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CNC Router for Foam Wood Industry Foundry Pattern Making

Model: EA- FW3040-4S

Category: CNC Foam Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC CNC Router for Foam Wood Industry Foundry Pattern Making

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: U.S.$52,300 / SET

Price Range: USD50000 to USD58000 / SET as per the different configuration

Supply Ability: 80 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order (PreOrder)

Lead Time: 25 to 30 days 

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: CNC Router for Foam Wood Industry Foundry Pattern Making4.8 /5 based on 35 reviews 



Model. EA-FW3040-4S is a cnc router dedicated to foam and wood industrial foundry patterns making. With the 4 axis construction design, the spindle can swing ±120° along the Y-axis. (This is also known as B-axis) Compared with the 3-axis cnc pattern making machine, 4 axis one has more possibility on CNC machining. As we know, 3-axis one can only process one surface at a time, while 4 axis can process three faces in one working cycle. In addition to the jobs that 3-axis machines can do, 4-axis CNC can mill foam or wood molds with the cambered surface; as well, it can mill complicated industrial foundry patterns that need process on three surfaces.


That's not to say that 3-axis can not make a complicated foundry job that needs multiple sides milling. It can also do, but it just mill only one side at a time, to finish the whole foundry pattern, you'll have to stop the router machine and turn the faces two times manually. Undoubtedly, processing this way is time costly and worse on precision. Therefore, using a 4-axis equipment will be more efficient for such jobs. CNC Router for foam and wood industrial foundry pattern is for sale with the best price and support now!

If EA-FW3040-4S is the exact machine you need, let's move on. If you are looking for a machine just with 3 axis, please check out polystyrene cnc milling machine FW2040-3S. 

cnc router for industry 3d foam wood foundry pattern moldings

CNC Wood Foundry Pattern Milling Demo

Thank you for stopping here to watch the demo. It demonstrates spindle rotation cnc milling of industrial foundry patterns out of wood on EagleTec foam router EA- FW3040-4S. Please enjoy!

Unique Technics Applied To EagleTec CNC Router Machine for Foam Wood

• Unlike others who are using a planner milling machine to mill the various mounting bases, EagleTec uses a 5-axis CNC machining center to grind the different mounting planes at a time (one-time clamping) and utterly control the machining error within 0.02 mm. (For your information, the machining error of the planer mill is as high as 2mm, which is 100 times that of the CNC machining center.) Following is the photo of 5 axis machining center, which is the parent machine tool of EagleTec foam routers

cnc router for foam machine base is under milling by 5 axis cnc machining center

• To guarantee the high-precision performance of the machine, other precision mechanical parts are finished by HAAS CNC machine tools instead of regular planner machines. 

Advanced Configuration of EagleTec CNC Router for Foam Wood Industry Foundry Pattern

• Spindle is electronic type, air cooling ATC spindle 9.0KW, HSD brand, made in Italy. Superior performance, stable and reliable, zero maintenance. The designed lifespan is 6 to 8 years. 

cnc router machine for custom 3d foam foundry pattern with Italy HSD ATC spindle

• (B Axis) Adopting the harmonic reducer dedicated to imported robots, the output torque is tremendous, zero clearance, and the spindle can swing freely ±120°, which can meet the automatic and rapid cnc machining of complex products with multiple curved surfaces. (Looking for a 4 axis rotary? Please check out cnc foam milling machine EA-FW2540-4R.

• The cnc router for foam wood is equipped with a linear tool magazine and an automatic tool calibration unit. The tool change system enables to replace tools without stopping the machine. Significantly reduced the time spent on tool change and zero points clear, and increased the production output.  

cnc router for foam wood foundry patterns with linear tool magazine

• Dedicated 4-axis cutting control system – Model SYNTEC 60W-E; Control panel is an industrial computer with a monitor. System language will be English for machines sent to abroad. A handheld control unit comes with the controller as well. It also comes with an emergency stop button. Furthermore, it has programming options needed to process and create the controllers of linear-circular and other types of interpolations. It has the possibility to operate in manual, automatic, and interactive mode of operation.

syntec 60w-e 4 axis cnc controller with an emergency stop button

• It is equipped with a central lubricating system, which can deliver the lubricant evenly to each linear bearing automatically. 

central lubricating system on foundry pattern making cnc router

• The SYNTEC absolute value AC servo is matched with the planetary reducer as the transmission unit, which is more reliable and faster. Additionally, controlled via SYNTEC System, the motion drive system is a closed-loop mechanism that ensures diagnostics of technical parameters of operation of the drive assemblies and units during machine operation for the purpose of no-failure operation of machine under the predetermined process conditions.

systec servo with planetary reducer on cnc foam router machine

• The computer-aided design (CAD, CAM) system is used to complete the optimal structural design of the giant foam routing machine.

foam wood foundry pattern making cnc router machine main structure under assembly

• The legs are made of big square tubes, the ribs are welded inside; the beam and Z-axis are welded with high-strength steel plate, and processed by the tempering and stress relief treatment. So the architecture is guaranteed for ten years of life without being contorted. 

• The machine base of cnc router for foam is welded with high-rigidity steel structure, box-shaped structure, thick-walled and multi-ribbed, and via multiple stress elimination process, so that the machine tool has excellent rigidity. The same, the construction is guaranteed to offer you ten years of operation without deformation. 

3d foundry pattern cnc router machine base ready for assembly

• Table is made of thick-wall aluminum profile. Rigidity is sufficient.  

aluminum profile table on cnc router for foam wood industry patterns - photo

Application of 4 Axis CNC Router for Foam Wood

Applicable Industry

The foam router here is right for foam & wood industry foundry pattern fabrication.

cnc foam router machining solid wood patterns in plant

Applicable Materials

Foam & Wood.

Quick Details of CNC Router for Foam Wood Industry Foundry Pattern

• XYZ Stroke 3000x4000x1000mm (118"x157"x39")

• Original HSD Italy ATC spindle, 9.0KW, ISO30 - ER32, 24,000rpm. It works perfectly for 6 to 8 years and up to 10 years in some cases. 

• SYNTEC AC servo system, close loop control 

• SYNTEC cnc control system

• 4 axis head with harmonic reducer, spindle swing ±120° (B Axis)

• Linear guides with size 35mm

Technical Parameter of CNC Router for Foam Wood Industry Foundry Pattern

Model No.EA-FW3040-4S
TypeStyrofoam CNC Router
Axis Quantity Four
Simultaneous Axis Quantity4 Axes
4 Axis Head (B-Axis)with harmonic reducer, spindle swing ±120°
Tool MagazineLinear type with 8 positions
Tool Calibration Sensor With 
Mechanical ConstructionWelded with steel tube, VSR treatment, milled by CNC machining center - outstanding accuracy
Working TableThick-wall Aluminum profile
Workpiece Clamping WayBy T-slot fixtures
Control Cabinet Independent, console type with air conditioning system
Safeguard Door Optional 
Counter Balance CylinderDual on the Z-axis ( Air as the medium )
X-Axis Fast Travel Speed45,000mm/min 
Y-Axis Fast Travel Speed45,000mm/min 
Z-Axis Fast Travel Speed10,000mm/min
X-Axis Max. Feeding Rate15,000mm/min 
Y-Axis Max. Feeding Rate15,000mm/min 
Z-Axis Max. Feeding Rate10,000mm/min 
X-Axis Stroke 3,000mm (118")
Y-Axis Stroke4,000mm (157")
Z-Axis Stroke1,000mm (39")
B Axis Stroke±120° along Y-axis 
X-Axis Machining Size3,000mm (118") - 3 axis simultaneous;  1,800mm (70.8") - 4 axis simultaneous
Y-Axis Machining Size4,000mm (157")
Z-Axis Machining Size1,000mm (39")
Position Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Reposition Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Electric Spindle ATC spindle 9.0kw, air cooling, ISO30 tool holders (HSD from Italy)
Collet SizeER32
Tool Diameter Range 3.175 ~ 20mm 
X Motion DriveSYNTEC AC absolute servo (From Taiwan)
Y Motion DriveSYNTEC AC absolute servo (From Taiwan), dual drive
Z Motion DriveSYNTEC AC absolute servo (From Taiwan), with holding brake 
X-Axis TransmissionHelical rack & pinion, modulus 2.0
Y-Axis TransmissionHelical rack & pinion, modulus 2.0
Z-Axis TransmissionRolling ballscrew 32mm, pitch 10mm
X Reducing MechanismPlanetary reduction gear ( Brand Li-Ming From Taiwan )
Y Reducing MechanismPlanetary reduction gear ( Brand Li-Ming From Taiwan )
X Linear Guides Square type, 35mm (From Taiwan)  
Y Linear GuidesSquare type, 35mm (From Taiwan)
Z Linear GuidesSquare type, 35mm (From Taiwan)
Inverter 11kw, Fuling brand - best brand in China
Numerical System SYNTEC Bus-organization CNC machining controller (in English)
Communication CommandG code 
Compatible SoftwareArtCAM, Aspire, UcanCAM, Type 3, JD Paint, UG, MasterCAM
Other Electronics Schneider, Omron, CHNT
CablesHigh softness shielding cables for the whole machine
Lubrication SystemCentral lubricating, automatic lubrication system
Electronics Protection EMI filter, Thermal relay, fuses, earth leakage circuit breaker, protection earth, brake resistance 
Working PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph (or made to order)
Max. Power Consumption22KW 
Net Weight 7,500KGS
Gross Weight7,600KGS
Machine Footprint5830x6050x4100mm (229"Lx238"Wx161"H)
Package WaySKD (SemiKnocked Down)
Shipping Way1 x 20GP' container 

FAQs About CNC Router for Foam and Wood Mould Making

Q: Can We Equip This CNC Foam Router Machine with A Water-Cooled Spindle?

A: The machine could not match with the water-cooled spindle. It depends on motion head construction (4-axis). There are two reasons:

• The water-cooled spindle has a heavy load for the 4-axis mechanism, and the result is that the machining performance cannot reach the best.

• Also, if the 4-axis is equipped with water cooling, it will affect the cooling effect of the spindle itself, and the result is that the spindle's lifespan is shortened.

How can we get this giant foam router accommodated in a container for shipping?

Well, a good question. The router machine here is giant in size. Disassembly is required for container loading. The legs on both sides and the beam will be knocked down; then, they are placed on the machine base (table) and will be well fixed. The last step is to pack the whole set with PVC wrapping films and other essential fixtures. This machine can be shipped to any country by sea shipment. 

How to assemble it back once the machine reaches us?

Specific guide instructions concerning this job will be provided to you, which includes necessary technical documentation for installation. Some customers can handle it well with our guide book. If you don’t think you can do that, our engineers can be dispatched to you for onsite installation, pre-commissioning, and training. And you’ll need to bear all the relevant costs concerning the trip.

If you like the cnc router for foam here, please contact us for details now.


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