Using on EagleTec 500W Fiber Laser Cutter

• Fiber laser cutting head is using the top brand in China – Worthing. The laser head's internal structure is completely sealed to prevent the optical part from being contaminated by dust. Protective lenses are drawer-style mounted, which is simple for further maintenance or replacement.

fiber laser cutter head in its hood on metal cutting machine

• A dedicated protective hood is designed around the fiber laser head.

• The fiber laser generator is adopted the best brand in China (Raycus RFL-C500), whose lifespan is up to 100,000 hours. It is free-maintenance and covered with a 2-year warranty. It has variety of power options like 500W / 750W / 1000W/ 1500W / 2000W / 3300W / 4000W and more.

best raycus fiber laser generator in laser cutting machine electronic cabinet

• Dedicated fiber laser cutting control system – Brand Cypcut; it includes two parts: hard and software. The control panel is an industrial computer with a monitor. System language will be English for machines sent abroad. 

cypcut fiber laser cutting control system on laser cutting machine

• Yaskawa servo motor and pack serve as the driving system, enabling the cnc fibre laser cutting machine to run smooth, quiet, fast, and precise. It is the top brand of servo products in the world.

fiber laser cutter electronics in its cabinet

• Powerful design – dual drive on the Y-axis, one for each side. 

• The wiring is under the CE criterion; every cable comes with a unique line number. This design is beneficial for further maintenance. 

• To ensure the stable and precise transfer of signal, all cables are shielding ones, and a PMI filter is set in the circuit. Such double insurance design gives the machine excellent operational stability. 

• The China fiber laser cutting machine will come with an S&A chiller – CW6000.  

cw6000 chiller for cnc fiber laser cutter

• Dedicated sawtooth table for metal sheet cutting purposes.

fiber laser cutter saw blade table

Q&A Regarding Raycus 500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet

Q: How thick can this china cnc fiber laser cutting machine cut?

A: For the exact machine here with 500 watts laser source, here is the guideline: it can cut through 6mm carbon steel, 3mm stainless steel, 2mm aluminum, and copper sheet.

cnc fiber laser cutting machine ready for delivery

Primary Specification of Best CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sale Here

• Heavy duty construction with cutting size 1500x3000mm (5'x10')

• Raycus fiber laser source 500 watts, lifespan over 100,000 hours, maintenance-free

• Cutting speed up to 30,000mm/min

• Positioning accuracy 0.05mm

• Yaskawa servo motor and pack

• Cypcut control system

• Original PMI linear guideway and slider

• S&A chiller CW6000

• Editable graphic – AI, BMP, DST, WDG, DXF

China CNC Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Parameters

Equipment No.ET-FL3015S
Machine TypeFiber Laser Cutter
Working Size1500x3000mm (5' x 10')
Table TypeSaw-blade 
Laser TypeThe Fiber Laser source, brand Raycus (The best in China)
Laser PowerRaycus RFL-500 / 750 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3300 / 4000 (Watts)
Output Power Tunability10 ~ 100 (%)
Core Fiber25 um
Laser Beam Quality1.3 (M2)
Laser Wavelength1080nm
Output Power Unstability< 3%
Cutting Frequency50 ~ 50K (Hz)
Cooling ModeWater cooling
ChillerS&A CW-6000
Fiber Laser Cut HeadWorthing - Top brand in China
Control SystemCypcut
Motor & DriverYaskawa AC servo (Dual drive on Y)
Linear GuidewayOriginal PMI linear guides from Taiwan (Lifespan 8 to 10 years)
Lubricating SystemAutomatic central lubrication
Red Guide Laser Power0.5 ~ 1 (mW)
TransmissionRack and pinion 
Programming SoftwareCypcut control
Editable Graphics ExtensionAI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
Max. Cutting Rate30,000mm/min
Positioning Accuracy0.05mm 
Cutting Capacity0 to 25mm 
Support File Extensionplt, BMP, Dxf, jpg, tif, ai
NA< 0.06
Exhaust Fan2.2KW
Power Consumption4KW
Operation Temperature10 ~ 40 (℃) 
Humidity< 70% 
Storage Temperature-10 ~ 60 (℃)
Working VoltageAC220V/50~60Hz
Package Dimension4260x2270x1850mm (About 18 CBM)
Gross Weight3000KGS

FAQ About 500 Watt CNC Fibre Laser Cutting Machine ET-FL3015S

What warranty is the sheet metal laser cutting machine covered?

The machine is covered with a 3-year (36 months) warranty since departure date except for the 500w fiber laser source. The laser power is coming with a 2-year warranty. During warranty, you will enjoy free replacement for any broken components, including the fiber laser generator.

What about the lifespan of this cnc raycus 500-watt fiber laser cutting machine?

The fiber laser source is the most important thing for a machine. And its lifespan is 100,000 hours. Suppose the 500w fiber laser cutting machine will run 24 hours per day; it can still work for 11 years. Next, we are going to see the other key components. Original PMI linear guideway can work perfectly for 8 or 10 years, the same as mechanical construction. So it is safe to say that the EagleTec CNC fiber laser cutting machine has a lifespan of 10 years. 

How to set up the cnc fiber laser cutter system once received?

• The specific set-up guide document in terms of the exact fiber laser cutter will be provided through schematics, drawings, photos, PDF, video, and more. All document is in English. Additionally, our team is here to guide you online as well. Usually, 90% of users can start up the system well with our online guide and document guide. The whole process will be a fun learning course, but just a little more time-costly if you are not familiar with such a machine.

• And you have option two, that is, to send our engineers to your site for set-up and essential training as requested. You’ll need to bear all relevant charges of the trip. With this option, you can start the whole metal laser cutter as soon as possible, but it will cost more money.


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