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What You Must Know About Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Daily Maintenance

Publish Date: Nov. 05, 2021 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Nov. 05, 2021

Fiber laser cutting machine belongs to sizeable high-tech machinery in the classification of machinery types. The price of such a machine is very high at the time of purchase. It should be operated by professional technicians in the machining process. Hence, we must do maintenance for it on a regular basis, which can prolong its service life and save much money for us. Here we are going to talk about the use and maintenance skills of fiber laser cutters.

enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchange platform

First, please check the angle of the fiber laser cutting head regularly. This is because the cutting head is the most important among all the components of the fiber cutting machine. Suppose the angle of the cutting machine has a certain deviation. In that case, the cutting accuracy is likely to be unsatisfactory during cutting.

fiber laser cutting head

Second, we need to clean the inside of the machine frequently. The fiber laser metal cutting machine will directly vaporize the metal surface when cutting; this will produce much dust on the machine surface and interior. Timely cleaning can maintain the internal parts of the machine in good condition and run smoothly.

In addition to cleaning, we also need to lubricate the transmission components frequently. We need to lubricate the rack and pinion, guide rail, and other cutting machine parts often. In this way, the gear can perform accurately during operation. The proper operation makes sure the machinery stays on the regular running track and gives us a perfect cut finish.

Except for the proper daily maintenance of the cnc fiber laser cutting machine, we must strictly inspect the parts when we purchase the device so that the root cause of the mechanical damage can be eliminated. At the same time, if any parts are found to be damaged during the use of the machine, they must be replaced in time. It will protect the device itself and ensure the ideal cutting effect of the laser cutting machine. Only after the above two points are achieved can the service life of this cutting machine be extended.

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