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3D Foam Cutter for Foam Sculpture Props & Statues

Model: EA- FW2040-4R

Category: Foam Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC 3D Foam Cutter for Foam Sculpture Props

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$5,0000 / SET

Price Range: USD45000 to USD55000 / SET as per the different configuration

Supply Ability: 150 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order (Preorder)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

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3D foam cutter EA-FW2040-4R is a CNC foam routing/milling machine with the 4th rotary axis, which is designed especially for foam sculpture, life-size figure, and human size statues making; also, an excellent tool for Styrofoam art and foam props fabrication. It is a true 4-axis that can realize 4-axis simultaneous CNC machining.


Rotary axis adopting movable design, when it is free, we can push it to the end of the working table and leave the front space to the flat machining operation. So, the styrofoam cnc router is a combination of 3-axis and 4-axis. The design creates more possibilities for our users. 3D foam cutting machine for foam sculpture props & statues is one cost-effective choice for you.   

Let's take a look at how it does 3 axis and 4 axis jobs by the video demo below. If you are interested in this machine, you might be interested in another similar machine as well, please check the foam milling machine FW2540-4R. 

If the rotary is useless for your work, then please check out Polystyrene cnc machine FW2040-3S

3d cnc foam cutter cutting machine with rotary for foam props

4-Axis Milling of Status Out of Styrofoam Blocks on EagleTec 3D Foam CNC Machine 

For your information, in the above video, the polystyrene statue project is entirely complete by one tool only, but with two pieces of toolpath (roughing one and fine finishing one).

3-Axis Cutting of Mold Out of Foam on EagleTec 3D Foam Cutting Machine

In the demo, the foam cnc router is routing a lost foam mold. It is a multiple-tool work. First, we use a big size foam tool to do the rough machining; roughing is done by two times of stepdown. Next, we use a medium-sized knife for the first finishing process. Last, the final fine finishing is done with a small-sized tool. So, the job is complete with 3 pieces of different tools. 

Advanced Manufacture Technics of EagleTec 3D Foam CNC Milling Machine for Human Sized Statues

To build high-quality machines, we must have a unique technics. 

• A team of engineers with more than 10 years of experience using computer-aided design (CAD, CAM) software to achieve optimal construction for the machine. The column, beam, and Z-axis are all specially designed after stress analysis, which improves the comprehensive performance of each part.

cnc foam cutting machine with strong construction for Styrofoam art

• The machine base is welded by double-layer ribbed structure and the stress generated by welding is eliminated by VSR treatment (vibrating stress relief). Equipped with leveling feet, it solves the problem of deformation of the large work table in the long-term use, which greatly improves the load-bearing capacity of the workbench.

• There are 30 pieces of leveling feet for every EagleTec foam cutter machine. Every 3 is in one group, and each group forms a triangular structure with superior stability.

leveling feet for eagletec cnc foam cutter

• The mounting base of the guide rails and racks is completed by the Taiwan AWEA 3m×8m CNC machining center (equipped with a 90° right angle head). The accuracy is guaranteed from the beginning.

high precision 3d cnc foam cutter router for polystyrene sculpture

• The inside of the beam is welded with large-diameter round steel as reinforcing ribs.

Advanced Configuration of EagleTec 3D CNC Foam Cutter Machine for Styrofoam Sculpture Props & Statues

• The numerical system is a famous brand – SYNTEC from Taiwan, bus master control mode. Handwheel. Independent keyboard. Alarm light indicator. It’s an industrial control system with programming options needed for processing and creating the controllers of linear-circular and other types of interpolations. It is possible to operate in the manual, automatic, and interactive mode of operation.

syntec numerical system for 3d foam cutter machine

• The operator panel and display are separated from the electric cabinet and overhung on the machine. Control program input and output from the system panel, USB flash disk, computer.

operation panel and display of syntec system

• Nose spike style, large-diameter rotary with a movable design at one end. One machine for dual use: flat machining and rotary machining.

nose spike style rotary for 3d foam cutter

rotary axis of 3d foam cutter

• Independent floor-standing electrical cabinet with individual heat exchanger system to provide reliable cooling of electric drive units within the specified temperature range under conditions of three-shift operation of the machine.

electric cabinet with heat exchanger

• Equipment actuators have the overload protection function for the machine actuating element to prevent machine equipment failure or worker injury.

• Dual counter-balanced pneumatic cylinders on Z-axis.

dual counter-balanced pneumatic cylinders on z axis of 3d foam cutter

• Dust seal design on three axes (XYZ) - Precise transmission components have reliable protection against the ingress of foam shavings and dust on their surfaces.

Application of Foam Sculpture Carving 3D CNC Foam Mill

Applicable Industry 

This 3D foam cutter is perfect for foam sculpture, human size statues, and life-size figure carving, statues, polystyrene props fabrication, Polystyrene shapes, and foam arts making. 

Applicable Materials

All types of foam, wood, resin, epoxy tooling board, and more.

Quick Details of Styrofoam Sculpting 3D Foam CNC Cutting Machine

• XYZ working size 2000x4000x1000mm (Beam height 1000mm) (looking for a smarter machine than this one? please check out cnc mold making router FW1325-3S)

• 4 axes simultaneous rotary

• Mechanical spindle with BT40 tool holders

• Synchronous servo 5.5kw as spindle motor

• SYNTEC absolute value servo + SYNTEC bus mater controller 

• Taiwan planetary reducer on X and Y

• Steel working table 

• Original Taiwan linear guideways with size 35mm

• Automatic central lubrication system  

Technical Parameters of 3D Foam Cutter Machine for Styrofoam Art Foam Props

Model No.EA-FW2040-4R
TypeCNC Foam Router
Axis Quantity 4 - Axis (X Y Z and Rotary)
Simultaneous Axis QuantityFour Axes
Machine BaseWelded with steel tube, VSR treatment, milled by CNC machining center, with leveling feet
BeamWelded with steel tube, ribbed inside, thick-walled
Working TableSteel
Workpiece Clamping WayBy magnets  
Control Cabinet Independent, overhanging, with individual air conditioning system
Safeguard Door Optional 
Counter Balance CylinderDual on Z-axis ( Air as the medium )
SpindleMechanical ATC spindle with BT40 tool holders  
Spindle MotorSuper synchronous servo motor 5.5kw
X-Axis Fast Travel Speed45,000mm/min 
Y-Axis Fast Travel Speed45,000mm/min 
Z-Axis Fast Travel Speed10,000mm/min
X-Axis Max. Feeding Rate15,000mm/min 
Y-Axis Max. Feeding Rate15,000mm/min 
Z-Axis Max. Feeding Rate10,000mm/min 
X-Axis Stroke 2,000mm 
Y-Axis Stroke4,000mm 
Z-Axis Stroke1,000mm 
X-Axis Machining Size2,000mm 
Y-Axis Machining Size4,000mm
Z-Axis Machining Size1,000mm
Rotary Axis Machining Size600x3,000mm (Dia x Length)
Position Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Reposition Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Collet SizeER40
Tool Diameter Range 3.175 ~ 26mm 
X Motion DriveSYNTEC AC absolute servo (From Taiwan)
Y Motion DriveSYNTEC AC absolute servo (From Taiwan), dual drive
Z Motion DriveSYNTEC AC absolute servo (From Taiwan), with holding brake 
X-Axis TransmissionHelical rack & pinion, modulus 2.0
Y-Axis TransmissionHelical rack & pinion, modulus 2.0
Z-Axis TransmissionRolling ballscrew 32mm, pitch 10mm
X Reducing MechanismPlanetary reduction gear ( Brand Li-Ming From Taiwan )
Y Reducing MechanismPlanetary reduction gear ( Brand Li-Ming From Taiwan )
X Linear Guides Square type, 35mm (From Taiwan)  
Y Linear GuidesSquare type, 35mm (From Taiwan)
Z Linear GuidesSquare type, 35mm (From Taiwan)
Inverter 7.5kw, Fuling brand 
Numerical System SYNTEC Bus-organization CNC machining controller (in English)
Communication CommandG code 
Compatible SoftwareArtCAM, Aspire, UcanCAM, Type 3, JD Paint, UG, MasterCAM
Other Electronics Schneider, Omron, CHNT
CablesHigh softness shielding cables for the whole machine
Lubrication SystemCentral lubricating, automatic lubrication system
Electronics Protection EMI filter, Thermal relay, fuses, earth leakage circuit breaker, protection earth, brake resistance 
Working PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph (or made to order)
Max. Power Consumption20KW 
Net Weight 7,500KGS
Gross Weight7,600KGS

FAQs about CNC Mill Machine For Life-Size Figures EA-FW2040-4R

Q: What 3D Software Comes with This 3D CNC Foam Cutting Machine?

A: We supply PowerMILL software as the 3D programming software with the machine. Further, we provide you proper post-processor, which is developed by ourselves. You know, if you only have the software but without an adequate post-processor, you are not able to output toolpath files for the CNC.

Q: What Warranty and Support Comes with The CNC Mill Router for Foam Figures and Statues Making?

• The machine comes with a 12-month limited warranty since the departure date. Under warranty, you will enjoy free replacement for any broken parts.

• In terms of support, once the machine arrived, we will guide you the whole thing, from wiring to programming, to machine starts, and more, until you put it into production.

• Of course, full set tutorials in English would come together with the machine; it's a practical guide for beginners with instructions step by step. It includes necessary technical documentation for installation, operation, maintenance, assembly drawings, and routine activities for machine maintenance. Further, we are ready to offer online assistance in our factory. 

• We would supply an archive of backup recovery of the machine control system to you.

Q: Does Your 3D Foam Cutting Machine Come with Worldwide Compliance (C.E.)?

A: C.E. is a standard for electronics from Europe. All our models, from electrical design, to the selection of components, to the assembly, are entirely in compliance with C.E. requirements. Besides that, every cable has its unique marker for further maintenance purposes. And the emergency stop button is also essential.

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