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CNC Foam Router: Everything You Need to Know Before Purchase

Publish Date: Jun. 26, 2021 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jun. 26, 2021

CNC foam router is a particular cnc machine used for Styrofoam mold milling. It is suitable for three-dimensional milling, special-shaped cutting, punching, chamfering, etc., in industries such as stamping molds, gypsum, sludge, and engineering plastics. Styrofoam (EVA foam) is a material formed by high-temperature foaming of polystyrene and foaming agent, usually called "foam."

cnc milled polystyrene molds

How Does a Foam Router Work?

We should make design and nesting work through CAM software for the cnc foam mill. After that, the design is automatically transmitted to the controller of the foam router by the USB drive. And then, the controller converts the information into a signal (pulse train) with power that can drive a stepper motor or a servo motor. Then the signal controls the machine's host to generate the X, Y, and Z three-axis routing tool path. Then the spindle begins rotating and driving the foam router bits to do cutting or milling the material fixed on the machine table. Finally, the cnc mold making machine can get all kinds of flat or three-dimensional relief graphics and text milled.

4 axis cnc router for 3d polystyrene shapes

EagleTec CNC Foam Router Features

Features of EagleTec CNC router for mold making: affordable price, high working efficiency, high precision and technology, practical design, and easy to operate.

EagleTec CNC foam router for sale comes with the leading SYNTEC numerical control system, which offers high processing precision and working rate. With the widened linear guide and self-lubricating block, the force in all directions is equal to ensure mechanical accuracy and strength when routing or milling. The guide rail and the ball screw are equipped with an automatic lubrication device, which can effectively remove the foam ash and avoid damage. The electric control cabinet can effectively dissipate heat, so it is suitable for long-term work. In addition, the diversified control capacity can control the processing speed, idling speed, and knife feed rate, which dramatically improves processed products' quality and processing efficiency.

5 axis cnc mill for mold and pattern making

How Many Types of CNC Foam Router Are There?

Briefly, there are three types: 3 axis cnc foam router, eps foam cutting cnc 4 axis machine, and 5 axis foam cnc.

Applicable Industries

Mold industry: they are suitable for making various molds such as lost foam molds, automobile foam molds, large ship yacht wooden molds, aviation wooden molds.

Molds for other industries: automobile molds, automobile interior molds, automobile bumper molds, automobile instrument panel molds, propellers, wooden train molds, etc.

cnc eva foam routing machine

How To Choose a Suitable CNC Foam Milling Machine?

01 Working size should be considered

When you are ready to buy a machine, you need to specify the biggest required working size and the material details (approximate weight) and finish requirements. Take EA- F2030-3S as an example; the biggest working size is 2000x3000x1000mm.

02 Confirm other configuration

Suppose you have any specific requirements on configurations, such as spindle power, auto tool changer function, dust-collection function. In that case, you can tell us all that. The most important thing is that price is not the only factor you need to consider; after-sale service and technical support are equally important. EagleTec keeps our faith to be a reliable supporter for all the customers.

03 Machine testing before making an order

You can ask the machine supplier to make a sample part for you. So you can check the finish to be sure it meets your requirements.

Above are the details about the cnc foam router's working principle and choosing a suitable machine for your mold milling work. I hope this is helpful for you. In addition, we should indicate the purchased model, configuration, price, delivery time, warranty terms and payment method, and other elements in the contract before purchasing.

Any doubts, do not hesitate to contact EagleTec to get professional support.


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