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Metal Tube and Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Table

Model: ET-FL3015ER PRO

Category: Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Metal Tube and Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Table

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD53300 / SET

Price Range: USD53300 to USD125000 / SET per Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: Metal Tube and Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Table 4.9/5 based on 18 reviews


Brief Description­­

ET-FL3015ER PRO is a dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine, which can work on metal tubes and plates. Thanks to the exchange platform, it minimizes the machine halt times caused by material-loading, and the productivity is much improved. The equipped rotary unit has a stroke up to 6 meters long. According to actual production needs, this machine can be fitted with a variety of fiber laser sources. Metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table for sale with unmatched after-sales service now!

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complete exchange table fiber laser cutting equipment with rotary tube cutter

Exchange Table Metal Tube and Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Video

The video is a functional demonstration of the machine, and it includes three segments. The first is a demonstration of cutting a stainless steel square tube. The second shows using the exchange table to cut stainless steel sheets. The last one is to cut on the galvanized cone pipe. For your reference, this kind of cone tube is often used as the lamppost. Therefore, this fiber laser cutter can also be used in the manufacture of road lamps.

Exchange Pallet Laser Fiber Cutting Machine Application

double table fiber laser cutting machine in workshop

Applicable Field of Dual Table Fiber Metal Cutter

It is perfect for making metal signs, metal screens, custom cut metalworks, gates, sheet metal fabrication, street lamp manufacture, and more.

Fiber Laser Cutting Materials

Good for metal tubes (square and circular) and plates, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, mild steel, titanium, galvanized materials.

Specification of Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Tube and Plate

• The machine base is welded by steel plates. Compared with the construction that is welded by square tubes, it has strong points of heavy self-weight and muscular mechanical rigidity.

black fiber laser cutting machine base in plant

• The machine is equipped with a rotating metal tube cutter, which is powered by three sets of Yaskawa servo motors. The stroke is 6 meters, and the maximum clamping diameter is 220mm.

rotary metal tube cutter on the side of exchange table fiber laser cutting machine

• Tubes are held on the rotary by air-actuated headstock and tailstock.

air-actuated headstock and tailstock system for metal tube fiber laser cutter

• The exchange table option optimizes the process of metal plate loading. It minimizes the halt times caused by loading, thereby significantly improving the laser fiber cutting machine's productivity.

exchange table system of the fiber laser cutter machine

• As of default configuration, it comes with a Raycus 1000 watts fiber laser generator (Model.RFL-C1000).

Raycus 1000w fiber laser source coming with the laser fiber cutting machine

• Cypcut dedicated fiber laser cutting system with a manual pulse generator (handheld control unit) for tubes and plates working. It is based on Windows OS. Both Windows and Cypcut systems are in English.

Cypcut fiber laser cutting system with the handheld control unit

• The double table fiber laser cutter machine comes with Raytools fiber laser cutting head model.BT240S.

raytools fiber laser cutting head on the metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine

• The equipped chiller for fiber laser source is S&A brand (best in China) 1000W model.CWFL-1000.

S&A chiller connected with fiber laser source

• The transmission components adopt original T-Win grinding racks and genuine HIWIN/PMI linear guide rails; precise and durable.

original t-win racks and hiwin linear rails mounted on the exchange table fiber laser cutting machine

Quick Details of Double Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

• Plate welded machine base

• Sheet cutting size 1500x3000mm

• Rotary with 220mm diameter and 6000mm stroke

• Raycus 1000W fiber laser source  

• Cypcut fiber laser cutting system

• S&A chiller model.CWFL-1000

• Raytools fiber laser head model. BT240S  

• Exchange table

• Original HIWIN/PMI linear guide rails

• Original T-Win grinding rack and pinion

• Automatic lubricator for transmission components

metal tube and plate fiber laser cutter machine ready for delivery

We Provide Unmatched After-sales Support with EagleTec Combination Tube and Plate Laser Cutting Machines

• We will guide you through everything from the beginning until you put your fiber laser cutter machine into production.

• A complete set user manual from hardware to software will be provided to you along with the equipment. It is clear and well written in English, not a general, meaningless guide for many models. Beginners can master the operation by following our instructions.

• If you still have any questions, we can guide you online via live chat, video tutorials, text guides, etc.

white and black laser fiber cutting machine under debugging

Technical Parameters of Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutter Machine for Metal Sheet and Pipe

Equipment ModelET-FL3015ER PRO
Machine TypeFiber Laser Cutters
Sheet Working Size1500x3000mm (5' x 10')
Cutting BedSaw-blade 
Exchange TableYes
Tube Cutting Area220mm D x 6,000mm L
Tube ClampBy air-actuated tail and head stock
Laser TypeFiber Laser, brand Raycus (The best in China)
Laser GeneratorRaycus 1000W (RFL-C1000) - more options available
Output Power Tunability10 ~ 100 (%)
Core Fiber25 um
Laser Beam Quality1.3 (M2)
Laser Wavelength1080nm
Output Power Unstability< 3%
Cutting Frequency50 ~ 50K (Hz)
Cooling ModeWater cooling
ChillerS&A CWFL-1000
Fiber Laser HeadRaytools model BT240S
Control SystemCypcut fiber laser system
Motor & DriverYaskawa AC servo (Dual drive on Y)
Linear GuidewayOriginal HIWIN/PMI linear guides from Taiwan (Lifespan 8 to 10 years)
Cutting Tolerance0.3mm
Lubricating SystemAutomatic central lubrication
Red Guide Laser Power0.5 ~ 1 (mW)
TransmissionGrinding rack and pinion (brand T-Win)
Programming SoftwareCypTube
Cutting GasCompressed air, oxygen, nitrogen 
Editable Graphics ExtensionAI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
Max. Cutting Speed30,000mm/min
Positioning Accuracy0.05mm 
Cutting Thickness0 to 10mm (mild steel)
Support File Extensionplt, bmp, dxf, jpg, tif, ai
NA< 0.06
Fume Extractor2.2KW
Power Consumption5KW
ConsumablesCutting nozzle
Operation Temperature10 ~ 40 (℃) 
Humidity< 70% 
Storage Temperature-10 ~ 60 (℃)
Working VoltageAC220V/50~60Hz
Package Dimension40HQ x 1 + 20GP x 1
Gross Weight8000KGS

FAQs about the Dual Table Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment ET-FL3015ER PRO

Q: How Thick Can this Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cut?

A: It depends on the fiber laser source power. For 1000 watts source, here is the guideline: it can cut through 10mm carbon steel, 5mm stainless steel, 3mm aluminum, and copper sheet.

Q: What Shapes and Sizes of Metal Tubes Can This Machine Work With?

A: Since the exchange table fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a real 4-axis simultaneous laser cutting system, it can work with round pipes, square tubes, and rectangular tubes well.

Come to the size; the maximum cutting area is 220x6000mm.

Q: What Warranty Is the Fiber Laser Cutter for Sale here Covered?

A: The machine is covered with a 3-year (36 months) warranty since departure date except for the fiber laser source. The laser power is coming with a 2-year warranty. During guarantee, you will enjoy free replacement for any broken components, including the fiber laser generator.

If you like the metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table for sale here, please ask for pricing now.


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