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What Is the Power Consumption of a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Publish Date: Jul. 23, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jul. 23, 2022

The fiber laser cutting machine is a powerful tool for high-efficiency batch processing metal sheets. Therefore, many factories will invest a large amount of money to purchase such laser cutting equipment. Before buying a machine, we need to consider the processing cost of the machine to calculate the input-output ratio. For laser cutting machines, the cost of electricity is one of the essential parts of the price. What is the power consumption of a fiber laser cutting machine? It has also become a matter of concern to many machine users. Take a 4kw fiber laser cutting machine as an example; let EagleTec CNC explain this in detail.

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Our general idea is that a 4kw laser cutting machine consumes 4 kWh per hour. This opinion is dead wrong because we should be aware that 4kw only means the power of a laser generator. For a fiber laser metal cutting machine, except laser generator, there are other power-hungry accessories, such as servo motors, air compressor, chiller, reducer, controller box, etc. Adding up all these power-consuming accessories, the power consumption of the whole machine is by no means as simple as 4kw.


The power range of a 4KW laser generator is 4-12KW. Suppose we adjust the laser power to 12kw. The whole machine's power is about 10kw (including servo motors, reducers, and all the other electronics) Chillers power is about 6kw. If you cut assisting by air, then add air compressor power 5.5kw. So total power of the laser cutting machine is 33.5kw (12+10+6+5.5=33.5). The electricity consumption is about 33.5 kWh.


Of course, this is just data for your reference. Because the machine configuration is different, the power consumption is also different. We need a case-by-case analysis.

Beautiful and precise metal cutting projects can get higher unit prices. So to get a better input-output ratio, it is an excellent choice to get a fiber laser cutter of superb quality that can provide you with high-precision metal projects. A high-quality laser cutting machine can cut with high speed and accuracy, saving labor and time for further surface processing. For the best metal laser cutting machine for sale, welcome to contact EagleTec CNC.

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