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How To Choose a Perfect CNC Wood Lathe for My Woodturning Projects?

Publish Date: Sep. 13, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Sep. 13, 2022

Suppose you have some basic knowledge of woodworking lathes. In that case, you must know that there are several types of CNC wood lathe models for different woodturning projects: mini wood lathe, basic wood lathe, woodworking lathe with two cutters, woodturning lathe with twist grooving function, auto feeding cnc wood lathe, etc. But for wood turners, how to select a perfect lathe? EagleTec CNC gives a detailed exposition here.

new eagletec cnc wood lathe with auto tool changer

CNC wood turning machine is high-tech products integrating mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic. It is suitable for workpieces with large diameters and short lengths. After installing carbide cutters for the wood lathe, it can complete the rough and fine machining of the circle, inner hole, end face, cone, cutting, etc. CNC woodworking lathes are briefly applied for processing various stair columns, Roman columns, table and chair legs, basins, wooden vases, wooden column tables, sticks, wooden furniture, children's bedposts, etc. It can also process plate, goblet, bottle cap, cup lid, cup lid, handle, rolling pin, flute, flute, suona, cello accessories, etc.


• According to the length of processed wood, we can divide cnc wood lathe into three models.

new mini cnc wood lathe in the process of packing

Mini wood lathe whose maximum turning diameter is 200mm and maximum clamping length are 1000mm. This model is mainly used for furniture accessories such as solid wood table legs, chair legs, sofa legs, coffee table feet, and children's baseball bats turning.


Basic wood lathe model. This cnc wood lathe model is mainly used for wooden ladders, general stair columns, hangers, and other wooden products turning. Its working diameter range is from 20mm to 300mm, and the working length range is from 100mm to 1500mm.


Big cnc wood lathe's turning length can be 2000 or 3000mm. This type of lathe is mainly used for lengthy wooden product processing, such as head columns, Roman columns, etc.

For short wooden products, such as cup lids, small furniture elements, wooden beads, and other small round rod turning, EagleTec newly designed small woodturning CNC with auto feeder is perfect.


• From the processing technology, it is divided into the ordinary wood lathe and multi-functional CNC woodworking lathe. 

A simple cnc wood lathe can do wood turning work, while a multi-functional model can realize wood turning, grooving, twisting, and engraving work by adding a vertical spindle.

• Besides these, if you want to get a more capable wood-turning machine, you can choose to add the auto feeding function and auto tool changing function to simplify your work steps.


In conclusion, suppose you are a small business or have a garage shop and want to turn small staircases or baseball bats; our 2nd Gen mini wood lathe is your best choice. If you have a woodworking factory and are in the furniture-making industry, a large woodturning lathe with other functions such as auto tool changing and auto feeding is suitable for you. For hobby turning or small wooden crafts turning, EalgeTec new design wood lathe for beads is the best.

If you are looking for a woodturning cnc machine of great quality, welcome to contact EagleTec CNC. Professional sales, after-sale service, and technical team provide 24h online service.


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