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EagleTec CNC Got an ATC CNC Machine Shipped to UAE

Publish Date: Nov. 16, 2022 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Nov. 16, 2022

We recently shipped this machine to the UAE, and it was purchased by a regular customer. This client ordered EagleTec basic cnc wood router EA-W1325VC in 2020. This time, he bought a high-end model, a CNC router with ATC (linear tool magazine). It is a perfect fit for production tasks that require multiple tools. Let's have a close look at the prime specifications of this machine. 

cnc router with atc linear tool magazine for sale

• The linear cnc router tool changer can get eight tools accommodated. The tool numbers corresponding to the tool path are from T1 to T8.

• The electric spindle adopts the world-famous brand - HSD from Italy. It is an automatic tool changing spindle with a power of 9KW.  

• The motion system also adopts the products of the world-famous brand - Yaskawa Servo from Japan. It features complete closed-loop control, excellent acceleration & deceleration performance, and quiet operation.

• WEIHONG industrial computer serves as the control system of the linear ATC Router. It is versatile, reliable, and displays real-time toolpaths. The functional language is English. 

• The vacuum pump is a dry-type oil-free pump; the power is 5.5KW, and the flow rate is 160CBM/h. Simple operation & maintenance. 

The entire production process took about 30 days. After the ATC CNC machine passed various quality inspections, it entered the packaging process. The packaging process includes the following steps:

• Wrapping the electric cabinet with bubble wrap

• Cover the working bed with a wood sheet and bubble wrap

• Wrap the head with waterproof materials 

• Oil the rails, racks, and ball screw; then attach the plastic film to prevent rust during transportation

• Wrap the beam with waterproof materials

• Put the electric cabinet on the bed

• Bind the electrical control cabinet, beam, and vacuum cleaner on the bed with straps.

• Put a waterproof cover on the machine and wrap it tightly with wrapping film.

• Nail the crate. All export machines are packed in fumigation-free wooden boxes, which are in line with the supervision regulations of the customs of various countries. 

• Use packing tape to trap the wooden box. At this point, the packaging process is complete.


Next, we truck the machine to the port of departure. The port of loading is Qingdao, Shandong, which is also the nearest seaport to our factory. The port is about 350 kilometers away from our factory. Generally, the goods will arrive at the port the next day.


After the machine arrives at the port of shipment, it will stay for a few days; during this period, we will work on the export clearance process; after the customs release the goods, they will be on board waiting for the vessel to set sail. 

If you want to buy ATC CNC of great quality, don't hesitate to contact us.

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