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What Is the Best CNC Lathe For Turning Wooden Beads?

Publish Date: Aug. 27, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Aug. 27, 2022

EagleTec CNC wooden beads turning lathe machine is an upgraded version of the previous semi-automatic hand-cranked bead machine. The whole lathe is controlled by a numerical control system, equipped with a design library that contains almost all the beads and small wooden crafts styles. The fool-like operation is very user-friendly, and you can start turning immediately after you get our lathe.


EagleTec bead lathe machine comes with three cutters: the first serve for the outer cutting, the second is responsible for the internal cutting/hollowing, and the third is a parting off tool. The advantage of the combination is that it can achieve one-time molding inside and outside without the need to change the cutters during the turning process. Below is EagleTec latest Auto feeding mini woodturning cnc appearance.

auto feeding mini lathe beads machine for sale

Why do we say this woodturning cnc is best for making wooden beads? What are the outstanding features of this bead-turning lathe compared with a general wood lathe machine?

• The whole lathe is equipped with two motors that can finish forming, drilling/hollowing, and cutting off simultaneously without stopping the lathe.

mini woodturning cnc with external internal cutter and cutting off tool

• Provide massive design drawings. There is no need to draw; just directly import files for turning.

• EagleTec CNC mini lathe beads machine has an auto-feeding function. It can realize a long time and continuous work. One staff can take care of several lathes.

• High turning efficiency: According to the 2.0cm beads, turning lobular rosewood takes about 30 seconds (40 seconds for punching); turning golden nanmu takes about 20 seconds (punching for 25 seconds).

As a hot-sale mini cnc wood turning lathe, this beads lathe model is the integration of beads forming machine and beads punching machine, which is suitable for processing all wooden crafts, such as Buddhist beads, bracelets, rosary beads, wooden beads, round beads, wooden cups, wooden bowls, short wooden furniture elements, wooden toys, etc. We keep our faith in being a reliable supplier and provide high-quality cnc wood lathes for all machine users. If you are interested in cnc wood-turning lathe machines, welcome to contact EagleTec CNC.

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